Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sewing tips, by Adam

The other day my mom made an apron for Mia. It's pink with pictures of sweets and cakes. Pink is for girls so I can't wear her apron. So I told mom "I want to make my own apron! Use your *knitting!" She got all excited. This is the first time I asked to sew for myself. Chill mom...

I have this old apron that came with my kitchen. It's nice but all dirty now. I used the apron to draw my new one. I chose the green fabric myself. I used my color pencil and mommy's ruler to draw.

tadaaaa!! Then I just cut through the line..

Then I started pressed the the feet of the machine for me because I can't reach it. I think next time I must figure out a way so I can use the presser feet myself..

the other part I liked was pinning

it doesn't matter if it's wonky...just go with it...

sewing is easy peasy!! I've helped my mom millions of times so I can tell how it works...don't worry if the lines aren't straight...

my apron!!

If you're thinking about starting sewing, stop thinking and just start sewing! If I can do it, so can you!

*Adam refers to all my sewing and knitting things as 'mommy's knitting'


Anonymous said...

hi aida, dina shamsudin (kmys) here. love what you're trying to do with adam re:home schooling, getting him to sew himself etc. just thought i'd share this blog with you. lots of ideas for home activities..but maybe adam dah besar sgt kot for the activities..mia ok lagi kot

Hada Masayu said...

u get me excited adam to sew one for hani!!! :)


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