Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Huge tote / diaper bag / fabric shopping bag

my bag is finished few days ago, already using it, just forgot to take pics..

i wanted a huge bag to use daily while i'm out with Adam for his daily activities at the children centres. should be big enough to fit his diapers, extra clothes, wipes, food, water bottle, camera etc and still have much more room left for any shopping i picked up on the way (along the way to the library/children centre there's a big market full of fresh fruits).

big tote with a pleated pocket outside. i just can't part with pleats..

i use the leftover binding from the quilt for the outside pocket

zipper pocket on the inside for the camera /any valuables

elastic pockets for water bottles etc

love how it turned out cos i love the fabric but it's a bit too floppy if it's empty. should've used some sewn in interfacing perhaps..


wiera said...

aida....ur tote is soooo pretty. love the polka dots.

mama shmontel said...

definitely great colours! i like!!

Anonymous said...

very creative!

MaMa DhiYYa said...

cantek .. n colourful luas mata memandang lak tuh... boleh boh segala mcm brg... ;)

chun said...

i want one!!! seriously.. ;p

MommyAdam said...

kak wiera,
thank you! dah amik photos?hehe..

thank you!


mama dhiyya,
a'ah..very roomy..

faie dah beranak eh?email me/chat soon much to talk about..really miss you!

yumyum said...

woww pretty neat bag. u can make money on etsy u know!hehe

hope to see more in the future!

MommyAdam said...

interesting..good idea. i've always loved looking at things on etsy...

awin said...

creative!u r one God-given talent in everything la aida!

Anonymous said...

aida...cantikla .boleh buat satu utk kami tak? bayar la nanti hehehe...


tuty said...

yup really.. i think you can earn extra pocket money at etsy. bila etsy store dah ada, let me know ok. i want this bag too! :D

Anonymous said...

Looking for diaper bags? You’ve come to the right place. Spacify has a wide selection of Designer Diaper Bags.

Miss Kemek said...

kak long, nak jugak beg tu boley? ;P


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