Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mommy @ 1 year

As Adam turned one, I stopped and thought about a lot of things that has changed ever since Adam came into our lives. Everything was so different just a year ago! It didn’t feel very long at all, and yet so much has changed. This month instead of writing about Adam’s development, I thought I shall write about the amazing changes in me that Adam has brought since his arrival a year ago.

I learned about breastfeeding. I was so ignorant back then. I took breastfeeding for granted. In fact, I felt a little embarrassed if I see a mother breastfeeding in public, even though she’s perfectly covered up. I had no idea breastfeeding could be such hard work, and could also be so rewarding in return. I didn’t know all the benefits, and thought breastfeeding comes naturally. I slowly learned and overcame many obstacles throughout our breastfeeding journey together. Today, I feel proud when Adam’s teacher tells me that he’s the only toddler (he’s now upgraded to the toddler class from the baby’s nursery) who is still fully breastfeeding. We have another year to go, and I hope we’ll get there.

I learned how to be a parent. When I was pregnant I was so nervous about how to take care of my baby once he comes out. I never held a newborn in my life (up until now Adam is still the only newborn I’ve held). But when Adam was handed to me in the delivery room, I held him in my arms and had no second thoughts whatsoever – this one did come naturally to me. I realised we are his universe, he has one else but us! So ready or not, we shall wash his poop, bathe him and try not to drop him! And so far, we survived =) Come toddler hood, we have a whole lot more to learn about child-raising. It’s not just “taking-care” of him now, we actually have to be parents and teach him a thing or two! I hope we’ll learn more so we can raise Adam to be the best person that he can be.

I learned to make homemade baby food. I know this part may sound simple and comes naturally to many super mommies, but to me this matters and I must put thought and energy to this. My husband and I rarely eat healthily, really. Because of time constraints, I only prepare homemade meals when I have the time and energy but when the time comes for Adam to start solid, I know I must make the effort. I wanted to know exactly everything that goes into his diet, to nourish him and to provide him healthy nutritious meals, as much as I can. Thanks to the ever-resourceful internet, I learned to make a variety of simple homemade baby food that I can make for him, even when I have very limited time. I do not claim to give him 100% homemade food, no, I do let him have his little baby rice crackers, baby biscuits etc, but I still believe homemade food is the best for him. A lot of love is put into making homemade food, and I think that is the most important ingredient. Now after a year, he can eat so many more things and it’s up to me to think up new recipes for him. Thank God wholesomebabyfood now has a toddler section! Hopefully in time I’ll learn to efficiently cook homemade meals for the whole family, even when working. Last month in Ramadhan I managed to cook mostly homemade meals since I could come home earlier and it was wonderful! We saved a lot of money, eat yummy healthy food and didn’t have to brace the crowds in Pasar Ramadhan!

I learned to be less selfish. I used to be a selfish person, and still am. But I learn to give more each day. Babies are such wonderful creatures. The moment you feel exhausted and tired they flash you a smile, and suddenly you feel so much better and so much happier. I love him so much that I would sacrifice anything in an instant, just for him. I’ve learned to be more patient, since I lose my temper quite easily, unlike my husband. I hope in the years to come I’ll improve more.

I learned about babywearing. It was a little late in the game, I guess, but it’s ok, I’m so glad I found babywearing because it has been such a wonderful and meaningful part of our lives now. I’m glad I didn’t succumb to the ‘normal’ ways of raising a baby – getting them to be ‘independent’ as early as possible, not responding to them when they cry so that they ‘learn not to cry’. Oh no, I do not want to imagine my baby growing up thinking his views doesn’t matter, his cry for help does not need responding to. As I wear him close everyday, I know him better, respond to him quicker and love him so much more. Plus I get my hands free to do other things! I know babywearing is an ancient art, but whoever thought it up, must be a genius! Eventhough I know our babywearing days may be less and less soon as he grows up and uses his feet more, I aim to dedicate more of my time into promoting babywearing and helping others find the same passion (or maybe have another baby to wear?? Hehe).

