Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Aidilfitri 2008 - Family of 3 (Day 1)

Aidilfitri last year, i just delivered Adam, and we didn't have a "real" celebration, didn't buy new clothes, no baju melayu for Adam, couldn't go balik kampung, i couldnt eat any raya food...sigh..

but Aidilfitri this amazing! alhamdulillah...having Adam around makes each small things extra special...

Adam: Mommy!Daddy! stop embarrasing me!!

My Family

oh he's going to break some poor girls' hearts i'm sure...

my sister - do we look alike?


hensem betul Adam pakai baju melayu dan songkok kan? nampak big boy sgt...sigh...i have to admit, he's a toddler longer a baby....uwaaaaaaa.......

more Eid photos here.


Anonymous said...

wow, merah nye mak ngah!!!
hehehe..kiut giler adam and his baju melayu :)

Emma said...

cute!!!!!!!!!!!! merah menyala tul....

-mama emma-

Anonymous said...

comelnya pakai songkok!! adam turned 1 already right?

jard said...

wah bergaya sungguh adam ngan baju merah :)

Unknown said...

wah wah..hensemnye dadam..rase nak cubit je pipi die tu!

aidafiqs adamia said...

mrs noba,
cute kan dia pakai baju melayu...rase nak kasi pakai hari2..hehe

beli baju adam dulu..then kitorg semua ikut merah...hehe

menjerit2 i bile terjumpa songkok kenit yg muat utk dia...

lelaki melayu terakhir...

mehler cubit...hehe

Honey Bee said...


Just in case you missed my comment previously, aku nak order baby carrier yg ko wat tu. Lawa weh!! Hubbyku juga sukaaaaa. email me @ azie.shaarani at gmail dot com kalo ko menerima tempahann :-)

Assie soton

.small shoes. said...

pic adam in his red baju melayu looks exactly mcm Adam AF tu.! comellll i mean ur Adam..

Jess said...

Looks so cute in Baju Johor. Got one for Arthur to wear on the day but his head too big... cannot get through hahaha.... next time better try first.

Btw, you can access the MBW forum via while we fix the problem. Sorry about that. See you in the forum! :)

The Zonan Factor said...

sangat hensem in his red baju melayu

aidafiqs adamia said...

insyaAllah i'm working on commercialising the carrier. watch this space ya!

now that you said it, hubby i pun kata ade rupa adam af lak sikit...heheh

thanks for the info!

thank you!

MK said...

aida. i'm certain i saw the 1st picture of this entry in the govt's latest advertisement (or rather informative clip) on the TV the other day! wow. congrats to your husband! and you too.


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