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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I need an info counter

As a first time mom I feel like there is so many things I need to know and yet so little of them I do know. To make it worse, we’re one of the earliest among our friends to get married so we practically have no one to refer to for advice.

Masa berpantang:
What is pilis and..err..param?I think it’s some sort of traditional ubat but I’m not sure.
What does a tungku looks like, when should it be used and where should I get it?
What sort of food should I eat, and what I shouldn’t?
How do I hold a newborn baby?
How do I bathe a newborn baby?
How do I feed a newborn baby?
Does the baby sleep with me or in his cot?
Won’t I accidentally hempap the baby in my sleep??
I heard husband cannot sleep with wife during pantang , is this true?
Do I need some sort of jamu and where from?Salindah?Amway?
Does the baby need a barut and where do I get it?
Do I need some sort of barut also?
What will my tummy look like once the baby comes out?
Will I need to apply some sort of cream, err..ubat2 on my tummy?
Can I watch tv and if not what will I do to kill time in that 2 months?
Where will I go for berpantang because my mom works plus she’s not the kampong/pantang kind. Example: she tried feeding me many many times with pineapple during this pregnancy!
What do I do about the whole “toilet” situation?? I heard it’s awfully painful! Honestly I’m more afraid of going to the loo after childbirth that the actual childbirth/labour itself!

All this and so much more I need to know. Tell me, is there an information counter somewhere?

Thank you!

Yesterday I tried to cook dinner but somehow tak jadi so terpaksa masak lagi sekali and sudahnya lauk tak sedap and I didn’t realise I was standing for so long. Agaknye my blood semua turun ke kaki last2 rase nak pitam. By the time my husband come home I was in terrible mood already because my legs were hurting plus tak berbaloi langsung sbb lauk tak sedap.

Adam kicked so much masa berbuka puasa and after that, as if dia tau pulak Mummy’s in really bad mood. Lately I noticed Adam suka kick time I tgh bad mood/sad. Adekah I perasan saje or mmg Adam can sense my mood, I wonder? Later after prayers Daddy pulak tolong urutkan my legs. He keep telling me sedap I masak eventhough I know tak sedap pun..hehe.

I feel so much better in the morning. Thank you to both my favourite boys =) muahs!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Miri trip

Daddy’s gone to Miri yesterday and Mummy’s feeling blue…hehe

Before he went he told you to take care of me which I thought was sweet but ridiculous, obviously. But somehow in your own way I think you did. On the way back from the airport you started kicking me. And you keep kicking and moving so much the whole day, keeping me company. Usually when you start kicking rigorously it’s either one of two reasons; it’s food time, or prayer time. But yesterday you were active the whole day and only rested with me at night when I go to bed.

Thank you so much, my Baby, for being here when I need you =)

To my dear husband, pls come home cos I’m afraid our house will turn into sarang tikus soon without you..hehe..

Monday, June 11, 2007

My Baby is...


Last Friday we had a detail scan at the hospital and we asked the sonogrammer to check the baby’s sex. First she took pictures of the baby’s face, and asked my husband if he thought Baby looked like mom or dad? Btw, they have a HUGE screen for husbands and doctors to watch the baby and teeny tiny screen for the mummies! So mummy can’t have a valid opinion on who the baby looks like, really! My husband said Baby looks like me! She agreed and straightaway she said, then this one must be a boy. She moved the sonogram to between Baby’s legs and..there it is!

So from now on, let’s call the Baby, Adam.

Don’t you just love that name?

My husband is ecstatic sbb ada geng nak main bola!

Sonogrammer also checked other parts of Adam’s little body. His kidney, brain functions, how many fingers, heart etc. I was holding my breath as she scanned each part of him because I was so nervous. But alhamdulillah, she told me everything looks fine.

My healthy little boy Adam, I love you! I hope you grow up to be just like your Daddy =)


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