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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Simple Living -Cloth Diapers

Remember my first post on simplifying, i said i want to try Cloth Diapers...but at the time thought that it was too big a step to take..but someone (Thanks Farrah!) gave me a slap on the face (not literally!) when she told me that 1 disposable diaper takes 500 years to decompose! 500 years!! imagine how many dispo Adam has had the past year...oh God..i just HAD to do something...make a move, even if small...

So i studied CDs and with help from Farrah and many other helpful CD mommies, i bought some Bum Genius pocket diapers from My Baby Pittstop. The owner was nice to work with. Here are the CDs..

the top one is Clementine, which is my favourite. it actually looks like a very pretty yellow, not orangey like the pic. the other two are Moonbeam and Ribbit..both very nice colours and prettier in person. sorry i tak pandai pakai my hubby's camera..the closing on these diapers are Velcro..

This is the inserts that came with each diaper. looks and feels like towel. it's microfiber and the labels says 70%polyster and 30%nylon i think...

this is how the pocket looks like. this is where the insert above are inserted in. you can see the kilat2 kat dlm pocket tu kan.. that's the laminate on the PUL outside layer that makes it waterproof...

I've only tested them once last weekend..tak berani nak kasi nursery lagi...i'll try until i myself feel confident firstlah :)

Testimonial: So easy to use. Exactly like normal dispo diaper. It didn't leak at all. fits nicely. In terms of handling the poo-poo, i find it not so bad actually Of course Adam decided to poop within the first half hour of wearing the first diaper (Clementine! tak sempat i nak amik pic dia pakai...heheheh) i scraped the poo-poo out into toilet bowl with a plastic spoon and just flush. the stain i sprinke with bicarb (yes, another use for bicarb, it will prevent staining and absorb the smell) and put in a dry pail. later just toss everything into the washing machine and wash with half the amount of laundry detergent together with his other clothes ..

then when i check after the cycle is done, there's still some staining. So i brush a bit by hand, then put again in WM in the rinse cycle...came out clean and fresh..

great! at least now i know a little bit more about CDs..i'm not scared of them anymore! hopefully slowly we can transition into full-time CD-ing! even the CDs i tgk mcm senang je nak jahit..if only i have the fabric..i will definitely try to make them...
P/S: Chun and Faie, try la CDs since baby lahir lagi naturale! senang, tak susah rupenye...nnt kalau kite jumpa2 aku bwk CDs ni korang boleh pegang2..heheh...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Simple Living - Homemade Shampoo

When i learned about simple living, i realised that the key to simplifying would be to take small steps which are not overwhelming but will in turn lead to other things. I researched and i thought that the first step that is most appealing and most reachable are homemade shampoos. i was already running out of shampoo at the time and i thought, why not make my own?

This website has good information on how you can chuck your commercial shampoos and why it is better for you and the environment.
This is the recipe i use to replace shampoo;

Homemade Shampoo
1 tablespoon sodium bicarb
1 cup warm water
i normally make enough to fill up the bottle above and keep it in the bathroom. will last me about 3-4 washes. otherwise you can take a tablespoon bicarb in your hand in the shower and just make a paste with warm water and work it through your hair with your fingers. the mixture feels slippery in your hair, but doesn't make suds though, unlike normal shampoos, but this is ok since you do not actually need the bubbles to get your hair clean. after rinsing your hair will feel really clean, like squeaky clean. i got the sodium bicarb from a local bakery items shop for rm3+ per kilo. i also found about a million other uses and benefits of bicarb but i don't remember which website, i will update later on bicarb.

i also use a homemade conditioner rinse afterwards.

Homemade Conditioner
1 table spoon Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)
1 cup warm water
use about the same amount as the shampoo. sometimes i use the conditioner, sometimes i don't. but with conditioner my hair feel softer and smoother, just like normal conditioner la. the mixture smells like diluted vinegar, which i don't like but after rinsing smells just apple-ly, which is ok by me and doesn't smell after it dries. you can add some essential oil if you like to this rinse. i don't have any and i just go without.

this website has great information on ACV and its many health benefits and usage around the house. i got the ACV for rm5+ per bottle from Cold Storage. they have a good selection of ACV.

