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Monday, July 30, 2007

When Daddy cooks

Last Friday lepas balik keje I was contemplating what to cook for dinner when suddenly out of the blue..

“Yang, biar abg masakla harini!”

Wah, what a pleasant surprise! Not only that, he also insisted I shouldn’t help and should just rest! And so mak buyong pun bersenang lenang dpn tv while Daddy bertungkus lumus memasak didapur.

My husband ni kalau masak mmg kemas la dapur tu. Selalu I dgr org komplen laki diorg kalau masak habisla dapur mcm tongkang pecah. But dia ni tak, terbalik pulak. I masak semak, dia masak clean jer..ala-ala Jamie Oliver punya kitchen la..hehe.

So menunya :

Ayam kicap black pepper

Mushroom stir fry

Teringat lak zaman bercinta study kat UK dulu. At my rented house we take turns to cook but only 4 days a week (sbb 4 org share 1 rumah). So the rest of the week tu I selalu kebuluran. So kadang2 cik abg ni bwkla lauk yg dia masak (if it’s his turn to cook at his house) to the it centre, tmpt kitorg dating study to feed girlfren yg kebuluran itew…huhu..
Berbalik pada citer Naked Chef Jamie Oliver tadi, nilah hasilnya;

Sedap tau!

Adam, nanti blaja masak ngan Daddy ok…

To my favourite Chef, thank you so much! Yummy!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tummy pics

My tummy at 6 months

My tummy at 7 months

Monday, July 23, 2007

2nd trimester complaints

I’ve just launched myself into the final trimester of pregnancy. 2nd trimester passed like a breeze, almost.

Starting from the fourth month, I lost my morning sickness from the first trimester, thank God! No more headaches, nausea and vomiting. Smells of food doesn’t disturb me anymore so I started cooking again. I got less weird dreams too.

My tummy got noticeably bigger around 5 months. With it came the exciting kicks moves from Adam and also the much less exciting back and leg pains. Pantang berdiri lama sikit, sakit kaki & sakit belakang.

Around 6 months pulak, I started getting leg cramps. I’ve never had a cramp in my life. When we were in Kundasang Sabah, it was really cold there and I had my first cramp in the middle of the night. Luckily hubby is a footballer so he didn’t panic like I did and knew exactly what to do. I screamed, he jumped right up, straightened my leg and pushed the toes back. I’ve had more leg cramps since but they only last a sec and my husband is always there to fix it. Thank you sayang! Dr Fauziah told me I should wear socks to sleep and remember to take my calcium pills to avoid it.

My body got a little more uncomfortable each day. Duduk salah, diri salah, baring pun salah. Kalau baring, pusing kiri, pusing kanan. Esp bila dumdam dumdam si Adam gerak kat dalam..ada kaki dia terselit sini, tangan terselit sana. I guess space it getting tight for his growing little body. If I’m feeling uncomfortable although I can move any direction I want, I wonder how much more uncomfortable it must be in there for him.

It had started to become considerably harder for me to breathe. I’m not sure whether it’s because the baby is bigger or because I need to take in more oxygen. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the best way to handle this, does anyone know?

I haven’t had much trouble sleeping. Yet, at least. Usually at the end of the day I’m already exhausted and could easily fall asleep. But if I wake up in the middle of the night for the usual loo visits, it would take me at least an hour to fall back to sleep. During the day when at work, I selalu feel sleepy even though I had enough sleep the night before. Not sure why.

2nd trimester was the so-called honeymoon period. Hmm, I dread to think what the third trimester is going to bring! But I’m also thrilled, because we’re getting nearer and nearer to the day I get to meet Adam =)

Monday, July 16, 2007

6 months check up

This check up we get to meet Dr Fauziah again. Adam was so active dari dlm kete sampaila during the check up. Adam suka ke jumpa Dr Fauziah?

We asked some questions (Daddy made a list..typed! hehe) including the one I had about set2 bersalin/jamu. Apparently she also thinks it’s a waste of money. Oklah, dah save duit kat situ. But..err…how am I going to slim down after birth? What?? Exercise? Can’t find that word in my dictionary!!

Dr Fauziah confirmed again that our baby is a boy. This time even I could see it clearly. Last time I tak nampak langsung. Tapi when the sonogrammer and my husband dua2 dah angguk2 in agreement I pun angguk jelah!

Everything looked ok. She presented us with an unpleasant surprise, though. My blood test results came through and it turns out I don’t have vaccination against Rubella! (But suddenly I’m vaccinated against hepatitis pulak which I have no idea where I got it from). She said there’s nothing we can do to protect me from getting infected during this pregnancy. I can only get the vaccination once I give birth (to protect the next baby). Poor Adam! She said I should stay away from anybody yg ill, demam2 etc. Yg peliknya, I am CERTAIN I got the injection when I was in standard 3! Didn’t we all?? Did the nurse give me hepatitis injection instead of Rubella? She also said that if I do get infected, “it’s ok” because I’m passed the first trimester so the baby will “only” become deaf or other “minor” defects. I sat there thinking, WHAT??? I don’t want Adam to have any defect at all!! But I guess in the first trimester the defects are much much worse.

She suggested we go for parent craft classes they have at the hospital. We’re going next month, hopefully. Afterwards we went to Accidents and Emergency for TB vaccination.

Pregnancy makes time flies so quickly, somehow. Err..7 months dah boleh beranak kan? I hope I’ll have enough time to equip myself with the Mommy skills!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007


How does one go about shopping for a baby? I had done some surveying on the internet and got a list of stuff we need to buy. We went to Midvalley all excited, and yet after a couple of rounds in the Jusco’s baby department, Mom’s care and Mothercare, we were still clueless on what to buy!

Which brands to choose?
Electric or manual?
0 -3 months or 3 -6 months?
Long sleeves or short sleeves?
Shorts or long pants..or..bodysuits? Does it even matter?
How many bottles?
Bottle warmer, do I need it? Can’t I just put milk bottle in hot water?
What’s a nippl* shield?
Stroller for newborn or for bigger babies?
With carseat/infant carrier or without?
Carseat with base or without (what is the base for?)?
What type of babycot? Price range is huge
What on earth is a bonnet and what is it doing the “baby’s clothes” list, shouldn’t it be part of a car?

I started reading forums on the internet about pregnancy and babies. It helps especially on deciding what stuff I really need to buy and which brands are better than others.

(oh no, how do I tell Adam later that my sole inspiration for raising him was the World Wide Web??)

We finally got some baby things bought but we’re still a long way to go. Tapi seronok beli barang baby ni. Geram je tgk sume cute2. Cuma taktau nak pilih jer. Nowadays kalau nak beli barang mengarut2 mesti terpikir, ish, baik pakai duit beli barang Adam!

Adam, bila nak keluar? Mummy Daddy dah over excited ni!


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