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Friday, October 31, 2008

Launching our new sales blog!

Never in my life had i thought i'd ever be "selling things". I'm awful at business and money and management things! But my husband happen to be great at these things and he will be Aidafiqs Handmade Manager! I'll just take care of the crafty side of things =) He has come up with a wonderful sales blog for me...pls click on the poster to have a look!

I plan to start slow so there are only a couple of items available at the moment. Grab it while you can!

Whether you plan to buy or not, pls take a look and tell me what you think ok?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Freestyle - A review

Let me tell you, Freestyle is in a class of its own!

You know how much I love my Swing. I consider Swing a superb pump as it is. But when I tried the Freestyle, this is my first impression – it’s exactly as if someone had known what I loved and don’t love about the Swing and then take the good bits and improved it to make the Perfect Pump!

I found that Swing had great things that I wanted in a pump, but it’s a single pump. I would like a double pump actually, to be able to simulate both sides at the same time so that I can produce more milk and minimize pumping time. So they come up with a double pump.

I had a problem (theoretically) with a double pump in the sense that, how do I manage handling both pumps, at the same time I need to press the on/off or letdown button..or to increase suction. I see other people do it all the time, but I can’t multitask well. So they come up with hands-free double pumping. The handsfree pumping really works! When I bought the pump I didn’t actually expect to be using the hands-free kit all the time. Honestly I didn’t really believe how that would work. But it really works! The pumps are fitted perfectly and I don’t have to do a single thing to support. I can read the Quran, books, or walk around doing other things. I’m so relaxed when I pump now. I’ve always looked forward to my pumping sessions, but even more so now.

I sometimes had milk coming into the tubing with the Swing though I’ve mastered how to take care of it immediately, in time and how to avoid it. So when I got my Freestyle and read the manual, I immediately looked for the Troubleshooting section, expecting to quickly memorise how to clear the tubing if milk came into it. To my horror, they didn’t have a section on how to clear the milk out! Eventually as I used the Freestyle I realised that they do not need that section since it’s impossible for the milk to come into the tubing – the milk is not in contact with the tubing in any way.

I needed to buy rechargeable batteries for my Swing but Freestyle came with its own rechargeable batteries that charges like a phone.

The 2-phase expression of course is super, like Swing. But I like how I could switch back and forth between the 2 phases with the Freestyle, without having to switch the pump off and on again. I could get at least 2 let-downs each time which really helps improve my production. With Swing dpt 2 let-downs juga but each time only one breast is being emptied. Even kalau I pam after Adam just fed pun, I can easily still get a letdown.

The rest the performance is as great as Swing. The suction is wonderful. I don’t find it harsh at all unlike other testimonial I heard. Maybe because I’m used to medela? i’m not sure.

I love how compact it is. The motor is as small as Swing’s, probably slightly smaller. Everything fits in the nice bag that has many compartments. Senang nak organise plus it’s not heavy at all once everything is inside. My pumping buddy ckp pump I mcm walkman! Hehe..

Only 1 complain I have – the noise. It’s not loud, but not as quiet as Spectra. Well, I can live with it no problem. But other people might not. Medela need to develop technology kedap bunyi lah…hehe..

That’s what I have to say about Freestyle for now. I’m so contented with the pump. Hopefully dpt guna sampai 5 anak…heheh
Thank you so much Munirah =)
p/s: thinking of selling my Swing motor. oh i'm probably gonna cry though if i do. anybody interested to buy?

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sneak Preview

We're putting the final touches to our new sales blog and i'm working on the products..hopefully we can launch soon =) Keep watching the space ya!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mommy @ 1 year

As Adam turned one, I stopped and thought about a lot of things that has changed ever since Adam came into our lives. Everything was so different just a year ago! It didn’t feel very long at all, and yet so much has changed. This month instead of writing about Adam’s development, I thought I shall write about the amazing changes in me that Adam has brought since his arrival a year ago.

I learned about breastfeeding. I was so ignorant back then. I took breastfeeding for granted. In fact, I felt a little embarrassed if I see a mother breastfeeding in public, even though she’s perfectly covered up. I had no idea breastfeeding could be such hard work, and could also be so rewarding in return. I didn’t know all the benefits, and thought breastfeeding comes naturally. I slowly learned and overcame many obstacles throughout our breastfeeding journey together. Today, I feel proud when Adam’s teacher tells me that he’s the only toddler (he’s now upgraded to the toddler class from the baby’s nursery) who is still fully breastfeeding. We have another year to go, and I hope we’ll get there.