Testimony: after using these homemade haircare routine for 3-4 months, i am loving it. in the beginning not so much because my hair was getting rid of all the accumulating old commercial shampoos, and getting back to its natural state. once i get pass that stage, my hair feel softer and natural, i love it! don't miss my old nasty chemicals-filled shampoos and conditioners at all! i do however have problems with dandruff which i've always had even when i used anti-dandruff shampoos. i noticed that if i went without washing my hair with the above routine more than 3 days then i start to get dandruff. if i wash at least every 2 days i should be ok. next step is i want to try using full force ACV treatment since it is suggested to get rid of dandruff.

recently i have started Adam on this routine too. his hair looks soft as normal too. maybe one day my hair will reach that natural baby-soft hair again...??hehehe...

back to nature...i'm loving it! you guys can try it too! plus it is sooooo frugal! imagine, for the above, i've only spent rm 3+ for bicarb and rm 5+ for ACV and free recyled bottles. and with that, i have enough supplies to make shampoos for the next...1 YEAR probably! imagine how much money i'm saving on not buying commercial, i know my hair is cleaner and i'm doing my hair and the environment some good by saving them from nasty chemicals!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Adam @ 14 months

I just realized I’ve forgotten to make a post on Adam’s development at 14 months. And what a month it has been!

He has learned to play ball! Now when given a ball to play with he’ll attempt to kick it or pull it with his legs..sometimes pick it up to throw..then chase after it again..his Daddy la paling happy about this new development…hehehe

He loves to dance. I don’t know how he learned this. He bends his knees repeatedly and moves his upper body. It looks really funny! Oh I must get a video..if there’s an audience clapping and encouraging him to dance he’ll joget even more long after the music stopped. In fact he doesn’t need the music..just tell him, “Adam joget?” Or “Adam dance?” And he starts dancing (when he’s in the mood for it) he really understands a lot of words we say now..

He knows what a key is and how to use it. Whenever he gets a set of keys in his hands, he will pick one and aim it at a door, trying to reach up to the keyhole/knob. Once I caught him trying to use the key on a set of drawers, after finding himself unable to reach the doorknob..

“pok pok” apparently is his cue for clapping his hands. I always sing “pok pok” (bujang lapok? Except I change the lyrics as I like) sambil tepuk2 him and nursing him to sleep. Now anyone says pok pok and he just automatically clap..and also do a high 5 if you offer him a hand.

Always respond happily when someone says Chip!Chip! or ask him “mana bird?” or “Where’s bird?”and he will point…somewhere. Up or to a tree if we’re outside and anywhere he fancies if we’re inside.

Sometimes demands to be bathed while standing. Takmau babytub. Berdiri tepi tub dia sambil kite simbah2 air pun jadiklah..Mandi petang he loves the most because we let him mandi cold running water yg melimpah keluar mcm waterfall…he will be so happy sampai kaki joget2 like happy feet..licin jatuh pun dia tak kisah…

He loves to be read to. He demands it over and over again. And he will point to the words/pictures as I read. Nowadays I often catch him ‘reading’ to himself, making up stories and pointing to the objects in the book. I can just imagine what kind of stories he must be making up. Tunggula nanti bila dia dah boleh berckp…haha..

Pandai main handphone. In the past he just put it in his mouth. Now he ‘operates’ it. Delete some of my contacts…write someone..check internet..changing the language to Chinese (?)..switch the hp on and off…and if I’m calling someone he knows I normally switch to speaker so he can join in the conversation. He will snatch the phone off my hand and put to his ear…kene je gaya mcm org on the phone..

Pandai main remote. Dari dulu mmg suka main tapi skang gaya power giler…kene je gayanye…hahaha…tuka channel, kuatkan volume..sometimes attempts to buy Astro BoxOffice? Even I pun taktau how to do that…

He loves the Norris Club advert! You know the one “Norris club teman sekolah anda yg lengkap!”. Ade animated cartoon of the globe which he thinks is cute kot…bila dia dgr je iklan tu..terus pegi check out TV, dahtu tersengih2 sensorang. Habis je iklan, angkat kaki buat keje lain…I don’t get what’s the attraction..hahaha…

He cannot sit still for one second! Except when sleeping and watching the Quran being read (on Oasis) early in the morning. Other than that mmg he’s always on the move..always trying to do something..always trying to climb something..always has a potentially dangerous project in mind! Adoi….honestly…I can’t catch up sometimes…I just let him be…he will come back to me when he’s ready…but he wants me to be around and paying attention to him, and not doing anything else…

He likes to take off my glasses and then korek my nose or his own nose with hujung spec tu…dahtu laugh like crazy…hahaha…

Adam, Adam…you never fail to surprise and entertain us with your antics…Life is never boring with you around =) Love you so much baby….muahs! Happy 14 month birthday!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Bird Park, KL

Last Saturday we went to Taman Burung, KL...Adam loves birds..hari2 ajak nak pegi tgk Chipchip (bird) Kalau kite buat bunyi chip! he points to the door, or if we're outside he points we thought, jomla bwk dia pegi tgk bird byk2..biar dia tercengang...yo, bestnye...we went really early in the morning...

greeted by this lovely love bird, tgh mkn jagung..

dpt main the pic i'm trying to hold it away from adam..cos dia excited nak cekau chick tu...

this peacock is so beautiful she almost seem unreal in this pic kan...byk sgt peacock there..berjalan-jalan sesuka hati mereka kat dlm park tu..sampai saya takut pulak rase mcm peacock tu kejar saya n Adam...hehehe...

