Tuesday, October 7, 2008

when the mommy with multiple babies came to visit...

I've been away from the pc for a long time. Lots of things to update. Munirah and family came to visit! Hari Raya celebrations, Adam's birthday, Adam's birthday trip, my new "toys"...
i'll start with quick photo update on Munirah's visit..sorry photos tak lawa sbb i yg tangkap..hehe..hubby tgh service car...
the little toddlers playing together..sigh, suka sgt tgk diorg main sama2..our house tak byk toys mcm rumah munirah tapi pandai diorg ni create games with everyday things...hehe..tu athirah tgh main belt =)

susah nak amik shot masuk semua babies ni..hehe..psst, athirah main kotak my new toy that munirah came to deliver..hehe..tq munirah, siap dtg hantar lagi...jgn serik dtg rumah i time i serve food pulak k..aritu puasa..hehe..

athirah and harith enjoying the big beanbag..

meriah betul rasenye rumah bila ramai babies crawling around everywhere! you must have such a lot of fun at home munirah and syauqi! tq so muc for coming..pls come again k..
more updates coming soon..


mOmmy of Triplets plus One said...

i pun tak update lg blog..our visit to ur place baru half way i buat...still dlm draft. now pulak takde maid...!

btw, i luv the photo of us and the babies!

Unknown said...

ramainye babies! CUTE SGT! ;)

Jess said...

the beanbag looks great as a carrier ;)


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