Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My quilt is done!

Do you think it matches my sofa? i love it! it's so cozy and warm and soft and perfect for snuggling on the couch when it's cold. for the quilt top i used the jelly roll from before (Moda's Ms Jump's Scrapbag). Didn't follow any pattern, just randomly attaching strips together. piecing the top was really simple and very soothing..

for the back, i used Amy Butler's Morning Glory. I'm a huge fan of Amy Butler and i was so thrilled when i found a great selection of her fabric. I kinda like the quilt back better than the top.

the binding i made from another Amy Butler fabric (forgot the name). I was surprised how easy it was to make cross grain binding. I'm not making bias binding again for straight binding, what a waste of time. the binding is stiched by hand on one side. i absolutely enjoyed sitting on the couch covered by the half finished quilt, slowly stiching the binding on. it was so calming. i think i might consider hand quilting next...although..hmm..i'm much too impatient for hand quilting probably...

the whole quilt is quilted using free-motion quilting with a technique called stipple quilting. the result is curly lines running through the quilt. i used the darning foot on my machine and the lines are drawn free-style and the stitch length and direction has to be controlled by the sewer. it was SOO difficult to do and was also very liberating. when i started i was upset and appalled by how horrible my stitching was. good thing is, i was using clear nylon quilting thread so you can't see the terrible lines. my husband said just relax and go with it. so after a while i just thought, whatever, i've already ruined the quilt as it is (it would've been impossible to tear out the thread by then) so i just forget about getting it perfect and just let it go. in the end i got a little better at it. the quilt as whole doesn't look too bad, cos you can hardly see the lines unless you grab it close to your face and really scrutinise. free motion quilting was actually fun, although it would take several more quilt before i could turn the conteng-conteng into real stipple.

believe it or not, the hardest part about quilting was the basting. what a surprise. when the quilt top is pieced, i taped the whole layers onto the floor like the pic above. then i have to do running stitches (jahit jelujur) all over, to hold the layers together temporarily before quilting them. it was so difficult! my fingers were bleeding! i had to have one finger wrapped with masking tape because it was hurting so much. my back was strained, my legs semut2 sbb kebas...urgh..
but the rest of the process was awesome! and the resulting quilt is so nice and cozy! hubby took a nap in the quilt right after i was finished..hehe...i'm looking forward to making another one. in the meantime i'm taking a break from quilting and making myself a know i love making bags :)


Wiera said...'s awesome...very pretty and matches ur couch :).

Anonymous said...

definitely warm & comfy, that's for sure!! :D

Ernie Khairina said...

another masterpiece, by you

aidafiqs adamia said...

thank you! i was hoping it'll match..

thank you ;)

not really a master piece la..hehe..but was a good learning experience..

Mamamarina said...

Aida go Aida.. happy sewing y'all..

SyahNur said...

i pernah terbaca satu blog ni, dia ade bg sekali tips utk easy basting try follow her way... its easy than jahit jelujur all over the quilt... ok, happy quilting.. i luv quilt n patchwork too..

Fedyeu said...

aida.. sgt cantik!! leh la nnt jual quilt nih pulak.. :)

p/s: adam's face just like zahraa!! mintak izin ye curik gamba adam buat entry.. hehe

Nurhafizah Fauzi said...

hidden talent! hahaha..tak sangka aida yg suke tido masa kat skolah dulu dpt menghasilkan a superb touch!

Anonymous said...

waahh.. cepat betul siap :D
been reading your blog senyap2. hehe.
I dunno whether I can stand quilting.. looks like a lot of work! waaaa

Anonymous said...

Aida, where r u staying at ya?
Dolu2.. kecik2.. masa I pegi jalan2 to London, I went to Covent Garden, some sort of car boot sale area, I think.
Got lots of good items being sold.
Who knows you might find nice fabric scraps good enough to make (another) quilt? :D

Kak Wiera,
Wahhh nak pegi London! bestnyerhh!

Anonymous said...

aida, awesome-nya quilt tu! it looks hard. 'quilt' itself means 'hard' to me.

what machine do you use anyway, if you dont mind?

aidafiqs adamia said...

marina, thanks!

tq! didn't know ade curved pins.mana nak dpt ek..but i think i may have one curved hand sewing needle that came with some safety pins. boleh try that. make sense to use curved ones..

go on take it..


it is time consuming but it's not difficult if you use a simple pattern(except the basting part). i think making mei tai/buckle tai was much2 more complicated and difficult in comparison..making quilt mcm..very relaxed and calming..

aidafiqs adamia said...

it's easier than you think..i use Janome Harmony 2049. came with a darning foot for free-motion quilting..

mOmmy of Triplets plus One said...

see, i knew it
in no time ur quilt is ready!

Anonymous said...

hey aida,

good job! :D

my grandmother used to quilt and do patchwork.. such lovely blankets that lasted for years and years.. sigh! so soft and cool, sigh!

wish i knew how to sew!

aidafiqs adamia said...

thank you ;)

thank that turn into heirloom huh? amazing..i wish i could make good quilts that would last through generations..ray, it's definitely easy enough to learn to sew. just buy/borrow a machine and have a go. you may not be able to sew straight lines at first, but it gets easier by itself. go on..try it. tgk kak wiera, dia dah register nak masuk class :)


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