Adam tired (check out the messy hair!) but happy..

parrot house dia really nice...beautiful parrots yg sgt2 bising chip!chip!chip! dan bebas je kat situ ramai2..nak kasi mkn/pegang pun boleh...tapi saya takut...hehehe...

one great weekend, one happy family!

kesimpulan mmg bestla tmn burung for a relaxing outing..adam mmg tercengang habis smpi speechless...

pasni jom check out tmn kupu2 pulak...or tmn rusa...or tmn orked kat

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Simple Living : What i am already doing

I shall start my simple living plans with things I am already doing, to motivate myself to keep doing them. I'm sure many ppl are already practising these things..

  1. Breastfeeding – So simple, green and frugal! Of course being a working mom creates the need for pumps, but from the money I’ve saved by not buying a single tin of formula, my pumps have already paid for themselves. Lets do a simple calculation. Ok I don’t really know how much formula costs…hehe..i think Along mentioned it’s about rm55 per week, so..rm220 per month. Adam is almost 14 months old…so in total I’ve saved RM3080!!! My plan is to breastfeed him until he’s 2 years old, God willing, so by then I would have saved…RM5280!!! (btul ke aku kire ni..) So lets say I have more than 1 kid….how much can I save?? And that is just money-wise…Remember the China-formula incident?? God, that made me think how lucky I am that I don’t need to give my baby formula…just think of all the goodness of ‘liquid white-gold’ that Adam would’ve had by the time he’s 2…alhamdulillah…

  2. Sewing – I’ve said time and time again how much I enjoy sewing. It is such a therapeutic and rewarding hobby. Not only do you get the soothing joy of the sewing process, you also get a beautiful craft as a result. It is the essence of a simple life. You can mend and refashion old clothes – I need to remind myself to do this instead of buying more clothes I don’t really need. You can sew your own pillows and curtains and bags etc at a fraction of its cost. Now sewing has even started to generate extra income for our family…alhamdulillah..

  3. Co-sleep – I don’t know if this actually fits with simple living but I think it does. We don’t need a cot, or an expensive king-size bed, the whole family just snuggle together on the floor on natural cotton mattress. It just came naturally to us even though before Adam came we bought a cot thought we needed it. Co-sleeping compliments breastfeeding and means more sleep for me! (since I don’t have to get up to feed baby or check on him).

  4. Homemade babyfood – Thank God for this website! I always suggest this website to anyone who wants to try out homemade baby food. Commercial baby food are not only expensive, they contain additives that we can’t even pronounce! I’m not sure how much money I’ve saved by preparing my own baby food…if you visit the website, you’ll see that it is manageable even if you’re busy too..

  5. Babywearing – The way of life in the olden days. I’m glad that it’s now gaining popularity. And also happy that I am now contributing to helping others wear their babies too..

Ok these are what I’ve been practicing before I discovered, or rather was reminded of, simple living. I will share more things later on what I’ve tried out....

Friday, November 21, 2008

Simple Living - Introduction

We live in a world of consumerism. Everyday I spend my money on things I want, rather than being thrifty and spend only on things I need. Our lives are so polluted, and we don’t even know it. For a while now I’ve been thinking a lot about changing our lives slowly – to simplify, to live more naturally, to be frugal, to be greener. How?

There are so many goals I want to achieve, some of them are;

- To pay off our debts – make budget, live within budget, reduce spending on unnecessary items, reduce grocery/food bills, etc.

-To get rid of all the chemicals in the house – living with a baby and now toddler makes me realise the urgency of getting rid of so many hazardous item in the house. Floor cleaner, toilet cleaner, detergents, shampoos. These things are not good for the environment, what more if they come into contact with your baby. I’m looking into natural, green cleaning and starting to incorporate them in our house to replace these chemical cleaners.
-To cook nutritious food from scratch – prepared processed food are full of so-called ‘permitted’ additives, preservatives, coloring etc. No wonder we cancer is spreading like mushrooms nowadays. I want to start stockpiling, buying fresh staples, organic whenever possible and eat healthily, as well as saving money by not eating out anymore (or less eating out at least). I struggle on this idea because of time constraints. But I really want to achieve this. For now, only Adam gets the luxury of homemade food.

