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Monday, May 31, 2010

Man who wraps

My husband told me yesterday he likes my short wrap (3meters) and that he wanted to try one. I wanted to jump up and down in joy. Today he tried it on for size (purple's not his colour but this gives me perfect reason to browse fsot again ;) ) i think he never looked hotter!

of course Adam had to join in the fun. sibuk je tau...tak sempat mommy nak amik gamba daddy wrapping byk2...

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Polka Dot dresses

After months of no sewing time I finally get some sewing done...phew..bestnye.. alhamdulillah and thank you Adam! hehe...

This was meant to be a dress but I made it without measuring Mia so it ended up a bit short. But now it becomes a cute top that she can wear with jeans or leggings. It's actually a wardrobe refashion project because the top part was Mia's old onesie that doesn't fit her anymore. I took some photos as I made this so if anyone's interested in a tutorial i could probably do one.

This dress is based on the previous peasant dress pattern but i tweaked it a bit to get long sleeves this time. The fabric is a beautiful Japanese cotton knit that i bought in Malaysia. Who knew you can buy cotton knit in Malaysia?

Feels so good to be sewing again. I cannot sew at night anymore because Mia sleeps late but during the day while she's napping Adam lets me sew (when he's in a good mood). Hopefully bolehla menjahit byk lagi pasni...

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I love summer!

Last weekend we had such beautiful weather, hot and sunny. On Saturday, my husband went to play badminton in the morning with his friends while I stayed at home with the kids. Then when he came home in the afternoon, he babysat the kids while I went out for my sewing group meet-up. It was my first time away from Mia. I pumped some EBM for my husband to feed Mia with while I'm away. I was really quite nervous..but my husband assured me they'll be ok and to just enjoy myself..bless him!

I really did have a good time at the meet-up. We went fabric shopping at one of the members' favourite fabric shopping destination. There were about 20 different shops probably and everybody spoke the same language. What could be more fun?

The next day we decided to take the kids to the park since the weather is still gorgeous...So we went to Kensington Gardens.

I love this photo of Mia and I. Look at that expression on her face looking at me. She is getting smarter everyday. She really enjoyed our tummy time on the grass..

Adam and his Daddy played football. Can you see the potential there? Definitely Daddy's sports genes, thank God! tak kaki bangku like mommy..

Adam joining our picnic...

All my loved ones together..

oh this is funny.

Hey daddy is playing with mia, without me!

yarrrgghhh! nak main jugak!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Indio Love (or lust?)

Hello, my name is Aida and I'm a wrapaholic. There. I said it.

But, in my defence, they're so beautiful how could I possibly resist?


Look at this Viola Indio. OMG, how stunning is that colour? it is quite possibly my most beautiful wrap. When i received it it was already soft and oh so scrumptious. It's about 3meters in length, shorter than my normal size. I'm going to challenge my wrapping skills with this shorter wrap..i'll make videos to show my progress..i got this wrap at such a bargain too! This wrap is 100% organic cotton. Compared to silk indios it is slightly thicker and if you ran you hands on the surface, you can feel the indio pattern, making the wrap quite grippy. With silk indios the surface is smoother.

IMG_1007 lovely Flamingo Indio. The colour is a bit hard to photograph. The threads are pink and cream. I have been in lust with the wrap for a LOOOng time...I bought this brand new. When it came out of the box, it was kind of crunchy and rough. But one spin in the washing machine it immediately got soft and floppy. This wrap is also 100% organic cotton. I think this colour matches Mia's skin tone beautifully..


Look at these two together. You can already tell these are my kind of colours :)


This one is an undyed silk indio. I bought it to compare it to my dyed silk indio. Turns out they're both soft and silky. Silk indios are definitely softer than cotton indios. But the cream colour is not really my colour so i thought i was going to sell this wrap....however..i don't know..the cream looks so pure. When I wrap Mia in this wrap it feels like the most natural thing in the world - like I could be a mother in midst of Africa nurturing her newborn.

if you look closely you can see the shine of the silk threads running across the cotton threads. With a dyed silk indio the shine is gone.


You've seen my dyed silk indio. It was my birthday present to myself and it is my most expensive wrap. But it is worth it. I don't think i'll ever sell this wrap.


All my indios together. Oh how I love them. Almost as much as I love that pretty little girl in the background.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Mia @ 4 months

Mia oh i love you!

