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Monday, August 31, 2009

Sewing again,hopefully

I haven't been sewing for months..sigh. I really want to start again...I finally finished my skirt that i started months ago (see entry last day in German). It's really hard to start sewing after a long break...i need inspiration and the momentum..So i thought i'd start with something simple, something i'm already familiar with to get me motivated again - bags!

Felt so good to be sewing. Ive sewn a couple bags...this one is my first. I was thinking..maybe i could try open an Etsy store and sell whatever i make, what do you think? I love Etsy, it's kinda like Ebay, but only for handmade items..all the items sold there are to die for! such lovely beautiful things...

Its funny how when i stopped working, it seemed that i sew a lot less than i used to when i was working...i thought it would be the other way around..sigh...hopefully this will be a turning point...motivate me to sew more...

Sunday, August 30, 2009

For Ernie - Ramadhan Food

Sorry Ernie lambat baru upload pic..our first day of Ramadhan punya feast..Lamb chops with baked potatoes and carrots..takde kuih muih...atau nasi dagang...atau ayam rangka..atau roti john..atau murtabak...sobsob...tadi call Msia my mom masak otak lembu! waaa! sedapnye!!! (siapa yg tak penah try otak lembu goreng jgn muntah tau...sedap giler...korang kene try dulu)

*teringin sgt nak mkn nasi dagang from makcik kat pasar malam kat Bangi + ayam rangka

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Baby kicks

I've started to feel the baby kicking the past couple of weeks. Now even more frequent during Ramadhan...especially at the end of the day. Maybe Baby tak sabar nak buka puasa? I bet this Baby will be as active as big brother Adam...hehe...Unfortunately Baby won't kick for Daddy yet...

Monday, August 24, 2009

First Ramadhan in London

To be honest I was really nervous to start Ramadhan this time. Everything is so different. Imsak is really early, around 3.40am we barely have any appetite to eat anything. Maghrib is late, around 8.10pm so we would've been fasting for longer than usual. I'm pregnant this time, and this pregnancy i've been particularly eating a lot and cannot miss any mealtimes. There's no yummy food and pasar ramadhan...oh..i miss those the most..

It's been a couple days. Every mealtime I start to get gassy and really hungry. And I feel really dizzy and far in the afternoons I've just been napping with Adam. Thank God it was the weekend and my husband was around. Rasa mcm budak2 skolah puasa pulak...every so often I'll tell him 'Bang..lapar laaaa....'. And he'll say 'Kejaaaap je lagi ek....'. But luckily I got through the 2 days...hopefully dapatlah puasa penuh.....

Friday, August 21, 2009

Day 4 - Brussel

We drove up to Brussel! it was quite a long drive..about 3.5 hours. We stopped here by the side of the road, to let Adam watch cows grazing...hehe...he loves cows...moooo! dia panggil...hehe.

First pitstop was Mini Europe. This place holds a special meaning to me and my husband actually, ade kisah sentimental...hahaha...Adam happyla main kat situ...

then from there we went to Brussel city. Cantik kan bangunan2 dia...this square in the middle of the city is really beautiful...breathtaking.

The famous Belgian waffle...oh, yum! mmg sedap sgt2lah...

Mannequin pis - patung budak kecik kencing..hahaha...beribu2 batu org dtg nak tgk budak ni kencing tau...ntahla whats the history behind husband said this kid pee to try and stop a fire a long time's so popular..

Relaxing in the square..tired by this time. If u look closely there, Adam is trying to give his Daddy a kiss. He'd just done something naughty...hehe..

that's the end of our little trip. The next day we just relax at Imi's house before we board our flight at 7pm. i can't believe we don't have any pics at his house! Thank you Imi bwk kitorg jalan2 and masak sedap2....


Selamat berpuasa! Here Ramadhan starts tomorrow, Saturday. How about in Malaysia? In german Imi is already fasting today. Hope our Ramadhan will be blessed, insyaAllah...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Day 3 - Trier and Luxemburgh

In the morning we went to Trier again, singgah this park. Let Adam mandi manda kat sini...seronok dia...

The view from the park is amazing. I was supposed to take a pic of him jumping here tapi tak berjaya...hehe...
Unfortunately Imi lost his usb at the park with all his work. Hish...geram betul sape yg amik tu...i really hope he will get it back...

From there we went to Luxemburgh, about half an hour drive from Trier. ni gamba dpn cave...tgk2 tak byk pulak gamba kat Luxemburgh ni...

Adam dah penat....yeke??? he's never really tired...always active...unless kalau tido...hehe...

Day 2 - Trier

We went to Trier, about an hour from Saarbrucken. Imi's university is here in Trier. Trier is quite a tourist spot. In the photo above we were in front of Porta Nigra or 'Black Gate', from the time the Romans were here.

Here we are at the Amphitheatre (i don't know what that means). Macam tmpt gladiator berlawan zaman dulu2...

Adam had his potraite drawn. This artist is the same guy who drew caricatures of my arwah Abah, my sister, and myself in 2005 when we came to Trier to visit Imi after my graduation. I still have those caricatures, my dad had them laminated. I can't believe this guy is still there.

Here we were in the middle of the city. Everybody and all the signs are in German. Fuh....power Imi ckp german...kalau dia takde mmg kitorg sesat barat dan kebuluran la...hehe...

Later in the afternoon we went to a baby shower for Lolita, Imi's housemate at her cafe. She cooked really yummy Adam is posing while Imi takes his photos. Tibe2 dia ade mood nak posing manja...haha...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Day 1 in Saarbrucken

Adam was so excited to see airplanes upclose. He kept saying "Sssss! Sssss!" meaning airplanes in his language. He slept through the 1 hour flight.

