Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Freestyle - A review

Let me tell you, Freestyle is in a class of its own!

You know how much I love my Swing. I consider Swing a superb pump as it is. But when I tried the Freestyle, this is my first impression – it’s exactly as if someone had known what I loved and don’t love about the Swing and then take the good bits and improved it to make the Perfect Pump!

I found that Swing had great things that I wanted in a pump, but it’s a single pump. I would like a double pump actually, to be able to simulate both sides at the same time so that I can produce more milk and minimize pumping time. So they come up with a double pump.

I had a problem (theoretically) with a double pump in the sense that, how do I manage handling both pumps, at the same time I need to press the on/off or letdown button..or to increase suction. I see other people do it all the time, but I can’t multitask well. So they come up with hands-free double pumping. The handsfree pumping really works! When I bought the pump I didn’t actually expect to be using the hands-free kit all the time. Honestly I didn’t really believe how that would work. But it really works! The pumps are fitted perfectly and I don’t have to do a single thing to support. I can read the Quran, books, or walk around doing other things. I’m so relaxed when I pump now. I’ve always looked forward to my pumping sessions, but even more so now.

I sometimes had milk coming into the tubing with the Swing though I’ve mastered how to take care of it immediately, in time and how to avoid it. So when I got my Freestyle and read the manual, I immediately looked for the Troubleshooting section, expecting to quickly memorise how to clear the tubing if milk came into it. To my horror, they didn’t have a section on how to clear the milk out! Eventually as I used the Freestyle I realised that they do not need that section since it’s impossible for the milk to come into the tubing – the milk is not in contact with the tubing in any way.

I needed to buy rechargeable batteries for my Swing but Freestyle came with its own rechargeable batteries that charges like a phone.

The 2-phase expression of course is super, like Swing. But I like how I could switch back and forth between the 2 phases with the Freestyle, without having to switch the pump off and on again. I could get at least 2 let-downs each time which really helps improve my production. With Swing dpt 2 let-downs juga but each time only one breast is being emptied. Even kalau I pam after Adam just fed pun, I can easily still get a letdown.

The rest the performance is as great as Swing. The suction is wonderful. I don’t find it harsh at all unlike other testimonial I heard. Maybe because I’m used to medela? i’m not sure.

I love how compact it is. The motor is as small as Swing’s, probably slightly smaller. Everything fits in the nice bag that has many compartments. Senang nak organise plus it’s not heavy at all once everything is inside. My pumping buddy ckp pump I mcm walkman! Hehe..

Only 1 complain I have – the noise. It’s not loud, but not as quiet as Spectra. Well, I can live with it no problem. But other people might not. Medela need to develop technology kedap bunyi lah…hehe..

That’s what I have to say about Freestyle for now. I’m so contented with the pump. Hopefully dpt guna sampai 5 anak…heheh
Thank you so much Munirah =)
p/s: thinking of selling my Swing motor. oh i'm probably gonna cry though if i do. anybody interested to buy?


Anonymous said...

so tempted to buy!!! though confirm hubs mesti tak kasi cos dah ada swing much did you get it for? ooo...teringin laaa!!!

Emma said...

layan baca je la...

sambil2 kiv.. kot2 nak beli electric pump utk adik(adik) ryan...

errrr.. APAKAH??!!

-mama emma-

Emmachann said...


apa kata ko jual kat aku.. tak yah pening2 nak cari.. huhu

Emmachann said...

tp when I read through Freestyle, cam lagi best lak.. lagi cepat.. :p

saves time..

mOmmy of Triplets plus One said...

kenapa lah i beli PISA instead of SWING??
mayb sbb mase tu takde lagi org kasi such good review like you!
mase tu its very new tats y i ended buying PISA since dpt baca lots of review pasal PISA jer,hmm
jeles jeles...

iL4na said...

munirah, i think wat u meant is "instead of freestyle" kot hehe.

have u ever tried PISA aida? nak jugak dgr review from someone yg dah penah pakai PISA & Freestyle for comparison. I like the idea that FS is light weight but not the idea of the $$ though :P

btw how's the aidafiqs carrier going on ? :):):)

Anonymous said...

utk org yg normal..mcm bace iklan new pump product je heh

Anonymous said...

alaaa.. jeles jeles.. mcm nyesal pulak jual freestyle hari tu. tak pe tak pe, PISA ok, tapi tak mobile la! so berat. these days i left the pump at the office.

