Sunday, September 27, 2009

How to turn your regular pants into maternity pants

- Any regular pants that used to fit you, except now they're tight on the waist. To try it out you can use old pants you don't really like or pants from thrift store etc.
- 2inch wide elastic
- a rectangular piece of stretchy fabric about 5 inch wide x 17inch long (this was what i used. the length would depend on your pants size). you can use scrap from an old t-shirt maybe.

Ok, so here's your regular pair of pants.

Here's what we're aiming to do. When worn, the stretchy rectangular tab on the front will rest just under your belly. I personally find it very comfortable.

When folded in the middle, you can see the curvy shape of the stretchy tab.

Draw the same curve on your regular pants. Remember to add a seam allowance of 1/4inch.

Here's what it looks like when it's cut. If your pants had a zipper like mine, remove the zipper and sew the fly close. Above the pants you can see the 2inch elastic i'm going to use.

Next just fold your piece of stretchy fabric once, lengthwise and place your elastic inside the fold.
Align the raw sides to your pants and sew along curve you just cut.

Taraaa! it's done! Literally in minutes.
It's really quite simple to do..try it. I think I'm gonna get some more pants from thrift shops/carboot and make more of these...


hilmi zulkifli said...

eh mane mommies lain..or gadis2 lain tak komen ke pasal seluar?heh suar kat umah tu yg dah tak muat byk tu klong..suh faeiz ali post heh

aidafiqs adamia said...

seluar diorg semua muat lagi kot...heheh

nanin said...

aida: bestttnye jahit seluar jadik mcm ni! i would never in a million yrs pk nak alter sluar jadik mcm ni.. hilmi: semua gadis2/wanita2 sdg sibuk berfacebook. blogger makin sunyi, ym pun dah kurg aktif!!!


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