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Friday, December 16, 2011

Dress 1 : Yellow Dress

This dress is sort of a quick fix, because I already know by heart how to make it. Only I altered it a bit for fun. Come to think of it, a lot of things I sew are 'quick fixes'. Hmm. It's funny how I can knit slowly and leisurely, and yet when it comes to sewing I just want to

Let's have her stand up to see what the dress really looks like.

I added a sweet little apron, which is basically just a square-ish piece of fabric.

The bodice is peasant top style, chopped a little short. I like this style because it means no buttons or zippers - easy to sew and easy to put on the wriggly girl..

It looked like she was getting tired of photo taking...

and now she was literally saying "Dah!"

For the next dress, insyaAllah I will attempt to learn pattern drafting and draft a custom fit body draft for Mia and turn it into a dress. Goodbye quick fix! Wish me luck!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Mia's dress(es)

It's December. Time to start sewing some dresses for a special girl's upcoming birthday. This is a tradition I hope to keep. Yesterday the sewing urge I have been waiting for finally arrived, phew.

No time to dilly dally...I dove straight into the good stuff - my precious Little Folks voile. I am making a modified version of one of her existing dresses.

I am a little positive that I might make a few more dresses, seeing as all I can think of is sewing right now...

I do get lots of help....

Getting Lost

If there was ever a place I want to get lost at, it would be here.

We went there as an impromptu short getaway after my friend's wedding (Fiza and BBM girls, boleh letak you gorgeous girls punya pic kat blog tak?) We stayed at the Lost World hotel (nice hotel) The hot spring is a must-go. Especially at night, the setting is quite romantic..

Warm, natural hot a well-maintained was a bit crowded when we were there..if there was less crowd I bet it'll be lovely there..

The next day we went to the theme park. They have a nice petting zoo. You could catch fish...

touch a snake...

and err...hamster? er...squirrel? rat??

I much prefer this place to Sunway Lagoon. One of the best part about this place is...the backdrop! Look at that beautiful banjaran at the back!

Adam had so much fun with Abg Zaid, Abg Amar and Abg Adam....thank you Cikgu Julie kasi pinjam your son :) the children play area is fun, safe and child friendly...loved it!

bye bye Nigel. Hope we'll see you again someday!


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