-To purge out the plastics – I would like to start using fabric bags to shop and not accept anymore plastic bags.

To try out CDs (cloth diapers) – many ppl are already doing this. But I’m still clinging on those disposables. Sigh. I can. I can. I will. Maybe next baby? Hehe.

-To start producing my own food for sustainable living – ok this is still far off but I like the idea of growing my own vegetables, fruits, or even just potted herbs. My mom and MIL has chooks, that’s even better. Or maybe cows and goats? Ok that’s too far off..hehe

-To learn new skills like knitting or repairing furniture or sewing curtains – to make and decorate my home with my own hands instead of always going to the shops and buying something ‘Made in China’.

Right, that’s all for now. Lots of things I’d like to achieve but I don’t want to overwhelm myself with too many targets at a time, that is a surefire way to failure. I’ll just start slowly and focus on one goal at a time.

Simple living is an ancient art, really. Back then, during our grandmother’s time, these things were just the way of life. They make do with what they have and they don’t waste anything. They were frugal and creative and they managed to turn their houses into homes with almost no money.

Hopefully this entry will be the start of more entries to come on this topic. I want to start recording here what i am already doing, what I am trying out, what I plan to try out in regards to simplifying my life. If there are any of you who has already practiced simple, natural living, and would like to share, pls do. I need all the motivation I can get. Maybe if I write my thoughts down I’d actually be more committed to doing them =) Although I am simplifying, taking the first few steps isn’t so simple.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Imigresen Malaysia - Cayalah!

I'm so impressed with Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia! We went there yesterday around 8am, we were worried because seemed like there was already a long q waiting outside. But there were informative staff standing around and they informed us to make passport for babies, no need to join the long Q, just go to this counter. we weren't even ready with the proper documentation at the point, baru je sampai. But everything was so quick nonetheless, after making payment, the passports are already ready within 2 hours! sempat la relax pegi bfast then collect the passports.

even the q also i notice didn't accumulate, they were very efficient. there's a machine where you could renew your passport pakai machine je. mcm atm. gile teknologi lah!

paling terkejut sekali, they have a Nursing Room!!! it's just a small tiny room, but still, it's amazing that they actually have one!


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

International Babywearing Week - The Walk

I'm slapping myself on the head now because i forgot to write about the walk before it happened...

anyway, the turn-out was great nonetheless. we walked around the Curve and Ikea. So wonderful to babywear in a big group in a puclic place, for once it felt like we're the 'normal' ones, instead of the odd ones out.

i love this pic. most ppl weren't ready/posing yet but everyone looked cool and happy wearing their babies, eventhough we were in the hot sun and squinting. notice the variety of carriers being worn.

babywearing mommies - we were really enjoying ourselves. babies looked like they're needing their nap..hehe..

babywearing daddies - awesome! don't they look great?? i wish more daddies would join in soon..hubby offered to wear Adam too, but this time he was gonna take a lot of photographs, so i'd rather wear Adam myself..

with Suryati, one of my customers..she's wearing Micah in Pink Blossom Buckle Tai..

walking happily as if we own the place..hehe..i'm sure we must've at least intrigued some ppl enough to look into babywearing in the future..

I'm hoping we'll have more gathering fun lagi...hehehe...

more beautiful photos of the walk at my husband's flikr.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Adam love pretty girls!

err awak..rambut awak ni rebonding ke...?

eh taklah, ehem, natural je rambut saya ni..

mama, hensem kan dia ni?

caaaayang dia!

oiii! nak pegi mana tu!!

and the following unrecorded scenes - Adam chasing after the girl and keep trying to hug her! sampailah budak tu balik...hehehe...

(ha tulah sape soh peluk dia dulu!heheheh)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Adam's first real word

Guess what his first real word is?


hehehe...except of course when he said it it sounded more like Daa-dih! but really cute! hehehe...once he got it right terus tak berenti sebut Dadih!Dadih! heheheh....

SOOO proud of you Adam!!!

*err..bila nak sebut ma-meh pulak ni?? pressure..hehe..

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Adam @ 13 months

He came up with the most powerful weapon – his smile! Ok, his smile has always been cute…but now he does this really bersungguh-sungguh punya smile until his eyes all crinkled up and would definitely make others smile also, or laugh! And he knows when he does this takde sape can marah him! Ayyo…nak marah pun tak jadik ok…after he’s been cheeky/naughty dia kasi flash itu smile!cis…alamak gamba kat hubby pulak..later I upload here…

Not enough with the smile, he developed lagi skills to charm people, strangers including. When we’re out in public and he sees someone he likes, mulalah dia buat skill dia..mula2 dia pegi dekat org tu (if he’s on foot), then dia stare je kat org tu lama giler…until the person look back at him…then dia flash smile dia..and buat gaya comel..kadang2 tu dia buat2 malu pastu nyorok2 main always end up with the person completely charmed and start to come and play with him! Pernah sekali dia buat mcm ni dekat driver lori yg tgh drive dlm lori dia, yg adam pulak in our car dlm carseat dia…tgh kat traffic light! Sempat tu dia main cak2 dgn driver lori sebelah! Yg mamat tu pun layan jugak…hahaha….

senang2 je korang cair dgn Adam yer..

