Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Creative Day @ Portman

They organised a Creative/Arts day yesterday at the Portman Centre. Not just for the kids..even mommies get to join in the fun...

there was a sewing station..

a jewelery making station

mask-making station

flower-making station

Adam had fun decorating cookies with yummy coloring and edible glitter..yum!

one of the staff offered to take care of Adam while i go and learn how to make flowers at the flower station. after a while she asked me if it's ok if adam had his face painted. i said ok, i was curious how Adam would react. He didn't see me, i just observe him from a distance.

first Naima got his hand painted. Adam just sat there relaxed. Then she got his face painted with a sponge. again he just sit quietly and read a book on his lap. Then she got the brushes out and started painting his face. I was so impressed by how good Adam was behaving on his own! i know the brush was prickly on his face but he still sat patiently! Good job Adam! so proud of him!

then he spotted me taking a video of him and started to get uneasy. i picked him and he sat on my lap. barulah dia start nak garu muka la, nak turunla..hehe..rupanya adam good boy when mommy's not around huh? hehe..

let's see how he looked like when Naima is done painting his face..

tiger boy!!!


Wiera said...

so cute

btw, aida...i went to that quilting shop yesterday...but didn't get ur pics yet...will go again...hehe. i managed to join their basic sewing lesson...haha..

they have lots of fabric...for batiks selection eyes went crazy :)). they also have Amy Butler's fabrics...pretty. wish i can sew ;).

Ernie Khairina said...

boleh tak adam comel gile duduk dengan selesa atas bantal tuh? and of coz the later pic..
aida, menarik sgt flower deco..i'm keen with jewellery making juga! bestnye ko really have super fun there

iL4na said...

omg thats the cutest tiger boy ever!!!!!

btw sgt kagum this tiger can sit still throughout the whole painting process. Coolnye adam ni :)

E`n1x said...

chomeynye!!! - lilly

Anonymous said...

That is one cute Tigger!!! Auuumm!!! He's such a brave n independant boy! Syabas Mommy!

myra said...

This is what I love about education in Britain.

I'm a product of that. Now seeing those pics of Adam, I remembered the good ol times.

The quilt looks great. Have you tried doing an afgan as well? They look good on sofas as well - wool and other type of threads are so expensive here. I bet you can easily get them there (i'm not sure if you're a fan of Crochet)

Its nice meeting you and finding you here. I'll link to your blog so I can keep up with Adam ey!

Kak Farah@QM

Unknown said...

cutenye adammmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!

aidafiqs adamia said...

kak wiera,
congrats for joining the class! i guarantee you won't regret learning to sew! oh i can't wait to see the pics, thank you :)

yes it was amazing! bila nak join me here...jom..hehe

i was surprised too! the last time i tried to have his face painted he ran away leaving a splotch on his face..

thank you!

thank you :)

kak farah,
thank you! no i don't know how to crotchet or knit, but i'd love to learn. somehow don't understand through books. maybe i need to take a class..

thank you!


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