Saturday, March 14, 2009

Adam the Ice Breaker and random pics

Do you know what’s the big difference from walking around alone and walking around wearing a baby around here?

spring is here

The way people behave and treat you. Yes, it is amazing what a little person can do. If I go out alone and bumps into anyone, the most that would happen is probably a smile and a ‘Morning’. But with Adam around smiling and being friendly, everyone, I mean everyone, suddenly drop their instinctive defences and just simply bond with complete strangers.

when elizabeth came to visit our house

Some people immediately ask his name, or how old he is. Some commented on his hair, or how pretty ‘she’ is (oh if I get a penny everytime I have to repeat ‘oh it’s ok, everyone mistakes him for a girl’ I’d be rich). Some touch his fingers or his jacket and started talking to him. Some played peekaboo. If he was crying and we’re in a crowded bus, there’s always someone who would entertain him until he stops crying. Some are bold enough to kiss him. If we’re at the shops, many would give him free food. Of course seats are always offered on the bus. Some people just suddenly started laughing at something he does, whisper to their partner and would later come and approach us.

homemade lasagne

Often our encounters would lead to actual meaningful conversations like how their daughter is living in Malaysia now or how their son is also the same age but not yet walking. I am constantly amazed at how Adam is able to break barriers between complete strangers.

I have a lot to learn from him, I do.

p/s: Adam is down with a viral infection. Took him to clinic today. the strange virus seems to attack at night only though. during the day he's active as normal, he cleaned and wiped and hoovered the house as usual today. last night however he hardly had any sleep because of cough and wheezing. tonight he seems to be a little better. hopefully he'll recover soon..


Anonymous said...

Get well soon adam! Drink lots of water k! Sarah baru je recover from the same infection ... 1 week xpergi skolah :p

Nurhafizah Fauzi said...

that' the good thing about western culture tho..kaya dengan budi bahasa..while i was in LA, kat mana2 la, hotel ke, dalam lift, disneyland or shopping complex ; ppl over there always smile and say 'hello, how are you'? or 'where you're from?' or just 'hello'

and u r in London, lagi la.kat sana kalau org lintas jalan kete stop, apetah lagi kalau nampak a baby with you :)

btw, adam dah macam org putih la adam.comel! :)

Ernie Khairina said...

ur post makes me started to think about having a baby real soon..ehem!
i'm totally agree with fizah especially when crossing a road..yes! i noticed that very well when i was abroad.
aida, of all your stories makes me tak sabar nak 'berjiran' dengan korang..despite my hectic jobs/proposal here :( wish me luck anyway

get well soon adam

aidafiqs adamia said...

thanks! hope sarah's ok too..

wah..camne lak boleh nampak cam org putih..

come on..join the baby club! hehe..


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