He likes to play with my belly button while nursing..apekah ??? geli tau! Hehe..lepas tu khayal..then terus tido..hehe..sometimes when he’s bored tgh baring2 I caught him playing with his own belly button…hehe..

He learned to wave bye-bye. Blaja sendiri ni cos I never taught him pun. He must’ve observed then ikut jer. Now asal sebut bye je dia pun wave…cute! Also waves to say Hi! And Come here! Kadang I kat dapur dia wave2 panggil I soh dtg kat dia…hehe…

Lagi satu dia belajar sikat rambut…ini I just discovered yesterday. Dia belajar sendiri jugak ler kot ni…normally I sikat his hair using his own hairbrush. Yesterday he found my hairbrush and was playing with it..normally dia cuba nak masuk mulut je..tapi smlm dia dok sikat2 rambut dia sendiri dgn my hairbrush…hehehe…klaka tgk..

I think he’s getting over his ‘put everything into mouth’ phase, finally!! (hopefully!) skang kalau dpt kertas dia bawak jalan2 atau main koyak2..kurang sikit nak masuk mulut..(tp still masuk jugak kadang bende2 kecit2 yg dia suka kutip2)

Dia sgt suka main air…asik2 berjalan masuk bilik air jer..hish..

He loves cheese! Bila nampak je sape kluarkan cheese dr peti ais…mula la dia bising..soh cepat sikit kasi dia cheese tu! Sup pun suka....rice cracker pun suka..mmg suka mknlah! Tapi badan kenit jugak...hehe..

Semenjak Adam masuk toddler class dan berpisah dgn Cikgu Fatimah, cikgu favourite dia dekat baby’s nursery...dia dok nangis je bila sampai school..dulu punyalah happy melompat terus kat Cikgu Fatimah..tapi baby’s nursery kat sebelah je..bila balik dok panggil2 lambai2 kat Cikgu Fatimah..kadang2 tu i nak amik dia, tgk2 dia dah kat rumah sebelah, berkepit dgn Cikgu Fatimah! Hahaha....

Happy 13 months birthday Adam!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Launching our new sales blog!

Never in my life had i thought i'd ever be "selling things". I'm awful at business and money and management things! But my husband happen to be great at these things and he will be Aidafiqs Handmade Manager! I'll just take care of the crafty side of things =) He has come up with a wonderful sales blog for me...pls click on the poster to have a look!

I plan to start slow so there are only a couple of items available at the moment. Grab it while you can!

Whether you plan to buy or not, pls take a look and tell me what you think ok?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Freestyle - A review

Let me tell you, Freestyle is in a class of its own!

You know how much I love my Swing. I consider Swing a superb pump as it is. But when I tried the Freestyle, this is my first impression – it’s exactly as if someone had known what I loved and don’t love about the Swing and then take the good bits and improved it to make the Perfect Pump!

I found that Swing had great things that I wanted in a pump, but it’s a single pump. I would like a double pump actually, to be able to simulate both sides at the same time so that I can produce more milk and minimize pumping time. So they come up with a double pump.

I had a problem (theoretically) with a double pump in the sense that, how do I manage handling both pumps, at the same time I need to press the on/off or letdown button..or to increase suction. I see other people do it all the time, but I can’t multitask well. So they come up with hands-free double pumping. The handsfree pumping really works! When I bought the pump I didn’t actually expect to be using the hands-free kit all the time. Honestly I didn’t really believe how that would work. But it really works! The pumps are fitted perfectly and I don’t have to do a single thing to support. I can read the Quran, books, or walk around doing other things. I’m so relaxed when I pump now. I’ve always looked forward to my pumping sessions, but even more so now.

I sometimes had milk coming into the tubing with the Swing though I’ve mastered how to take care of it immediately, in time and how to avoid it. So when I got my Freestyle and read the manual, I immediately looked for the Troubleshooting section, expecting to quickly memorise how to clear the tubing if milk came into it. To my horror, they didn’t have a section on how to clear the milk out! Eventually as I used the Freestyle I realised that they do not need that section since it’s impossible for the milk to come into the tubing – the milk is not in contact with the tubing in any way.