Immediately upon arrival to rented a car and went to a designer outlet right next to the airport. Later we went to Imi's (my brother) house for prayers and a bit of rest.

Later in the afternoon, we wanted to go fruit picking in a farm nearby. But unfortunately the farm wasn't open...don't know why, maybe dah habis fruit the end Adam main tiup2 this dandelions (ape nama dia?) there..

in the evening we went to a park near Imi's house...Lps tu dah penat, balik...Imi masak ayam masak lemak...pandai jugak dia masak..

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Second check up ( 17 weeks)

I had another check up yesterday. This time the antenatal clinic was suprisingly full. And suddenly instead of seeing the midwife, we saw a gynea and a training gynea. The check up was quick, she took a look at my blood results from last check up, asked me a few questions...wrote down a lot in my file. then she checked the baby's heartbeat on the machine...what's the name of the machine? it's not a normal scan where you can see the baby....just hear the heartbeat. I will have another check up in 3 weeks time for my anomaly scan.

It looks like everything's ok...Again Adam was really protective when she was scanning me. The doc let him sit on the bed next to me...and he started to cry...until he heard the heartbeat and the doc told him it's the baby. barulah dia paham and dgr bunyi heartbeat tu...hehhehe...

ps: We just arrived in Saarbr├╝cken, Germany! We are visiting my brother here. Seronok Adam! (he is having a shower with Daddy. Pagi tadi bertolak awal..dia tak mandi) Photos to come later :)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Adam's activities

Just couple of photos and video of Adam's activities last couple of weeks that i didn't have time to update on;

Adam and Liza had their faces painted at the International Party at Newpin. Elizabeth managed to make him wait patiently in queu to get his face painted, but when his turn came, he wouldn't sit still so sempat buat simple jer...hehe..but still cute!

Adam playing at the Family Week Fair in Regent's Park. the had lots of crazy activities - sheep shearing, ferret racing, trampolines, bouncy castles etc. this particular bouncy castle mmg best giler,kids under 5 can just tumble around with hardly any supervision because everything are soft and safe for them to fall on. i just needed to watch the exit, takut dia lari keluar..

Adam trying to catch a bee at the park last Saturday. He wasn't scared at all...

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Adam @ 22 months

Adam’s already 22 months. In only 2 months he’ll be 2 years old….

He just got a new haircut. The guy who did his hair thought he was a girl! Halfway through he said “Good girl!” I was like….”what???’. No wonder he was cutting the hair really weird…eugh…now he looks like a girl! Sian Adam…when the hair grows a bit hopefully we can remedy the haircut a bit…

I only take Adam once a week now to his toddler group. I wish I could take him more often because he’s made so much progress. He interacts so well with the other kids. He’s always gentle and generous with them. Whenever a kid tries to pick a fight with him and throws a tantrum, he will usually just observe quietly first. Normally the kid’s mom or the teacher will be trying to calm him down and offer the kid another toy ( so that he won’t try and grab the one Adam is playing with). Upon discovering why the kid is crying (usually the kid will be screaming something like “No! I want that one!That one is mine!” *pointing to the toy in Adam’s hand) Adam will immediately hand him his toy and quickly find an extra toy to give as well as an extra until the kid stop crying. Later on if the kid is still in a bad mood and trying to grab whatever Adam is playing with next, he will happily hand it over. The kid’s mom will be apologising profusely to me and to Adam. And me, I just sit around watching the whole thing without saying anything, feeling like I want to cry because I am so proud of Adam. This has happened so many times. He must’ve picked up this behaviour from his Daddy…Good job Adam..

He’s starting learn to say more words – ‘Hello’, ‘poop’, ‘bee’, ‘eat’, ‘pee’, ‘kum’ (assalamualaikum), ‘nonut’ (donut), ‘cap’ (kicap),

He loves SpongeBob! Oh dear….eversince we’ve been quarantined at home he’s been getting restless and bored sometimes…so he started flicking through the channels and discovered the wonderful world of SpongeBob! Aduh…dulu kalau tgk tv pun Islamic Channel je…lain tak minat…

He hates going to sleep! Every naptime and bedtime it would be a nightmare to try and put him to sleep. Once we switch off the lights in the bedroom he will start crying and try to climb out of bed..Even when he’s really tired and sleepy. Nangis2 then terlelap…sian tgk dia..tapi kang kalau tak insist on putting him to sleep cranky pulak tak cukup rest…Does anybody have any tips?

Though he hates his bedtime, he loves his bedtime story session. He chose his Arabic letters book for reading at bedtime. Now he’s learned a few letters already. He can say ‘ Waw’, ‘Mim’, ‘Nun’, ‘Ya’, ‘Ba’, ‘Ha’ and he recognised which ones are the right letters.

He knows how to clean up after his own mess if asked nicely. He can wipe up spilled drinks, throw thrash in the bin, use the small broom to sweep the floor, gather his toys in the box and of course his favourite, vacuum.

He gives me lots and lots of kisses! He knows it is my weakness! Lately we’ve been taking a page out of Supernanny and try to practise giving him a 2 minutes sit out on the chilling out couch every time he misbehaves, after that he will say sorry and gives us a kiss. Now every time he sees me upset and starting to get mad at him, he will immediately offer me a kiss. Really melts my heart, that boy.

Happy 22 month birthday Adam…I love you!


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