Friday, June 26, 2009

Adam and Baby

We told Adam we're expecting a baby, and Baby is now in my tummy. He understood, and he has been just the sweetest big brother to Baby.

Whenever he's asked, 'Where's Baby?' he points to my tummy. Everyday, he gives Baby lots of loving kisses (kiss my tummy). He looks at my tummy so adoringly, as though there's really a baby there. He "feeds" baby his corn flakes (put into my belly button). Sometimes at night when he's trying to sleep in my arms, he slides down so that his face is level with my tummy, kiss my tummy and then hug it until he falls asleep. Sigh..

This morning I asked him if he's like to sing to Baby. He went to my tummy, and started singing his own version of Itsy Bitsy spider together with the hand signs...hehe..

Adam, Mommy's so proud of you...

Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day

To three of the world's Best Fathers...

My husband - Adam loves him, respects him and listens to him. He is a wonderful father and watching him with Adam makes me a better mother too..I am so lucky he is the father to my children..

My father - There is nothing in the world he wouldn't do for his children. I cannot wish for a better father. He was always there for me, proud of me when i was at my best and to support me when i was at my worst. I love you so much, Abah...and i miss you so much..

My father in-law - He is a great father. He is patient, respectful and down to earth. I am so glad my husband inherited many of his wonderful traits..

Happy Father's Day!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Welcome to London

We have a few guests in the house this week. So glad they're here! Aina, Badiuz and Imran, thank you for coming! here are some photos..but i think they probably have more photos..

We went to Stamford Bridge to get Adam signed up for Chelsea...heheh..

biggest Chelsea fan!

takleh mengaku jadi Arsenal fan kat sini...bahaya...hehe..

New Chelsea players

they're here until monday. hope they're enjoying themselves..

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pak Ngah Adam dtg visit

My brother came to visit last week on his way back to Germany..Adam seronoklah Pak Ngah dia ada...last weekend we all went to the Zoo..

pegi jalan Zoo naik boat..

dekat zoo Adam main bouncy castle

syoklah pegi first time pegi..pasni boleh gi lagi..

siap ade tmpt mandi manda kat zoo..Adam ape lagi..excitedla..mandi sampai gigil2..

pegi tgk cheeky monkeys

Adam pegang goat..hehe..

ok Pak Ngah apsal dtg skejap sgt..pasni kene dtg lagi ok...

Saturday, June 13, 2009

My day off

Portman Centre hosted a day trip to an indoor swimming pool on Thursday. It's just for Daddies and kids...isn't that cool? So the boys went swimming together..sayangnye they were not allowed to take photos at the husband said they had a lot of fun...gambar diatas masa diorg dlm mini-bus..

While they were away.....heheheh...

Mommy had fun too...heheh...

I washed the bathrooms..clean the 3 loads of laundry..folded the laundry..had a long shower..watched 2 episodes of House..sewed myself a skirt (almost done then i run out of threads..hehe..will post pic when i finish it) an episode of Gossip girl!

fuh! best giler..the ultimate relaxing day for me..

Thank you Daddy for taking Adam out :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Baby @ 8 weeks

So…I’m 8 weeks pregnant.

I’m a little hazy on the dates of my last period but the doctor has given me an approximate due date of 18 January 2010. My birthday’s on the 17th Jan, so it will be a nice birthday present J.

During our trip to Scotland, I was really exhausted and thus had some spotting and bleeding for a few days. We went to the hospital and had a scan, it looks like the baby’s ok. Saw his/her heartbeat. more bleeding since.

So far I’m getting nausea as usual, but it’s not so bad. But I’m reacting badly to food smells again, like with Adam. I don’t know how I’m going to cook..dulu kat Msia bolehla kalau I tak masak, nak mkn ape..i try masak bende yg kurang bau la so far…mcm sup..sambal2 mmg mabuk tak ingat..sampai ke esok pagi the smells bother me..To Aina, we’ll figure something out ok..

Saya mengidam nak mkn tomyam…dan maggi tomyam..sape ade maggi tomyam cap Ruski? Boleh poskan kat saya tak….hehe…terasa nk mkn yg pedas2…yg ade cili padi…maybe this baby’s as feisty as Adam..hehe..

Adam mcm fussy sikit..dia tau ke dia nak dpt adik? Kadang2 nampak dia nak extra attention from me..asyik nak dukung pulak..saya takut nak byk dukung sgt..kang effect baby pulak..tapi sian kat Adam..