I needed to buy rechargeable batteries for my Swing but Freestyle came with its own rechargeable batteries that charges like a phone.

The 2-phase expression of course is super, like Swing. But I like how I could switch back and forth between the 2 phases with the Freestyle, without having to switch the pump off and on again. I could get at least 2 let-downs each time which really helps improve my production. With Swing dpt 2 let-downs juga but each time only one breast is being emptied. Even kalau I pam after Adam just fed pun, I can easily still get a letdown.

The rest the performance is as great as Swing. The suction is wonderful. I don’t find it harsh at all unlike other testimonial I heard. Maybe because I’m used to medela? i’m not sure.

I love how compact it is. The motor is as small as Swing’s, probably slightly smaller. Everything fits in the nice bag that has many compartments. Senang nak organise plus it’s not heavy at all once everything is inside. My pumping buddy ckp pump I mcm walkman! Hehe..

Only 1 complain I have – the noise. It’s not loud, but not as quiet as Spectra. Well, I can live with it no problem. But other people might not. Medela need to develop technology kedap bunyi lah…hehe..

That’s what I have to say about Freestyle for now. I’m so contented with the pump. Hopefully dpt guna sampai 5 anak…heheh
Thank you so much Munirah =)
p/s: thinking of selling my Swing motor. oh i'm probably gonna cry though if i do. anybody interested to buy?

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sneak Preview

We're putting the final touches to our new sales blog and i'm working on the products..hopefully we can launch soon =) Keep watching the space ya!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mommy @ 1 year

As Adam turned one, I stopped and thought about a lot of things that has changed ever since Adam came into our lives. Everything was so different just a year ago! It didn’t feel very long at all, and yet so much has changed. This month instead of writing about Adam’s development, I thought I shall write about the amazing changes in me that Adam has brought since his arrival a year ago.

I learned about breastfeeding. I was so ignorant back then. I took breastfeeding for granted. In fact, I felt a little embarrassed if I see a mother breastfeeding in public, even though she’s perfectly covered up. I had no idea breastfeeding could be such hard work, and could also be so rewarding in return. I didn’t know all the benefits, and thought breastfeeding comes naturally. I slowly learned and overcame many obstacles throughout our breastfeeding journey together. Today, I feel proud when Adam’s teacher tells me that he’s the only toddler (he’s now upgraded to the toddler class from the baby’s nursery) who is still fully breastfeeding. We have another year to go, and I hope we’ll get there.

I learned how to be a parent. When I was pregnant I was so nervous about how to take care of my baby once he comes out. I never held a newborn in my life (up until now Adam is still the only newborn I’ve held). But when Adam was handed to me in the delivery room, I held him in my arms and had no second thoughts whatsoever – this one did come naturally to me. I realised we are his universe, he has one else but us! So ready or not, we shall wash his poop, bathe him and try not to drop him! And so far, we survived =) Come toddler hood, we have a whole lot more to learn about child-raising. It’s not just “taking-care” of him now, we actually have to be parents and teach him a thing or two! I hope we’ll learn more so we can raise Adam to be the best person that he can be.

I learned to make homemade baby food. I know this part may sound simple and comes naturally to many super mommies, but to me this matters and I must put thought and energy to this. My husband and I rarely eat healthily, really. Because of time constraints, I only prepare homemade meals when I have the time and energy but when the time comes for Adam to start solid, I know I must make the effort. I wanted to know exactly everything that goes into his diet, to nourish him and to provide him healthy nutritious meals, as much as I can. Thanks to the ever-resourceful internet, I learned to make a variety of simple homemade baby food that I can make for him, even when I have very limited time. I do not claim to give him 100% homemade food, no, I do let him have his little baby rice crackers, baby biscuits etc, but I still believe homemade food is the best for him. A lot of love is put into making homemade food, and I think that is the most important ingredient. Now after a year, he can eat so many more things and it’s up to me to think up new recipes for him. Thank God wholesomebabyfood now has a toddler section! Hopefully in time I’ll learn to efficiently cook homemade meals for the whole family, even when working. Last month in Ramadhan I managed to cook mostly homemade meals since I could come home earlier and it was wonderful! We saved a lot of money, eat yummy healthy food and didn’t have to brace the crowds in Pasar Ramadhan!

I learned to be less selfish. I used to be a selfish person, and still am. But I learn to give more each day. Babies are such wonderful creatures. The moment you feel exhausted and tired they flash you a smile, and suddenly you feel so much better and so much happier. I love him so much that I would sacrifice anything in an instant, just for him. I’ve learned to be more patient, since I lose my temper quite easily, unlike my husband. I hope in the years to come I’ll improve more.

