Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Art smocks

Recently Mia began to show an interest in painting and drawing. Every day she tells me she wants to paint. Usually I let them paint with their clothes off. Some time back I wanted to make an art smock, I've already cut the waterproof fabric, but the pattern called for long lengths of wide bias tape which I don't have (and too lazy to make) so the cut fabric had been sitting in my ufo pile for quite a bit. So to save my girl from anymore naked painting, I thought I'd just wing it and make the smock with no bias tape.

It was pretty simple to sew up. the back overlaps and closes with velcro.

pockets on the sides

I bought similar waterproof fabric from Ikea last weekend to make another smock for Adam. The surface of the fabric is matte, not shiny like Mia's smock. It turns out that is easier to sew with and it has better drape too. Recommended! Ikea has it in a few other prints..

I made it similar to Mia's, but cut a bit straight (and not so girly) and wider. The sewing is a bit wonky as you can see. Just a quick after-dinner sewing and completed in just about an hour.

Now my babies can make as much mess as they want!

(they already do, come to think of it)


Ernie Khairina said...

Eh menarik! Yg mia punya pkai janome gak ke

aidafiqs adamia said...

ernie aku ade satu machine je janome tu. boleh je, i use needle for leather on the machine, and then lapis dgn tissue paper bila jahit mia punya tu. bila siap koyakkan tissue papers tu. adam punya takyah tissue but same needle.

Grace said...

Hi..nice blog! May i know where i can get waterproof fabric in KL? your help is much apperciated. thanks! :)


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