Friday, October 31, 2008

Launching our new sales blog!

Never in my life had i thought i'd ever be "selling things". I'm awful at business and money and management things! But my husband happen to be great at these things and he will be Aidafiqs Handmade Manager! I'll just take care of the crafty side of things =) He has come up with a wonderful sales blog for me...pls click on the poster to have a look!

I plan to start slow so there are only a couple of items available at the moment. Grab it while you can!

Whether you plan to buy or not, pls take a look and tell me what you think ok?


mOmmy of Triplets plus One said...

Go Aida!!!

Emma said...

wah!! dah bukak pun kedai.. hope u can join ryan's lil party then promote ur carrier nie.. sesambil tu, leh i tunjuk kat hubby i.. hu hu

-mama emma-

aidafiqs adamia said...

thank you!!!

thanks for the invite...insyaAllah =)

Ernie Khairina said...

aida..comel gile yg pink tuh! ouh sgt!

Anonymous said...

congrats Aida!!!

MN said...


the blog design though simple but so far i tgk ada info yg diperlukan.

keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...


i tgk sikit2 je tadi, if i'm still looking for MT, definitely i'll buy it from you.. sbb takde org jual MT lagi kat malaysia, plus point your MT ada buckles.

ada sikit2 la MT info/tips i rasa you boleh add.. cthnya, if baby too small, boleh lipat kat waist strap tu sekali.. ermmm

for back carry position, surely ada org takut nak start terus mcm you tunjuk.. so another tips is, dudukkan baby kat atas kerusi, siap2 duk atas MT. hehehe i masih takut nak slide baby ke blkg. takut dia excited pastu tergolek terus. sampai skrg i still letak adam on the couch, pastu i sandar sikit ke blkg la masa nak pakai waist strap.

hehe sikit2 je la tips ni. hope ianya membantu. i dpt pun online jugak

Anonymous said...

waahh congrates aida for the newly launched online shop!simple and clean.i like that.

tapi for me to buy your handmade goodies kene tunggu lagi..err agaknya 3-4 thn lagi lah kot.hehe..

Shada said...

salam Aida,


Anonymous said...

Congratulation Aida!

May your business will prosper every day in every way =)

Warm regards,

ellyWong said...

aida!!! my salute to you!!! :)
hope to see a longer item list. ;)

AidaFiqs said...

thanks! nak ke yg pink?hehehe..

mama syazmar,
thank you =)

thank you for your comments and wise suggestions! insyaAllah i realise we have a lot to improve. for now i keep it simple. we'll add/improve more as we go along, hopefully...

auni, never know..hehe

thank you =)

kak naziehah,
i meant to email you! i'm so forgetful!i hope to learn business tips from you lah..ehehe..

more will come, insyaAllah. but i plan to go slow, gradual...keep checking out the site ok...

ellyWong said...

surely will! ;)

m-i-o said...

congratulations aida! it's exciting to look at your progress - from a hobby to finally become a source of income. all the best!

Anonymous said...

wuiyo, caya lah aida+tofik+adam! bravo2.. nnt insyaAllah bila ada baby nak order gak.. tp tak tau la bila tu.. =)

Anonymous said...

OMG aida!!! you're living your dream!! envy u11 hehehe. btw cantik lah your kains. mana u beli ah?

Pakcik Perut Buncit said...

Good luck Aida. Sambil menjahit jangan diabaikan Adam.

Emma said...

dpr tau dr lyna yg adam kene hfm...

get well soon adam... :(

-mama emma-

ummi sa'eed said...

congrats! semoga berjaya :)


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