Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Adam this morning...

He woke up early...i don't know, maybe 6 husband took him out to the living room, while I slept with Mia..Then he came creeping back in bed with me. My husband had fallen back to sleep on the couch. Adam tossed and turned next to me. Couldn't really sleep. 'Mommy selimut?' 'Mommy selimut lagi?'. After some time..

Adam: Mommy, poop?
Me: Adam poop? Nak tukar pampers?
Adam: Ha...jom..

And I got out of bed. Went to the bathroom. I'm a sucker for everytime he asked me to change his diaper because he VERY RARELY is willing to have his diaper changed.

Me: jom Adam
Adam: No, ni nak main...
Me: ??? *pulak daaaah budak ni...*

I went to make a cup of coffee. A toast. Checked my mails. Then he came to me, probably bored playing by himself.

Adam: Mommy, nak kung
Me: Hmm..tanaklah...tadi Adam cakap ngan Mommy nak tukar pampers kan? Lepas tu tanak pulak?
Adam: Ha'ah *nodding* Ok2..Sorry? *looking really sorry*

Oh be still my beating heart. I love that boy.


Ernie Khairina said...

haha i know the sound with (?), so innocent but could melt anyone.

Fedyeu said...

mcm daddy die kot?? hehe

tuty said...

oohh comelnya! :)

mate said...

such a heartthrob..*

Melina said...

Kids eh....I often wonder what goes through their little brains. The things they say definitely melt hearts....susah nak marah when they are too cute.

Teeny said...

Aida, baru ni jumpa your blog again. I'm Teeny, we met at Malaysian Hall's surau last 2-3 weeks when I was there :)

Ok, now must bookmark this blog... jumpa from Along's list of blogs. (Kenal Along and her husband at Miri sblm diorang pindah KL) :) Small world...

OK, looking forward for more of ur entries.



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