Thursday, October 9, 2008

Aidilfitri 2008 - Day 2

Adam is wearing my first handmade baju melayu (of course he successfully stained it full of food by the time this picture was taken). I'm so proud! My MIL taught me how to sew a baju melayu just over a week before Raya. This was very much a last-minute raya preparation! i bought his red baju melayu much earlier thinking i'll never actually be able to sew him one! Good thing i did because this handmade one is funny looking! i made the top too short! jadi baju hanging pulak..hahaha...

Thank you Mak ajar Aida jahit baju melayu Adam! yahoo....Sorry Abg, tak pandai jahit yg besar punya...hehehe...


tuty said...

nmpk baju tu hanging.. tapi kan nampak cute sgt!! yg besar punya leceh skit dari baju baby.. tp sama je. baju kurung pun sama je. caya la aida, i bet thn depan semua baju u sapu..

this raya was the first time i jahit semua baju.. tp, i lupa beli songkok adam. hahaha

mrs noba said...

ahaha..though the baju hanging, but adam looks so cute in it!
and what made it more special..hand-sewn my his dearie mommy!!!!

nabil said...

adam oi adam
selamat hari raya :)
comel nyeee!

Shah-Azz, Inc. said...
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Shah-Azz, Inc. said...

awww....sooo cuuteee...

lame xjenguk sini..bukak2 terus macam2 'kaler', warna warni sume keluar hehehe...

xterlambat kot nak ucap selamat hari raya kat puan aida, encik taufik dan lil' adam..oso tlg ucap hepi besay kat die, kate uncle shaggy kem salam...huhu

hilmi said...

k long..ckp kat acah tu..takde posing lain ke heh

The Zonan Factor said...

ur son is such a handsome boy! mesti jadik heartbreaker dah besar nanti nih *lol*

Badiuz said...


Lemme introduce myself.
I'm Jose manager of Cute Kids Fc.
7 or 8 more years later, I will definitely take your son as a player in my team.

What I'm try to request here is :-

Can You make full squad of jerseys for our team? The Very Small size for a cute players.

Thanx. Appreciate it!

I know I'm The Special One
-Jose Badiuz

MommyAdam said...

you jahit all family members punya baju?wow year i'll try..hehe...

mrs noba,
hanging pun cute ek?bolehlah!hehehhe tq!

uncle shaggy,
tak terlambat lagi...tq2..hehe

dah ckp kat acah..dia sengih jer...hehe

i think so too!

Hello The Special One,
thank you2!! i'll get on the jerseys right now ok!


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