Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dinosaur Museum

Hello, welcome to the Dinosaur Museum. Come through the green doors children are most welcome here. Don't be scared of the dinosaurs, they're just fossils. But the 'Museum Uncle' (Adam the museum staff) can feed the dinosaurs (???). School children are allowed to feed the baby dinosaurs.

Recently, Adam is very interested in dinosaurs. He played 'Dinosaur Museum', he asked to be read many books on dinosaurs, and he asked a LOT of questions. Like, 'why are the dinosaurs dead?? What happened to them?' Then he proceeded to ask 'Is this one dead?/ Is this one real?' to each of the dinosaur pictures in his books (there are hundreds!). No one really knows the right answer to why the dinosaurs are extinct. All I could find are a few theories, which makes it difficult to explain to a four year old, because I can't be certain either. My husband found a video last night on youtube with animation on the theories of how the dinosaurs were wiped off the Earth and Adam was so excited he could not stop talking. Then there's the issue of evolution, which is presented in most books, but is unacceptable in Islam.

Does anyone have a good Islamic resource one pre historic dinosaurs? Please help. I'd be most grateful....


Puteri said...

I suka la your kids corner tu. Dah banyak kali I noticed in your previous entries.Very nice.

Where did you get the polka dot carpet tu?

Unknown said...

My nephew is 3 and is completely obsessed by dinosaurs too. He knows the name of each different type but he wants to know how we know how they look like, when they got extinct thousands of years ago: "did some one went back in time to photograph them, auntie?"
As a good auntie should do at this point, I distract him, switched topic and not-so-subtly suggested him to ask his dad about it!

Khairieah said...

kak aida, i did some reading on dinosaurs and Islam, maybe this could help

sorry, not much of a help. huhu

aidafiqs adamia said...

thank you, the kids love it too...the carpet i've had it for years..before adam kot...tak ingat dah beli kat mana...sorry...

your nephew sounds so smart! you cheeky auntie...

thank you dear....akak dah baca...


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