I learned how to be a parent. When I was pregnant I was so nervous about how to take care of my baby once he comes out. I never held a newborn in my life (up until now Adam is still the only newborn I’ve held). But when Adam was handed to me in the delivery room, I held him in my arms and had no second thoughts whatsoever – this one did come naturally to me. I realised we are his universe, he has one else but us! So ready or not, we shall wash his poop, bathe him and try not to drop him! And so far, we survived =) Come toddler hood, we have a whole lot more to learn about child-raising. It’s not just “taking-care” of him now, we actually have to be parents and teach him a thing or two! I hope we’ll learn more so we can raise Adam to be the best person that he can be.

I learned to make homemade baby food. I know this part may sound simple and comes naturally to many super mommies, but to me this matters and I must put thought and energy to this. My husband and I rarely eat healthily, really. Because of time constraints, I only prepare homemade meals when I have the time and energy but when the time comes for Adam to start solid, I know I must make the effort. I wanted to know exactly everything that goes into his diet, to nourish him and to provide him healthy nutritious meals, as much as I can. Thanks to the ever-resourceful internet, I learned to make a variety of simple homemade baby food that I can make for him, even when I have very limited time. I do not claim to give him 100% homemade food, no, I do let him have his little baby rice crackers, baby biscuits etc, but I still believe homemade food is the best for him. A lot of love is put into making homemade food, and I think that is the most important ingredient. Now after a year, he can eat so many more things and it’s up to me to think up new recipes for him. Thank God wholesomebabyfood now has a toddler section! Hopefully in time I’ll learn to efficiently cook homemade meals for the whole family, even when working. Last month in Ramadhan I managed to cook mostly homemade meals since I could come home earlier and it was wonderful! We saved a lot of money, eat yummy healthy food and didn’t have to brace the crowds in Pasar Ramadhan!

I learned to be less selfish. I used to be a selfish person, and still am. But I learn to give more each day. Babies are such wonderful creatures. The moment you feel exhausted and tired they flash you a smile, and suddenly you feel so much better and so much happier. I love him so much that I would sacrifice anything in an instant, just for him. I’ve learned to be more patient, since I lose my temper quite easily, unlike my husband. I hope in the years to come I’ll improve more.

I learned about babywearing. It was a little late in the game, I guess, but it’s ok, I’m so glad I found babywearing because it has been such a wonderful and meaningful part of our lives now. I’m glad I didn’t succumb to the ‘normal’ ways of raising a baby – getting them to be ‘independent’ as early as possible, not responding to them when they cry so that they ‘learn not to cry’. Oh no, I do not want to imagine my baby growing up thinking his views doesn’t matter, his cry for help does not need responding to. As I wear him close everyday, I know him better, respond to him quicker and love him so much more. Plus I get my hands free to do other things! I know babywearing is an ancient art, but whoever thought it up, must be a genius! Eventhough I know our babywearing days may be less and less soon as he grows up and uses his feet more, I aim to dedicate more of my time into promoting babywearing and helping others find the same passion (or maybe have another baby to wear?? Hehe).

I learned to sew. Honestly, if you know me at all a year ago, you would definitely not believe I’m the kind of person who sews! All my old friends keep saying they can’t believe I’m sewing now. One particular friend said “Aida, you’re so motherly now”. Yes, motherhood has turned me domestic! Ok I’m no seamstress, but I can make things that mean something now. I can make handmade gifts that mean so much more than just something I can pick up at the shopping complex. I can dress my baby in clothes that I made with my own hands, though most may not be perfect but with love in every stitch. I can make boxer shorts for my hubby that he would wear 2 days in a row because he claims it’s just so comfy, pls make me more! I could make baby carriers and wear my baby in something that I made myself! Oh I could go on and on about sewing, I tell you. I feel like I’ve found my passion in life.

Wow. I can’t believe it’s only been a year. Being Adam’s Mommy has changed me in the best of ways, I believe. I wonder what other changes the coming years of motherhood would bring me? I look forward to growing along with Adam and whatever changes that come my way, I accept with open arms.