I learned about babywearing. It was a little late in the game, I guess, but it’s ok, I’m so glad I found babywearing because it has been such a wonderful and meaningful part of our lives now. I’m glad I didn’t succumb to the ‘normal’ ways of raising a baby – getting them to be ‘independent’ as early as possible, not responding to them when they cry so that they ‘learn not to cry’. Oh no, I do not want to imagine my baby growing up thinking his views doesn’t matter, his cry for help does not need responding to. As I wear him close everyday, I know him better, respond to him quicker and love him so much more. Plus I get my hands free to do other things! I know babywearing is an ancient art, but whoever thought it up, must be a genius! Eventhough I know our babywearing days may be less and less soon as he grows up and uses his feet more, I aim to dedicate more of my time into promoting babywearing and helping others find the same passion (or maybe have another baby to wear?? Hehe).

I learned to sew. Honestly, if you know me at all a year ago, you would definitely not believe I’m the kind of person who sews! All my old friends keep saying they can’t believe I’m sewing now. One particular friend said “Aida, you’re so motherly now”. Yes, motherhood has turned me domestic! Ok I’m no seamstress, but I can make things that mean something now. I can make handmade gifts that mean so much more than just something I can pick up at the shopping complex. I can dress my baby in clothes that I made with my own hands, though most may not be perfect but with love in every stitch. I can make boxer shorts for my hubby that he would wear 2 days in a row because he claims it’s just so comfy, pls make me more! I could make baby carriers and wear my baby in something that I made myself! Oh I could go on and on about sewing, I tell you. I feel like I’ve found my passion in life.

Wow. I can’t believe it’s only been a year. Being Adam’s Mommy has changed me in the best of ways, I believe. I wonder what other changes the coming years of motherhood would bring me? I look forward to growing along with Adam and whatever changes that come my way, I accept with open arms.

I am so blessed, Alhamdulillah. Thank you Adam for coming into our lives.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Adam's Birthday Trip

We went to Sunway Lagoon! giler...we check into Pyramid Tower the day before Adam's birthday..the room was great, we had an awesome view of the Sunway Lagoon..Adam exited sgt exploring the room..

Adam checking out the view - hmm tak sabar la tu nak mandi...

Mlm tu we went to Sunway Pyramid for dinner. Had dinner @ Tony Romas. Somehow lambat sikit pegi dinner and Adam dah starving! lately ni Adam mkn bykla..and that night we found out what will happen if he's hungry! dia mengamuk jerit2 until everyone was looking at us! we were praying..pls cepat2la food cranky ye Adam bila lapar? (hmm mcm perangai Mommy je ni?hehehhehe) anyway bila dah dpt mkn barula dia senyap...lenkali mommy kene make sure always have food in my bag la..hehehe...

we wanted to order a cake, yelah his birthday dinner kan? but the waitress said he will get free complimentary cake since it's his birthday! Superb! up until his birthday i've always tried to make sure his diet is nutritious and age-appropriate only...tapi since he's turning one year old, dah boleh mkn nak celebrate la ni kasi can Adam pulun ape2 saje, including the cake, which was soooooo yummy! it's chocolate cake plus vanilla ice cream plus oreo dusts plus ntah mcm2 lagi yg sgt sedap!

Adam mkn sampai high..hehe..

The next day - Adam's Birthday! yay! Tak sabar sgt nak pi mandi.....

Adam was so happy skipping around...

we bought him some floaties..satu yg bulat boleh dok kat dlm, satu pelampung yg pakai kat tgn tu...dua2 dia tanak! dia nak swim freestyle!


or play with waves...

Adam, Mommy and Daddy hope you had a lot of fun on your birthday ok...Happy First Birthday! We love you so much!!!!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Aidilfitri 2008 - Day 2

Adam is wearing my first handmade baju melayu (of course he successfully stained it full of food by the time this picture was taken). I'm so proud! My MIL taught me how to sew a baju melayu just over a week before Raya. This was very much a last-minute raya preparation! i bought his red baju melayu much earlier thinking i'll never actually be able to sew him one! Good thing i did because this handmade one is funny looking! i made the top too short! jadi baju hanging pulak..hahaha...

Thank you Mak ajar Aida jahit baju melayu Adam! yahoo....Sorry Abg, tak pandai jahit yg besar punya...hehehe...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Aidilfitri 2008 - Family of 3 (Day 1)

Aidilfitri last year, i just delivered Adam, and we didn't have a "real" celebration, didn't buy new clothes, no baju melayu for Adam, couldn't go balik kampung, i couldnt eat any raya food...sigh..

but Aidilfitri this amazing! alhamdulillah...having Adam around makes each small things extra special...

