Sunday, March 8, 2009

Adam @ 17 months

He can make this funny face .He made the face once, I laughed and said, ‘Adam, funny face!”. Days later I say funny face and he automatically made the face. I was surprised he picked it up. Can never underestimate what kids are capable of huh.

He does a fake laugh whenever he feels like it. Sometimes if he sees me and his daddy talking and laughing about something or laugh when watching tv, he does a fake laugh to join in the fun.

He finally kisses me willingly! I knew he understood what ‘kiss’ means but he’ll only do it once in a blue moon. But now whenever he’s feeling loving he’ll kiss all over! Tapi kiss dia weird, bukak mulut luas2 then say ‘AAaaaaa!!!” and smack on leaving your face wet. Kalau suruh salam pulak, dia kiss tgn kite (tapi tak hulur tgn dia)

He gets accidents a lot. Oh my…gives me a heart attack everytime. Lompat sana, panjat sini, guling sana, lari sini. Pastu benjol sana, luka sini. So hard to keep up with him. One time, I let him play with a roll of masking tape, I mean really, how can masking tape hurt you right? And yet and manage to get a little luka on his finger..

He understands most of what we say. Like, ‘makan’, ‘mandi’, ‘put on shoes’ etc. but he hasn’t spoken much yet. Tapi senangla nak communicate with him now.

His vocab includes;
-shuh = shoe
-nana = banana
-woof = dog
-ak ak = bird cos birds sini tak buat bunyi chip chip, more like ak! Ak!
-dadey = daddy
-mama = mummy
-suss = susu

He loves dogs. Here there are dogs everywhere so asal nampak je dia excited, ckp woof! kat dog tu..i think kalau dpt mesti dia peluk dog tu..

He loves to help me out with housework.

sibuk nak load the washing machine..pastu bila tgh wash sibuk ajak pegi tgk washing machine tu spinning..kadang kalau takde laundry dia amik plastic bags, newspapers, dishtowels bawak masuk dlm washing machine tu..hehehe...

suka sgt dia kalau dpt can main pots and pans. kasi senduk satu lama dia masak sorang2 atas lantai...

suka gak main lap2. kalau tak dpt dishtowel, curik mummy's fabric scraps and use it to wipe the furnitures...lawak betul la Adam..
alahai Adam...i love you so much! happy 17th month birthday!


MN said...

rambut adam!!!!
sangat macho okeh???
glad to see his happy face :)

Emma said...

eh eh, stail adam kiss ppl tu sama la dgn ryan... kami pun pelik, dr mana la dia belajar.. sbb seingat kami, kami x penah lak buat mcm tu :P

1st pic tu cute lah!!

-mama emma-

Ernie Khairina said...

alahai adam! comel gile, mmg die observe betul kat mummy dia sebab tuh suke wat chores kan..
aida, if you have free time pegi la harrods coz aku cam terbaca kat paper nih malaysian craft wat best jek..tak dapat pegi, ko leh la wat cover skit, hehe..
one more thing, adam ter papercut kot main masking tap tuh.
take care u guys!
(sebenarnye i dont know but i still feel like u all ada je kat kajang hehe how time flies) and tomorrow there will be gathering baby shower for faie and mesun..
i'll cover that in my blog hehe

Anonymous said...

salaam aida!

hey looks like you guys are having such great fun over there!

just wanted to comment.. it's kinda weird to see the exact same pot you have, also in my kitchen. :p

take good care

Wiera said...

He's so cute :)

Nurhafizah Fauzi said...

cutenye adam has been spending time and helping mummy with the housework..ok, lps ni adam kene tolong daddy die wat keje plak :)

Anonymous said...

cumilnya adam!

mummy tak keje setahun dua ni, bole la adam praktis basuh baju, kemas rumah, masak, siap boole tolong mummy jahit nanti ni hehehe.

Unknown said...

cutenya dadam! i miss him so much! bile tah dpt jumpe..bagusnye rajin tolong mummy buat chores. mesti penat nak kejar die sane sini kan dot? ee..geramnye! rase nak gigit je pipi adam!

aidafiqs adamia said...

mrs noba,
macho eh?i ingat mcm amoi..hehe..dia tanak dok diam while his daddy was trying to cut it..

mama emma,
waa yeke??mana diorg blaja ek..

ernie, yeke?i'll look it up..thanks!

thanks..yeke you have the same pots..hehe..

thank you!


yes, can't wait until dia boleh blaja pakai sewing machine..hehe

betul, penat giler kejar dia and cleaning up after he does his 'clean up'..hehe..

Anonymous said...

akak, adam so cute. Really mizZ him la..looks like his dad...WHen you guys will come back??wanna hug adam..

aidafiqs adamia said...

hi ruby,
lama tak r u? lambat lagila nak balik...


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