I am so blessed, Alhamdulillah. Thank you Adam for coming into our lives.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Adam's Birthday Trip

We went to Sunway Lagoon! giler...we check into Pyramid Tower the day before Adam's birthday..the room was great, we had an awesome view of the Sunway Lagoon..Adam exited sgt exploring the room..

Adam checking out the view - hmm tak sabar la tu nak mandi...

Mlm tu we went to Sunway Pyramid for dinner. Had dinner @ Tony Romas. Somehow lambat sikit pegi dinner and Adam dah starving! lately ni Adam mkn bykla..and that night we found out what will happen if he's hungry! dia mengamuk jerit2 until everyone was looking at us! we were praying..pls cepat2la food cranky ye Adam bila lapar? (hmm mcm perangai Mommy je ni?hehehhehe) anyway bila dah dpt mkn barula dia senyap...lenkali mommy kene make sure always have food in my bag la..hehehe...

we wanted to order a cake, yelah his birthday dinner kan? but the waitress said he will get free complimentary cake since it's his birthday! Superb! up until his birthday i've always tried to make sure his diet is nutritious and age-appropriate only...tapi since he's turning one year old, dah boleh mkn nak celebrate la ni kasi can Adam pulun ape2 saje, including the cake, which was soooooo yummy! it's chocolate cake plus vanilla ice cream plus oreo dusts plus ntah mcm2 lagi yg sgt sedap!

Adam mkn sampai high..hehe..

The next day - Adam's Birthday! yay! Tak sabar sgt nak pi mandi.....

Adam was so happy skipping around...

we bought him some floaties..satu yg bulat boleh dok kat dlm, satu pelampung yg pakai kat tgn tu...dua2 dia tanak! dia nak swim freestyle!


or play with waves...

Adam, Mommy and Daddy hope you had a lot of fun on your birthday ok...Happy First Birthday! We love you so much!!!!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Aidilfitri 2008 - Day 2

Adam is wearing my first handmade baju melayu (of course he successfully stained it full of food by the time this picture was taken). I'm so proud! My MIL taught me how to sew a baju melayu just over a week before Raya. This was very much a last-minute raya preparation! i bought his red baju melayu much earlier thinking i'll never actually be able to sew him one! Good thing i did because this handmade one is funny looking! i made the top too short! jadi baju hanging pulak..hahaha...

Thank you Mak ajar Aida jahit baju melayu Adam! yahoo....Sorry Abg, tak pandai jahit yg besar punya...hehehe...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Aidilfitri 2008 - Family of 3 (Day 1)

Aidilfitri last year, i just delivered Adam, and we didn't have a "real" celebration, didn't buy new clothes, no baju melayu for Adam, couldn't go balik kampung, i couldnt eat any raya food...sigh..

but Aidilfitri this amazing! alhamdulillah...having Adam around makes each small things extra special...

Adam: Mommy!Daddy! stop embarrasing me!!

My Family

oh he's going to break some poor girls' hearts i'm sure...

my sister - do we look alike?


hensem betul Adam pakai baju melayu dan songkok kan? nampak big boy sgt...sigh...i have to admit, he's a toddler longer a baby....uwaaaaaaa.......

more Eid photos here.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

when the mommy with multiple babies came to visit...

I've been away from the pc for a long time. Lots of things to update. Munirah and family came to visit! Hari Raya celebrations, Adam's birthday, Adam's birthday trip, my new "toys"...
i'll start with quick photo update on Munirah's visit..sorry photos tak lawa sbb i yg tangkap..hehe..hubby tgh service car...
the little toddlers playing together..sigh, suka sgt tgk diorg main sama2..our house tak byk toys mcm rumah munirah tapi pandai diorg ni create games with everyday things...hehe..tu athirah tgh main belt =)

susah nak amik shot masuk semua babies ni..hehe..psst, athirah main kotak my new toy that munirah came to deliver..hehe..tq munirah, siap dtg hantar lagi...jgn serik dtg rumah i time i serve food pulak k..aritu puasa..hehe..

athirah and harith enjoying the big beanbag..

meriah betul rasenye rumah bila ramai babies crawling around everywhere! you must have such a lot of fun at home munirah and syauqi! tq so muc for coming..pls come again k..
more updates coming soon..


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