Monday, September 14, 2009

Knitting Weekender

Last weekend there was this Knitting festival, kind of, where they have a yarn market, classes and workshops etc...We went there on Saturday morning to check it out..

All the yarns there looked really luscious and beautiful..they have alpalca, wool, cashmere, angora...everything soft and furry. They even sold the raw freshly sheared furs, for people who wants to spin and die they're own yarns..some people were there knitting for charity..many were shoppping for specialty yarns..some were just sitting around knitting with friends and sipping coffees..

Unfortunately for me I'm still very much a newbie in knitting so i don't really know what yarn to get, which i just browsed around, marvelling at the beautiful colours..I saw people knitting from the thinnest yarns making spiderwebs of lovely lace, to the hugest yarns with needles as big as logs (seriously, two three people had to help lifting and knitting up with the big needles)

I ended up only buying a book from this shop which turned out to be a wonderful investment. Its a book on knitting baby things..

I already made a start on one of the projects in the book, something for Baby..i'm really excited! The big miracle is that Adam LETS ME KNIT! i say it's a miracle because normally he won't let me do anything - no cleaning, no sewing, no checking out the laptop, even no reading - when he's awake. He wants my full attention..I only get to do my own things when he's asleep. But suddenly, with knitting, i have his blessing! hehehe...he's kind of scared of the pointy needles he doesn't try to get too close or to rip off the i get to knit while at the same time i can watch and talk to Adam..oh, heaven....Thank you Adam!!!!


Ernie Khairina said...

aida aku terpikat dengan cashmere hehe, haa adam comelnye..cepat2 buatkan satu utk die

p/s tgh photostat buku, sorry lambat skit

Unknown said...

bestnye knit utk baby!! cpt2 nak tgk hasilnye. rase cam nak knit jugakla.. i wish i had time :(

aidafiqs adamia said...

i'm using a cashmere + wool mix for this project..really soft!

how about this...ko try knit masa tgh pump milk? or...masa stuck in traffic..wlaupun slow..tapi best..very relaxing...

neeza said...

hah.. adam is just like my zahra.. nak umi dia dok depan dia saja.. no kemas rumah, apatah lagi sewing.. luckily she behave well when i lipat kain in front her..

i never knit.. just doing some crochet sjer.. tapi cerita dulula.. ntah sekarang ni dah lupa kot.. hehehe..

SlingMeMama said...

aida, long time tak baca ur blog. lots of things happens.

congratulation on ur new bundle of joy. take care of urself k.

me on the way in november. insyaAllah sepasang jugak like u.

love ur handmade bag at etsy store.

how much shipping to malaysia?

do u babywearing while preggy? just curious.

aidafiqs adamia said...

adam lipat kain pun dia tak kasi..yg dah lipat tulah dia nak punggah..hehe..

congratulations! dah dekat ni...take care..shipping for msia is 10 usd..babywearing i rarely do now, sigh..sbbnye i get backpain when i do..tapi tu masa first trimester..2nd trimester ni mcm ok sikit..


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