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Friday, July 31, 2009

First Check-up (15 weeks)

I finally had my first check-up yesterday. It's been a long wait since i missed my first appointment so i must say i was so relieved. I met the midwife, Rhian, who just happened to have just recently lived in KL for 2 years. We had a nice chat, she asked me all sorts of questions about my previous pregnancy, medical history etc. She explained about diet etc. She took my weight and height. I was surprised and relieved that i didn't gain much weight cos i was so sure i must've gained at least 5 kg because Baby has been making me eat so much even when i had no appetite. A nurse came and took my blood sample very efficiently which again impressed me because all my life i've always had a problem everytime someone drew my blood because it always take at least 2 tries before it can be done. Not to mention the pain and bruising that will come later. But this time no pain and hardly any bruising. Then Rhian scheduled me for a scan later in the afternoon. The whole process took almost 2 hours! To be honest, i'm really glad! In Malaysia when i was pregnant with Adam the check-ups normally take hours too, but all of that time are spent in the doctor's waiting room. the actual time spent talking to the doctor is literally 5 minutes, and that was together with the scanning. Hardly any time to ask any questions or learn anything much about the pregnancy.

After meeting the midwife we went for lunch and then came back for my scan. We saw Baby! Swimming around looking much like Adam did when he was in there...hehe. She checked the organs, limbs, brain, etc...everything looks great...Alhamdulillah..Adam pun happy dpt tgk Baby :)

Adam was so protective throughout. Everytime the midwife/nurse came near me to scan/draw blood Adam started wailing as if he thinks they're going to hurt me. Hehe...thank you Adam..

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Last Friday, Elizabeth and his little brother Rafael came for a playdate. The moment I told Adam they were on the way, he immediately went to the front door and waited there. He asked me to open the door, tried to put on his shoes and climbed into his buggy. Mgg tak sabar sgt dia tunggu kawan2 dia dtg...

Before they arrived we put together his train tracks and I said to him, ' Adam, pls let Rafa and Liza play with your trains ok?'. It's new and currently his favourite. After they arrived and are getting settled in the living room, Adam quickly grabbed some on his trains and offered them to Rafa!

He was so happy and so well-behaved throughout the 1.5 hours they were here. He let them play with any of his toys they wanted and he played along with them. I was so proud of him! It was so much fun having those two little angels around. We should have more playdates, I think...

When it's time to leave, he gave them both a kiss...lps tu menangis! sedih woo..kawan2 nak balik...until i showed him the photos i took of them barulah dia happy balik...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mini Sports Day at Newpin

Yesterday Adam and I went to Newpin, another children centre that we go to on Wednesdays. Thankfully they haven't had any cases of swine flu yet so as of now we can still go there. We both were looking forward to it, since we're going mad from staying in the house for too long.

Adam at the 'obstacle course'

They had a mini Sports Day for the kids which was fun. I didn't take too many photos because I participated in the activities with Adam. He was really excited to join in.

Adam with the 'parachute'

We met Elizabeth and his mom. The kids hadn't seen each other in so long so they were happy to be playing together. Her mom and I had some time to chat, oh, it's just nice to have a real adult conversation instead of just toddler babble..hehe..

Adam and Liza pretending to be asleep cos they didn't want to leave

Oh when will this swine thing be over?It's so hard being cooped up at home...i'm going insane! I have half a mind to just ignore it and go about our activities as usual...

Monday, July 20, 2009

Swine Flu

There has been a case of swine flu at Portman, the children centre. So lately we haven't been going to the toddler groups anymore. Last time we went there it was almost empty after the swine flu case.Everybody is staying at home..Sigh..

It's really getting bad here. Last week alone there were approximately 55,000 new cases of swine flu in the UK. More and more people are dying from it everyday. Oh God, I really pray we won't get infected...We're scared to get out of the house. Even nak pegi park pun dah risau.. a way i guess we're lucky because i'm not working and Adam can stay with me at home. But still, it's stressful for Adam not being able to play with his friends as usual. We're trying to turn the house into a children centre - we got a drawing board, train tracks (his favourite at Portman). I'm planning to make playdough with him soon. Maybe more books, paints, etc. Hmm...I've got to step up my game..sian Adam...

Saturday, July 18, 2009

How to cook beans in an oven

Monday, July 13, 2009


Saturday, July 11, 2009

Adam @ 21 months and Baby @ 12 weeks

He’s still as tiny as ever, but he’s growing up fast…

He knows most of the songs we always sing at school. Normally he likes to observe but rarely participate in the dancing and signing, except maybe for his favourite songs like Itsy Bitsy or Zoom Zoom. But lately I realised that when he’s a good mood he will do all the signs and dance moves and attempt to sing them too. Surprised gak tgk that he actually picked up on them.

Lately while our guests were here there were a lot of people talking around him and talking to him, instead of just Mommy so he’s more encouraged to talk. Some bits and pieces came out like; “ Mana?” “Bukak ni” “ dia punya tu” “Tic tac”

He’s getting so smart so quick, I’m constantly surprised at the things he’s actually picking up on. I honestly have to watch everything I do and say. Recently when getting a back massage from Daddy dia buat bunyi “hmmm…aaahhh….mmm”. Sbb dia selalu tgk saya dpt back massage from Daddy since pregnant ni…

He loves carrot. If I cook anything with carrot in it, kene taruh byk carrot pieces, sbb nanti dia nak pick the carrots je…lain tanak..