2nd baby.. i'll get freestyle!

thanks for a good review.

btw, kat SI ada review dr mommy yg ada both PISA and freestyle. she said, the performance (suction etc) sama je, cuma freestyle extra features is ringan, rechargeable, suction strength boleh adjust lagi kuat dari PISA. apa lagi ek.. tak ingat, but you can find it at SI.

Mommy Lyna said...

sungguh i x dapat bagi testimonial lg utk FS. hahaha.

tunggu je la lagi 4 bulan utk dapat keputusannya!

aidafiqs adamia said...

rm1700...u pun pakai swing yer..oklah jom upgrade..hehe

nak ke swing?boleh2..hehe..tapi betulla..freestyle best sgt..hehe..pikir dulu...hehe

you mean Freestyle? like you don't need it to be mobile..since you pump at's pisa though? ok?

tak penah try PISA la lana..the carrier, coming very soon =)

IT IS a new pump product! the latest new technology in the breastfeeding industry...hahahaha...

tulah, i wondered why you decided to sell cheap some more!


Anonymous said...

oh i baru teringat. ada my fren cakap, member dia beli FS kat Midvalley masa sale RM1800, siap ada free stroller. macam tak logik! orang beli kat US pun dapat RM1.7k...

u ada penah dgr2 tak? or anyone?

(i tot i wasnt FS tp culd be benda lain, PISA ke apa2 ke, but my fren iye iye ckp FS :P)

Unknown said...

dot, this is very new to me..since all my sists pon x penah pakai pump, i really need ur help. kat midvalley ade ye?nanti letak gambar FS tu bole?nak start survey2 dah ni..huhu!

Anonymous said...

hi there..
camna nak pakai handsfree tu ? kene pakai nursing bra ke nak cangkuk2 etc ?
because i pegi keje tak pakai nursing bra pun, pakai bra biasa.
So bila nak pump bukak bra tu letak atas chest. Still boleh ke nak freestyle ?
Sorry guys too much info here hehe..

Emma said...

invitation to ryan's birthday bash...

mOmmy of Triplets plus One said...

oppps, typo error. i meant PISA not swing.
Aida, nanti if either i go ur place or vice versa. i bwk my PISA. u can give it a try and buat review comparison between the two. im sure it will be very beneficial to other moms out there =)

Nik Ha said...

Salam kenal.Hop dr blog kwn2. Tgh menuntut ilmu utk breasfeeding next baby :)

aidafiqs adamia said...

yeke?cam tak caye je ade FS kat midvalley camtu punya murah..

happy to help dlm hal2 breastfeeding! FS only distributor kat Malaysia for now aku rase kat the Curve je (First Few Years). nanti kite meet up ko tgk sendirila pam tu..senang nak paham function dia.nak try pun boleh!

kene pakai nursing bra la dear..pakai bra biasa takleh.ade cangkuk2 involved =)

camne i boleh termiss comment you kat atas?hahahah..ryan dah nak dpt adik ke?? kalau u pakai pam letrik, habisla satu malaysia takde lagi dah org yg pam pakai tgn! hehehe..we would love to come, insyaAllah, thank you for your invitation..nnt i confirmkan balik ek..

ok jugak tu.tapi you tak kisah ke i try pam you..haaa..heheheh...

nik ha,
welcome =) goodluck breastfeeding!

Anonymous said...

masa i jual FS tu hari tu, buyer tu ckp dia tgk2 price kat midvalley RM2k+.. sbb tu dia terus setuju bila i jual RM1350 tak tanya2 dah. rupanya mmg murah sgt i jual. nway mmg tak amik untung pun.

takpe, nnt i jadi penunggu ebay yg setia lagi utk 2nd baby punya pump. haha

Anonymous said...

hi aida, bloghop from lana's.
i stumbled upon this site yg jual FS at affordable price. same price as urs kot. ada review sekali.
hope this help mana2 yg berminat! hehe

p/s im planning to buy myself one too but baru six months, is it too early to buy?

Naza Sulaiman a.k.a Ajasu said...

salam, aja saje blog hopping n jumpa blog aida... all description aida psl FS membuatkan Aja menganggukkan kepala. Gosh...never had i imagine back in 2006 akan ada pump nih kan. So sama2 kita fully utilised ya..;) ..happy pumping ya


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