Friday, June 18, 2010

Mia's curduroy pants

I made this using an Ottobre pattern (you'll see a lot of these i'm afraid. there are 40 patterns in 1 issue!). I am loving these pants! they look really cute on her and really girly! (suddenly I remember a certain curduroy with polka dots that I saw next to this fabric...hmm...when can i go fabric shopping again....)

the pants matches Mia's blouse I made earlier. Adam has a pair of brown curduroy pants too. You know, I bought that brown curduroy fabric to make pants for my did I get distracted into making these..hmmm...when will i ever learn to sew for adults if i keep getting addicted to sewing for those little toes, scrumptious as they are?

and now for a random photo from my day yesterday;

I sat next to the window to knit...and then this little boy came and covered me up with his quilt. Oh how sweet. I was able to knit probably 2 rows only before somebody screamed for my attention but, it was really nice anyway to have that precious little pocket of time to sit and knit...

I started this knitting project right before i gave birth to Mia - it was my 'labour room' if i had time to knit in the labour room! hehe...i've recently taken it out again and i'm glad i did..knitting is so soothing..although, Mia probably would grow out of this already by the time i finish it..


Ernie Khairina said...

i used to love knitting when we were in high school, percaya tak? tapi i lost the momentum sebab takde geng.

oi, comel sgt curduroy pant tu..esp tang beltnya tu hihi

adrianathani said...

Awwwh! I long to knit girly stuff that I can keep in my own house ;) What is it that you're knitting? Love the deep red hue.

Fathinz the wedding planner said...

my mil and sis in law sgt2 pandai knit. selalu i order shoes, alas meja etc. tapi tak terpk nak belaja. dunno y. aida, my fabric otw. waa tak sabarnye nak hand-sew. tatau lah jadi ke tak.. ;p

whm6840 said...

what is Ottobre pattern?

aidafiqs adamia said...

yeke? hey..try it again now for your baby. it's just like riding a bike, i bet.

it's going to be a matinee jacket ;)

kak fathin,
syoknye boleh order2..hehe. kak fathin nak jahit ape and beli kain ape? goodluck!

they're a magazine full of patterns for kids's clothes ( and women too). based in finland but you can subscribe online.

E`n1x said...

aida, do you think it's possible if i could have the pattern for the cable blanket you knitted for mia previously? i'm dying to try it out before i pop this august...

what's the red knitting project ur working on? =D


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