Monday, June 28, 2010

Sekaya House

Continuing with yesterday's theme of Seeking the Wild, I chose a small 'nature spot' for us. This nature spot can be anything from a pot of herbs on your windowsill to a riverbank in the middle of the jungle. For us there is this small little playground about 3 mins walk from our house. There are lots of greens around, a small safe playground and most importantly, Adam loves this place. We only stumbled across this little hidden gem recently and ever since then he has been asking to go there every time we went out. It is close and safe enough that i can easily take both of them there even without my husband around.

We try to spend as much time there as possible, maybe a few times a week. Sometimes we go there on the way back from playing at the children centre, sometimes in the evening after Daddy comes home from work (summertime is great for this because there's sunshine until 9.30pm).

On our latest trip to the playground...

Mommy: Adam, let's make a house for the squirrels.
Adam: *pondering* Yay! Sekaya House! jom... (he calls squirrels sekaya)

Adam hard at work making his Sekaya House

You know, when I suggested the idea to Adam, I was fully prepared for him to not fully grasping the idea of making a house out of the toys of the Earth. I thought maybe he'll just take some sticks and stomp around, that would've been good enough. But I underestimated the creative energy of a child. All I showed him was how to clean the leaves out of some sticks to build the border of the house and he then took charge of the whole project.

The leaves = 'Mommy sekaya sleep here'
The cherries = 'Sekaya eat this, sekaya eat'
The flowers = 'Mommy go amik flowers. Sekaya nak flowers'

Two boys came over curiously watching us building this house. One of them accidentally stepped on some of the sticks;

Adam: No! No! Sekaya House!
the boy: *looked down* Oh, okay...
Then they started helping us too..hehe...

I'm proud of Adam, I am.

p/s: Does anybody know any spot in the UK (preferably near London and reachable via public transport) where you can swim in clear river/lake water? I am really craving for this (hence our recent trip to Serpentine Lido and Memorial Fountain, but they're not quite what i'm looking for yet). If you know a place please leave a comment, i'm desperate!

to my brother Hilmi, imi ingat tak last year klong pegi tmpt imi..masa otw nak ke airport naik train, kite ade nampak satu big riverbank ade org tgh mandi2 sungai?best sgt tmpt tu wlaupun ternampak skejap je while the train stopped..sampai skarang teringat2 tmpt tu...


Fathinz the wedding planner said...

hehe. so cute. how he gets the word sekaya tuh. comel jer. kids mmg pandai reka macam2. their imagination beyond expectation..

hilmi said...

haah.igt2..tapi tatau ape name..byk jugak tpt2 camtu kat germany

mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE said...

next time u blk mesia we can go to the anak sg in tmn tun. the water is vry clear. juz 5 mins frm my hse. ive been wanting nk bwk kida to waterfall tp my anak buas sgt takut tripbon the batu n such, so this anak sg is juz perfect

aidafiqs adamia said...

kak fathin,
ntahla mana dia dpt..i'm just enjoying it though ;)

alamak ruginye kite tak pegi tmpt tu kan..

menarik tu...nanti kite gi sama2 ek..


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