Sunday, March 25, 2012

Adam made pants

Probably spurred by his recent success in making his own apron, Adam declared out of nowhere;

"I want to make my own baju and seluar" (top and pants)

This mama was more than willing, as you can imagine. My baby boy, all of a sudden is showing interest in sewing? oh my, be still my beating heart.

He chose his fabric - red - his current favourite colour.

A little one's interest comes and passes in a blink of an eye, and you other mamas well know, so I quickly grabbed a pair of pyjama pants right out of the (unfolded) laundry pile, laid it down on folded fabric and let him loose. And by that I meant letting him draw and cut, using my very sharp fabric scissors. Not an easy thing to do considering how uptight I can be about other people touching my sewing things (ask my husband!). But I managed it and so did he!

As you can see the lines are roughly cut. But in the spirit of unschooling - So what? - that's gotta be my new motto now. After a while I find myself relaxing and and so did he. Boy what fun we had.


the little sister enjoying herself too

It's surprising what a four year old can do when given the chance.

Or rather, it shouldn't be a surprise. Children can do great things. Never underestimate them.

1 comment:

adaho said...

o' my...if only my 6yrs old girl see this,i bet she'll go "see mommy,even that boy's mommy let him sew!! " i feel like a bad mom now,knowing that the only 'sewing' ive let her do is to choose the fabrics and thread,iskk...

tq aida for showing me the new horizon in parenting...


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