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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Mia's baju raya

I just realised I don't have any decent pictures of her completed baju kurung, just the ones I took right after I finished sewing it, and Mia insisted I put it on her. I used this tutorial, the same one I used for her baju kurung last year that still fits her. Very clear tutorial...I wonder if I can translate it to make baju kurung for adult...

I haven't done the neckline yet when this picture was taken. You can see the finished mata lalat neckline in the AidilAdha entry. Malam raya baru sibuk nak jahit mata lalat...

ok enough photo taking...time to knit :)

Friday, November 18, 2011

Laundry - more than just a chore

Is it too weird that hanging out the laundry in the morning has become one of the things I look forward to every day? The earlier, the better. When the sun is just about to rise, the air is cool and crisp. And soon the sun comes up fully, drying up my fresh laundry in no time.

This is the first time I live in a landed property after I got married. Laundry used to be yet another dreaded chore in my to do list. In London it was worse because I had to use a tumble dryer no matter what the weather. Wrinkles up everything! We were not allowed to hang anything on the balcony.

Mia usually wakes early, in a good mood and walks around with me as I cook our breakfast and hang out the laundry. This is the best time to chat with her, she has a lot of interesting and often funny opinions.

This particular piece of quilt in the above picture was especially a pleasure to hang out to dry. I found it in our old house, must've belonged to my mom. It has some yellowish stains and a few worn out spots but in otherwise good condition. As i washed and examined it, I realised that this quilt was hand-quilted! What a treasure. You can't find hand-quilted quilts anywhere these days. and it must've taken forever to make! I'm suddenly feeling inspired to do some hand-sewing...

Now folding the laundry is another (not-so-pleasant) matter altogether...hmmm....

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Blue.. Adam's favourite colour. When we moved into this house, he has his own room, and he wants everything in it to be blue.

This bed is actually his old cot that we bought for him before he was born. He slept in it..maybe twice? Anyway, we converted the cot into a toddler bed for him. To make the beddings, I took him to the fabric store to choose the fabric himself. He was very specific, ok buy this colour for the selimut, this one for the bantal..

no cartoons or polka dots...just plain no-nonsense colours...hmm...not my style, but it's his room...

when the room is ready my husband asked him if he wanted to sleep in his own room. Before bedtime he asked his Daddy 'Dad, can I sleep in your room tonight?'

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Aidil Adha in Melaka

I've been a terrible blogger. Almost a month from my last entry. Gosh. I have so many things I wanted to blog about, they never got written down. Oh well. I hope you will enjoy some pictures from our Aidil Adha celebration.

I got really lucky this year. After a few years of celebrating Eid and AidilAdha away from family, this year I didn't have to cook my own rendang :) we went to Melaka, my mom and all my siblings were around, and coincidentally we all wore red/pink. Time to take a family picture!

the four of us

Aidil Adha in my nenek's (my mom's hometown) house is the best because there is always qurban done by some members of our huge family (really huge, like, let's see i've lost count mom has 13 sibling, i have i think 80+ cousins, and i don't know how many children of my own cousins...). My uncle would sembelih the cow or goats himself, with help from other uncles/cousins, and then everybody will help melapah the meat, send out to other people and my nenek will make delicious sup tulang...and nasi beriani kambing...hmm yum...this year there were 4 goats altogether..

this is mia's first time watching this ceremony and surprisingly she was most enthusiastic. She asked her pak ngah (pic above) to hold her so she can get close and watch the qurban...then she went 'mbeeekkk! mbekkkk!' calling out to the goats. Not scared one bit. Adam on the other hand asked me what will happen to the goats, and when I told him we will eat it he said NOOO and looked at me like I was crazy.

p/s: I made Mia's baju kurung. Will blog about it later with more pictures...


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