Thursday, March 19, 2009


we're going to sheffield tonight!!!

it was our home for 4 years (well, separate homes at the time..heh) and i'm so thrilled to be going back there. so many memories we had over there...where we went to watch movies, where he asked me to go steady, our favourite restaurant, our uni departments, our old houses..

i wonder if much has has been 4 years since we were last there..

we're going to stay with mus and linda, 2 of our sheffield friends who also met in sheffield and got married. they're there for their PhD now..can't wait to meet them too...

(plus i heard sheffield has HobbyCraft now, an awesome crafting store...hehehe)

p/s: OMG doesn't my baby look so grown up in this pic...?? oh no...he's growing at rapid speed!!


Ernie Khairina said...

handsome adam! mcm nak gi dating ngan elizabeth nih..

aida, have fun at sheffield..maybe some pictures from the 'restaurant' (u know what i mean)

Anonymous said...

update pic kat sheffield eh. (er boleh ke request??)

Anonymous said...

adam handsome sgt!


MN said...

adam dah potong rambut?

Mamamarina said...

Aida... have fun y'all.. anyway Adam smart la babe..

mOmmy of Triplets plus One said...

mmg he look such a big BOY. kali ni if org kate gal gak..tak tau ah

Nurhafizah Fauzi said...

adam big boy!

yippie!! happy for u..

aidafiqs adamia said...

mmg tgh nak kuar jumpa elizabeth pun..dah2 amik pic..hehe


hensem kan..

mrs noba,
a'ah..baru aritu..ok tak..


yes!hope takde yg confuse dia girl lagi!

thank you!


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