- Mia is a morning person..pagi2 dia bangun dia ckp sorang2..when i come to pick her up she greets me with her smile and ajak mommy sembang..after that i will give her her bath. She loves bathing..senyum2 je dia..kecuali part bukak baju kadang2 sejuk dia tak tahan sejuk..lps mandi i feed her...lps minum susu dia pun relax2 then nod off for her morning nap...

- Mlm2 Mia payah sikit nak go to sleep...dia tido sama lambat dgn Along dia..dlm kol 12pm barulah dua2 anakku nak tido..but she sleeps through the night, only waking up 3-4 times for her feedings on most nights..

- Mia loves to hear people singing to her...she especially loves it when we go to playgroups and all the children are playing and singing..

- Mia suka sembang. Dia tersenyum2 kalau org dok sembang2 ngan dia..she's very responsive when we talk to her..

- Mia turned for the first time during our 4th anniversary. tapi lps tu tak turn dah..hehe

- Mia pandai sondol2 kedepan..sama mcm Along dia dulu...

Happy 4 moths birthday sayang..

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My guests

I just realised i forgot to put a photo of my uncles and aunties and my lovely cousin when they came to visit London together with my they are all together..Thank you for coming Makcik Nita, Makcik Yus, Pakcik Hamzah, Poksu and Aishah...jgn serik nak dtg lg ok..

Last night we had another group of visitor to our home..these handsome boys..seronok Adam..(though he wasn't keen on sharing his toys!)

mommies pun seronok gak dpt borak2...tq for coming Along and family...

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Portobello Market

One of the places i really wanted to go when we came here was to visit Portobello Market..but somehow we never went until! i'm in love with it! rase nak pergi lagi je harini...hehe...i love the vibe there..old songs playing..Mia and Adam had a lot of attention from the crowd because we're the only ones babywearing dlm beribu2 org tu..

I bet this look tempting to you Ernie ;) they look tempting to me too..nyesal tak beli..

more pics at my husband's blog.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Holiday in Bath

I'm sorry for neglecting this blog for quite a while..been really busy...i know i promised photos of Bath trip..

My inlaws were in London visiting and we wanted to take them to a farm for them to enjoy the English countryside..we chose to go to Bath because i haven't been there either. My husband went there masa bujang2 and he sent me photos (we were just friends at the time). So it's time we went there together..

We stayed at Greyfield Farm (dkt2 nama the other farm? total coincidence. we tried booking another farm, but they were full and they suggested this farm to us). We really fell in love with this farm. Even better than Great Field Farm. When we arrived...this card was on the table..

sweet tak? the owner kasi kitorg kad anniversary..and they left homemade apple juice and chocolates too..the personal touches made us feel at home..and the cottage was beautiful and cosy. Their bed linens were the most comfortable i've ever slept in..even Mia slept through the night, didn't even wake up for her usual feedings..

Here we are picking fresh eggs in the morning. They have chickens, goat, ducks and geese. Everyday they pick fresh eggs and the guests can have free range eggs for FREE everyday! Delish! Adam really enjoyed it there...everyday he fed the goat, Billy Joe..hehe..

We loved it so much we even extended one more night there..they have a gym, a sauna and best of all...a HOT TUB! oh we loved the hot tub!!

i would really recommend this farm, please go! i bet it'll be gorgeous in the summer..

From the farm we went to beautiful Bath..

cantik, mmg cantiklah Bath ni..i think my inlaws loved it there too..

mu husband tak habis2 nak amik gamba kat dinding tau..hehe..

amik gamba dia lak kat dinding!

two thumbs up for Bath and Greyfield Farm!

alamak Mia's waking up...

Thursday, May 6, 2010

It's been a year...

...since he passed away..

a million things going through my mind today...the memories of him..i want to remember the good times, before he was sick..he was such a wonderful father..i have guests in my house, i don't want to cry all day and ruin their holiday..

but my mind keep going back to one sad memory. We were at the hospital (it was a work day), he was getting his eye checked because he said he couldn't see through one of his eyes. When the doctor looked at his eye, she shook her head and I could tell it wasn't good news. She told him he had lost that eye, it was never going to get better. My father lost one eye that day...but all he kept saying was...

'Kaklong..lama sgt ni kat hospital...takpe ke? Kaklong keje kan...Doktor, lambat lagi ke..anak saya kerja ni...' over and over again...

it just makes me so sad...

pls sedekah Al fatihah for him...tq...

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy 4th Anniversary!

Yesterday was our anniversary :)

Four years, 2 kids and a whole lot of love...

I love you bang...


We're on vacation on the most wonderful farm out in Bath. Unfortunately i forgot to bring out card reader so no photos yet...i'll update when we get back on Monday..


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