Dah boleh nak negotiate with him. Like if he doesn’t want to have his bath, boleh ckp ‘ok if you have your bath now we can go the school later’. Or if he sits in his stroller for a little bit we can see the birds later. He understands and will consider his options.

He loves all kinds of animals and is not afraid of big animals like huge dogs etc. But funnily he’s scared of teeny tiny bugs like butterflies and like ulat2 yg terbang2 tu. Haritu masa pegi Zoo ada butterfly house menjerit2 dia bila bawak dia dekat butterfly..apela Adam ni…hehe…tapi kalau dog boleh pulak dia nak peluk..

Right now Daddy is sleep-training him. Train Adam sleep with Daddy without Mommy. Sedih saya dgr dia panggil2 “Mama…Mamama….”. Rase nak masuk je peluk dia…But I have to stay outside the room, otherwise esok ade baby susah kalau dia takleh tido without me…bila mlm kang baru saya masuk tido sebelah dia…sian Adam…Tapi after a few days ni tgk dia dah kurang struggle, makin senang nak tido dah..masa first day haritu sampai sejam dia nangis…they’re in the bedroom now…isk sedih…Sorry Adam…


In my busyness entertaining guests last week, I missed my first pre-natal appointment with the midwife. Argh! I’m so upset with myself. Here it is so hard to get an appointment! We have to go to the NHS, which is basically like government hospital, only maybe the standard is better than hospital kerajaan in Malaysia (only a guess). Teringat betapa senangnya nak pegi klinik dan hospital kat Malaysia. Klinik boleh pegi bila2 without appointments, and hospitals are plentiful, can choose any gynea I want, any hospital I want and make my own appointments in my own time (Thank you to Petronas!). Kepada all of you who are still enjoying this privilege, please do not take it for granted (like I did!). But here even demam pun payah nak buat appointment kat GP, nak register kat GP pun dah susah gile, took me months! Dahtu bila pregnant kene jumpa GP dulu, GP kene kluar surat pulak refer saya pada hospital (which they choose, not me) Then hospital pulak baru kasi saya appointment for a few weeks later, siap dgn password dan sebagainya. Itupun jumpa midwife, bukan jumpa gynea. And I missed the darn appointment! Argh! Now I have to go through the whole process again! I am still unable to make an appointment and they warned me it might take a while because the antenatal clinic is very busy! Argh! Kesian Baby..sorry Baby..

Other than that, this Baby isn’t giving me too much trouble. My morning sickness happens very rarely, and usually mild. I do have a recurring case of like….phlegm, which I don’t know is related or not. My nostril gets constricted, and from my throat to chest mcm ade phlegm. Tak boleh nak breathe fully, rasa tak cukup oksigen and gives me a headache. As usual I have to eat on time whether I feel hungry or not otherwise I get all gassy and uncomfortable.

My tummy is not yet showing tapi ade buncit sikitla..mungkin this one bigger than Adam..

I’m starting to feel encouraged to....nak pakai wangi2, and interested in make up. Which is totally the opposite of how I was with Adam. Since I was pregnant with Adam I stopped wearing make-up and perfumes. Today I bought a lipstick, first one in a long time. Husband selalu ckp “Natural beauty” tapi tgklah how he responds to this new change..hehe..Hmm…I wonder if that means I’m carrying a girl this time? Hehe..probably too soon to tell…

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Portman's Sports Day

Portman held a Sports Day at Regents Park on Tuesday. Fuh..Adam was so he was chasing after hula hoops...I had no idea hula hoops can be so much fun for these kids..

Adam was so happy everytime he got one! the weather was so crazy that day, one minute it was sunny the next it started raining...then sun again. But hula hoops was so much fun they keep going even when it was raining...

here's adam playing football. muka comot baru lps mkn picnic...

this girl was playing with his dad i think. Adam sibuk sgt tgk...dia nak jugak buat terbalik2 tu..hehe..

Adam playing with cones..masa ni dah malas nak join football...

susah betul nak ajak adam balik when it was time to go...dia happy sgt main...

later in the day, tiba2 hujan ice batu pulak! (although it was fun for me and Adam to watch) last week it was so hot around 32C, panas mcm kat Msia. Crazy British weather!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Tok Nen and Tok Yah's visit

Been busy this past week with more guests in the house. TokYah and TokNen came to visit. Adam immediately took to TokNen, asik nak Toknen dukung dia je...dgn Mommy pun tanak dah...hehe..

They are the most thoughtful guests! Tokyah dtg dr Malaysia bag full of things for us. Serunding, nasi himpit dan byk durian, lempuk, dah ikan bilis from my mom. Presents for Adam too. Tok Nen pulak dtg dr Denmark pun bwk byk hadiah for us. tak cukup lagi..everyday here sambil shopping utk saudara mara di msia, diorg beli jugak buah tgn hari2...untuk myself, hubby and adam. Mkn pun sedap Tokyah masak...hehe...thank you TokNen,Tokyah...

smlm bawak diorg pegi Cambridge. Kawan2 ofis Toknen pun ade jugak...

naik punt kat Camridge..seronok..

mlm ni diorg balik Malaysia...have a safe trip home...


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