Sunday, June 27, 2010

Seeking the Wild

We've always loved going to the parks with the kids but recently after reading Soulemama's The Creative Family I'm feeling even more inspired to connect with nature and as she put it; 'seeking the wild'. We may not be able to go camping or to the beach right now but like she said, do not let your financial or geographic position stop you from enjoying nature.

So often we can get caught in the grind of daily life that we forget to be fully present, be mindful and enjoy the simplest things in life. Like the warmth of the sun of our faces, or view of the green grass in front of our eyes. But sometimes if we just be still and be present, we can see how beautiful it all is...and how blessed we are...

I hope these photos inspire you to seek the wild too ;)

p/s: Photos taken at the gorgeous Princess Diana's Memorial Fountain. Those of you in London, this place rocks! mari2 kite pergi ini tempat ok...Those of you in Malaysia, omg this place reminds me of Sungai Gabai..ok, it's not quite as wonderful as Sungai Gabai though..i miss Sungai Gabai!


adrianathani said...

I love Adam's trunks!

And you're right, I think we get so distracted by "stuff" that we forget how much fun nature provides us :D

Fathinz the wedding planner said...

mia macam takmo je masuk air.. adam cute sangat... mesti lama2 nanti dah terel lari2 dalam tuh. eh sana fountain boleh lepak2 main air bestnyee..
cute rambut adam ade ekor yer

mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE said...

yup tat is exActly wat im trying to do with my kids, to let them explore their surroundings. but more often than not i'll get stares from other parents n i believe they r saying this in their head " gosh wat is tat mom thinking, kasi anak main tanah and such". my kids still prefer barefooted when it comes to main on the grass. n their latest pAssion now is cArwash. dh 4 days in a row basuh the car ptg2

aidafiqs adamia said...

it's just a pair of pants :)

kak fathin,
a'ah mia tanak dia tak tahan air tu sejuk! (padahal it's a hot day, mmg sedapla air sejuk) rambut adam tu tahla tibe2 jadik ade ekorlak kan..fountain this one mmg boleh mandi air dia..

the opportunity for playing and learning is endless in nature. nothing wrong with a little bit of mud ;)

farah said...

wahh...the place does look fun....nak bawak my girls playing therelah....heheh


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