Hope this pregnancy goes well…

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Adam @ 20 months

Wah..Adam dah besar…dah 20 months..

New things he learned;
Head = pegang head
Foot = angkat kaki
Cheeks = pegang both cheeks, but he also thinks cheeks sama dgn cheese
Alamak! = slap head (pak Uda dia ajar)
Mata katak = bat eyes (opah dia ajar)
Bubbles = buat bubbles dgn air liur...eeii....(pak ngah dia ajar)
Itsy bitsy spider = buat jari mcm spider tu
Zoom,zoom = clap hands together (ikut lagu dia)
Bunyi goat = ‘ahahahaha!’ dia tiru dari radio
Bunyi cow = “mmmmm” dia tiru dari one of his toys
Ayam = “kkhhhhgghhh!” Dia cuba tiru bunyi kurrkurrr

Adam dah boleh tido without nursing anymore..but he still needs to sleep in Mommy’s arms..

He can identify people with their names. Kalau tanya mana atuk, mana opah, mana maksu semua dia tunjuk the right ones..Sometimes panggil them – “De” = pak uda, “nga” = pak ngah..

Haritu his Daddy nampak Adam kiss a baby dolly kat school pastu take her around with him (by the hair, but we can work on that part..hehe). Hopefully he’s ready for a new baby…

He likes to sing. Heheh…lawakla dgr dia sing…dia belasah je…”laaaalaaaaahiiiii…huuuu…oooooo…aaaaaa…” pastu buat rentak sendiri. Kalau soh dia “Adam nyanyi, pls..” nanti dia mula la nyanyi..

Adam mmg kaki jalan. Asal kluar je happy...hilang sakit, hilang bad mood semua...especially kalau jalan outdoors. Kalau pegi shopping dia tak suka...Favourite place is either school or the park. Sebut park je terus cari his shoes..panjat buggy..

I brought his buggy from Msia. Dulu tinggal sbb dia tak suka naik tu..but this time he loves it. Sbb dia salu tgk Elizabeth and her brother naik buggy. Sometimes when we go to the park together Elizabeth kasi Adam pinjam buggy dia…So Adam dah suka pulak naik buggy..senang pulak tido dlm tu…What a miracle that buggy has been..especially in my condition now, takut sikit nak wear Adam as usual..

Senang nak ajak Adam mandi, bersiap nak jalan, ajak tido, soh kemas, ask him to behave etc...sbb dia dah paham ape kite ckp...

Kalau Daddy marah dia, dia ikut ckp Daddy. Tapi kalau Mommy marah dia, either dia buat donno jer or dia terus sedih...nangis...Daddy ckp “besfren Adam marah Adam yer...”. nampaknye payahler mommy nak marah dia...
Adam terlalu active lah..fuh..penatnye kejor si Yeop sorang ni..ade je projek dlm kepala dia..I'm always eiter preventing a disaster or cleaning up after one..Adam,Adam...

Adam dah pandai solat. Kalau ajak solat dia try la rukuk, sujud..pastu mulut bunyi “sshhh..sshhh” konon baca lah tu...tapi dia tak suka tgk Mommy solat. Dia try nak bukak kan telekung..

When Atuk passed away, Adam really got us through it...he gave me lots of kisses..and all his funny antics kept us sane...Thank you Adam...
Happy 20 month birthday Adam. Mommy loves you so much..

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Trip to Scotland

The past few week has been really hectic, with the sudden Big News and also my auntie and her energetic family of 9 came over for their holiday.

Liverpool fans

I took them around london and later we rented a couple cars and drove up to Scotland. Pit stops at Oxford, Liverpool, Manchester, Blackpool, Stirling, Edinburg, St Andrews, Newcastle etc. It was so much fun..and also exhausting since i'm prone to getting sick in the you can imagine. Adam pulak takleh dok diam..

tapi Adam happy giler sbb ade Iris..geng dia..nak ajak dia bgn tido, sebut je nama Iris..

At the moment they're off to Disneyland Paris for a few days. But they'll be back later this week..Adam's already missing them..

new maternity shoes from Hubby

told you these guys are energetic..

this pregnancy, as you can probably guess, wasn't exactly planned. But I guess He has a better plan for us, and we accept this gift with open arms..Alhamdulillah..hopefully Adam will too :)

sneaked into somebody's sheep farm

we're expecting more guests in the coming weeks..stay tuned!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Oh My God


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