I learned to sew. Honestly, if you know me at all a year ago, you would definitely not believe I’m the kind of person who sews! All my old friends keep saying they can’t believe I’m sewing now. One particular friend said “Aida, you’re so motherly now”. Yes, motherhood has turned me domestic! Ok I’m no seamstress, but I can make things that mean something now. I can make handmade gifts that mean so much more than just something I can pick up at the shopping complex. I can dress my baby in clothes that I made with my own hands, though most may not be perfect but with love in every stitch. I can make boxer shorts for my hubby that he would wear 2 days in a row because he claims it’s just so comfy, pls make me more! I could make baby carriers and wear my baby in something that I made myself! Oh I could go on and on about sewing, I tell you. I feel like I’ve found my passion in life.

Wow. I can’t believe it’s only been a year. Being Adam’s Mommy has changed me in the best of ways, I believe. I wonder what other changes the coming years of motherhood would bring me? I look forward to growing along with Adam and whatever changes that come my way, I accept with open arms.

I am so blessed, Alhamdulillah. Thank you Adam for coming into our lives.


Belle said...

Aida, this is the most touching entry I've ever read! thank you for sharing with us! i do hope that i get to experience motherhood before it's too late,yikes! hehe send my love to adam and god bless all the mothers in the world! =)

Anonymous said...

Hi Aida,

Great entry. I really do learn a lot from reading your blog. You are an excellent mum!

I just realised that you asked for my e-mail. Do e-mail me at, this is my business e-mail, than I will give you my personal one.

Keep doing what you are good at!

Warm regards,

iL4na said...

love ths entry aida. great way to sum up one whole precious year! COngrats that we've made it this far. pat pat at the back hehe

Ernie Khairina said...

sweet, aida!

Emma said...

huh.. i'm touched!!!

i do feel ape yg u rasa tu... rasanya 1st time mother mcm tu kot.. he he...

bg i, d MOST relief feeling yg i pernah rasa was masa ryan kuar dr perut i.. huh... semua emotion bcampur aduk... even masa nak nikah pun xdak rasa mcm tu... padahal bnikah tu la benda yg kita lalui sekali seumur idup (insya allah) unlike bsalin... tul x??he he..

d way u wrote this posting make me proud of myself.. he he..

-mama emma-

Unknown said...

touching nye entry nih.. can't wait to have those feelings and experiences.. me and hubby now so worried that we can never be a perfect parents. but, i think slowly we'll learn to be one! :)

ibuhannah said...

ala... so sweet

Anonymous said...

thanks for posting this. i like this entry. i learn a lot from reading your entries all this while. keep on writing (and sewing and tutorials)..

cheers to motherhood!

aidafiqs adamia said...

you're going to have beautiful babies, i'm sure! hehe..

kak naziehah,
thanks for the email...i'll contact you soon..

thanks..pat on the back for you you too!


you SHOULD be proud of yourself! siapa lagi yg boleh supply susu anak fully pakai pam tgn jer???? my hubby was so impressed when he heard this!

chun,'s a long learning experience, and you'll love every minute of it =) aku pun tak sabar nak tunggu your baby's arrival...

ibu hannah,
thank you =)

thank you dear...just realise i haven't been posting about any sewing projects of late...

Anonymous said...

I'm touched and inspired at the same time :)

I'm 5 mths pregnant and going to be a mummy soon. Hope to learn as much as I can, like you :)

Salam kenal.


Anonymous said...

i feel humble. hahaha.

Anonymous said...

Hi Aida,

Blog-hopping got me here..:) You convert experience into words so beautifully.. Love this entry v much!

-:Dina's mummy:-

Unknown said...

Hi Aida,
Salam perkenalan..

touching aaa bace entry ni...
i lak nak try belajar buat baju kurung utk my daughter... harap2 berjaya....


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