Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Yum yum!

Enough moaning about my parenting skills (or lack thereof). I'm moving on to happier things. Last night, 2 special guests came to our house. I don't have their photos yet...but look at the goodies they brought for us...

Cute little Japanese camera for Adam..

Cute little kimono pyjama for Mia...

Gorgeous authentic Japanese fabric for me!!!!!! waaaa nak nangis!!!

and more fabric for mommy!!!

and more yummilicious fabric for me!!!

did you think that was all?

nooo there's more! OMG.....i have never been given (or bought for myself) so much of fabric in one go. Thank you so much have no idea how much this means to me....i want to roll around in these fabrics all day...they are so beautiful!! thank you thank you thank you!!!

it was the first time i met Yumyum and her lovely daughter Ayra, so I held back a little and didn't jump up and down like a maniac when she gave me these fabrics but rest assured, i wanted to ;) arigato!! They're staying in Japan now and little Ayra dah nampak mcm anak jepun pun...cute sgt!

they're staying here for a few more to come...


Melina said...

Oh all the fabric are indeed extremely gorgeous! Lucky you! I will now of course be expecting more gorgeous creations from you for little Mia. If I knew how to work my sewing machine I'd be on my brother's back to get me some lovely Japanese fabric. He's on holiday in Tokyo at the moment and have bought my girls some lovely kimonos....dunno when or where they'll wear it. Aiesha's last kimono was worn at a fancy dress party.

Enjoy your gift or rather gifts!


Emmachann said...


cantiknya all the fabrics!!! Im sure you already have in your mind new design for Mia!

aku dah ada sewing machine.. tp tak jalan2 pun lagi. haha..

whm6840 said...

waaahhhh... bestnya. wish i could have all that too. they'll make great dresses for girls especially.

susahnya nak dapat beuatiful jap cotton (with reasonable RM) kat malaysia.

aidafiqs adamia said...

i am lucky indeed. go on, ask your brother to get some fabric for you. they have a fabric town there in tokyo, yum told me. if you don't use them, sell them to me ;)

thats a first step. try la jahit..senang jer..

you're right..according to yum..murah jer these cotton in japan...


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