Adam: Mommy!Daddy! stop embarrasing me!!

My Family

oh he's going to break some poor girls' hearts i'm sure...

my sister - do we look alike?


hensem betul Adam pakai baju melayu dan songkok kan? nampak big boy sgt...sigh...i have to admit, he's a toddler longer a baby....uwaaaaaaa.......

more Eid photos here.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

when the mommy with multiple babies came to visit...

I've been away from the pc for a long time. Lots of things to update. Munirah and family came to visit! Hari Raya celebrations, Adam's birthday, Adam's birthday trip, my new "toys"...
i'll start with quick photo update on Munirah's visit..sorry photos tak lawa sbb i yg tangkap..hehe..hubby tgh service car...
the little toddlers playing together..sigh, suka sgt tgk diorg main sama2..our house tak byk toys mcm rumah munirah tapi pandai diorg ni create games with everyday things...hehe..tu athirah tgh main belt =)

susah nak amik shot masuk semua babies ni..hehe..psst, athirah main kotak my new toy that munirah came to deliver..hehe..tq munirah, siap dtg hantar lagi...jgn serik dtg rumah i time i serve food pulak k..aritu puasa..hehe..

athirah and harith enjoying the big beanbag..

meriah betul rasenye rumah bila ramai babies crawling around everywhere! you must have such a lot of fun at home munirah and syauqi! tq so muc for coming..pls come again k..
more updates coming soon..

Thursday, September 25, 2008

My first sale :)

A nursing cover for my pumping buddy at work. She's already putting it to good use =)

Monday, September 22, 2008

Malaysian Babywearers gathering - September

The turnout for the Malaysian babywearers gathering this time was very good..even better than last time, I think..yay!

The title was “Ring Sling”. I’ve not used one was looking forward to learn about it but unfortunately was busy chasing Adam while Jess was giving the briefing on ring slings. I don’t know why Adam somehow gets really hyper whenever we arrive at a babywearing gathering! The last time pun mcm tu jugak…habis semua tmpt dia nak pegi/panjat/main/kacau…ok, he’s always like that only masa gathering ni lagi terukla sbb org lain tgh diam dgr talk..hehe…

Hubby arrived in style – in a handmade pouch (oh ya I forgot to blog about this pouch eh?)

Jess explaining about ring slings

However I did get to try out some of the carriers that I’ve been dying to get my hands on…ok let’s feast your eyes on these very hard-to-get carriers…

This one is a SSC called Beco. Look up their website. I’ve always been fascinated by the design. Looks just like a back pack. And after testing it…my comment is…well…it feels just like a big backpack the kind you go hiking in, but not in a good way. Erk I hope no Beco ppl will come haunt my blog with spammers. It was way too bulky for me..too thick, too big, too many buckles, and uncomfortable! The shoulder straps go over the shoulder and straight down under the arms but in an uncomfortable way that my underarm feels weird? I don’t know how to explain but it just feels uncomfortable…I imagine it will be very hot outside too..however, I do like the fact that it has an insert so that if you put it down with the baby inside, the baby tak jatuh..and you can just slide from front to back position without dropping baby (although this was hard to try)..

This is a Freehand Mei Tai. Oh I love this one! The material is very soft twill! Very soft and thin! Perfect for our weather, I think. The Freehand deserves the name Kozy better than the Kozy. Ops. it has no padding though...if i were to make a mei tai like this one (oh i wish i have that twill!) i'll pad it a little bit...but overall, i love this mei tai...wish i could buy one...heheh...

Adam almost fell asleep in the Freehand - told you it's cozy

Oh ya Lana came! She wanted to find the perfect carrier for her but unfortunately baby Haiqal tgh sleepy, poor baby! Pls jgn serik dtg lagi next time ok? She did try my Mei Tai Buckle…

hope she liked it..

The timing mmg masa nap baby lah kot..Adam pun ngantuk sgt…the last carrier that I tried after the Freehand was a wrap…teus Adam lelap..

This is a Vatanai Kipawa wrap. It’s supposed to be great for hot weather..i think it is..the fabric is thin, but seems to be strong and grippy..tapi susahnye nak ikat wrap without a mirror! I managed to tie it but a bit low..tapi oklah Adam terus tido..zzzzz….

Lps tu kitorg terus balik..we had to leave early cos dah terlambat pun nak balik Perak..Everybody waiting for us tak..Opah and Atuk waiting for Adam actually…cucu kesayangan..hehe..So tak sempat nak bergambar dgn the other ladies and try out other carriers…takpe, next month pulak =)

Check out more photos of the gathering here


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