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Monday, March 22, 2010

Mia @ 2 months

We’re in Malaysia! OMG it is really summer here, isn’t it….Sorry for the lack of updates, we’ve been really busy doing wedding preparations, meeting family etc…

Mia turned 2 months, Happy 2 months birthday Mia!

- She’s really a Malaysian. She doesn’t mind the hot weather, she’s all calm and happy, she sleeps well at night. Suddenly here nak pulak she sit in her car seat..diam je..

- She had her 8 weeks jab before we flew. Her weight now is 4.45 kg..huhu..she cried during the injections (2 kali cucuk..kesian dia). And then after the injection she had her first fever..tapi skejaplah for one night, then baik balik. I told my husband she’s a girl taklehla treat her like Adam, tough boy yg tak pernah nangis or demam bila kene cucuk…

- Alhamdulillah she survived her first flight. She did cry but overall not as bad as I expected…oklah…

- She has really good head control now. Boleh angkat kepala pusing2..

- She’s starting to learn to use her hand. Tadi saya tgk masa dia tgh minum susu Adam peluk2 dia and ter block dia nak minum, saya nampak dia tolak2 sikit tgn Adam dgn tgn dia…hehe..

Adam pulak?

- He’s really a London Boy! Adoi..perasan omputih lak anak saya…belom sampai Malaysia lagi dia dah demam dlm flight..bila sampai sini mmg cranky dan tak tahan panas..dia kata hot hot mintak bukak baju, bukak kasut…semalam berlengging je pakai pampers je kejar ayam…

So little time, so much to do! Praying that my brother’s wedding will go smoothly insyaAllah…

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Summer Sewing

Well it's not exactly summer yet here but....we're going to the land blessed with summer all year long.....Malaysia! huhu...kitorg nak balik kampung on Friday!!!

I planned many things to sew for Mia but only achieved a few..kind of hard to sew now when Mia doesn't sleep well at night..but sempatlah siap sikit2...

peasant dress - really airy, perfect for the heat..

another peasant dress! I love peasant dresses! I bet i'll make more of this dress when we get back..

pretty silk dress for Mia to wear to my brother's wedding. I can't believe he's getting married already! my goodness...adik saya sudah besar..lepas ni dapatlah nieces and nephews pulak..huhu..kesian dia saya tak dpt tolong dia buat preparation wedding :(

cute little miniskirt for mia - the denim is leftover cut from my husband's jeans that was too long..

to my beloved family and friends, tak sabar nak jumpa korang semua (though i know korang sume tunggu Mia and Adam je lebih kan...huhu...)

p/s: sorry about the dodgy photos with wrinkly dresses. They were in the wash then i was packing them when i realised i haven't taken any photos yet...

Video tutorial: Newborn Double Hammock Carry (DH)

what?? not another wrapping video??

yes! i'm obsessed about wrapping now so please don't tell me to stop now ;)

This is by far the best back carry I've tried (mcmlah byk sgt dah try..) when i watched the video it looked like it's complicated but don't let that stop you from trying it's really easier that it looks. promise me you'll try it cos it's awesome! (btw, Adam can say awesome now thanks to SpongeBob) This carry is great with newborn because you can easily get plenty of head support..and you can get the baby high on your back. Also it's very comfortable because the weight is distributed to your shoulders and your torso.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Dear Mommies...

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Enjoy yourselves today and be proud of the good job you've done as a mother!


i'm a mother of two this year and i feel so grateful...i pray for more and more children in the years to come, insyaAllah..what a blessing they are! alhamdulillah...

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Tips menghadapi anak yang suka berjaga malam

1. Tarik napas panjang dan celikkan juga mata anda yang berat
2. Ambil kain ikat anak anda (wrap ye..bukan ikat kaki tangan dia...karang org ingat saya dera anak pulak..)
3. Goyang2 joget2 dan jogging2 pusing dlm ruang tamu rumah anda. Bagus untuk hilangkan mengantuk, mengurangkan berat badan dan menidurkan anak yg dalam kain tadi..
4. Cium bau bayi anda - fountain of youth org putih cakap...harap2 anda dapatlah jadi awet muda nanti, taklah naik mata lebam je sbb asik jogging malam2...

waa....bilalah Mia nak tido malam ni!!!huhu...

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Video tutorial: Newborn Rucksack Carry

This is a great back carry for a newborn and great for hot weather. It is basically a kangaroo carry done on the back.

In the video i'm wrapping in the bedroom so that i can be near a bed. I'm new at wrapping so i'm not taking any chances (If you're learning back carries, make sure you have a spotter or wrap near the edge of a bed) Adam is watching a video. If you listen carefully you can hear him trying to mimic what i'm saying..hehe..i'm really trying not to laugh in this video.

Mia is not all calm this time so you can get some idea how to handle a crying/wriggling baby while wrapping. Of course if you're learning a new carry you should make sure your baby is fed and happy before you try to wrap for best results. But, in reality our babies do cry and that's when they need to be cuddled and wrapped the most. I find that when wrapping a crying/wriggling baby, the main thing to do is be calm and confident, and keep your focus on the wrapping. You can pause and calm your baby down by bouncing, rocking, walking. If all else fails what i do is just keep wrapping until i'm done and then walk/dance around until she calms down again...

I took my time doing this carry because i'm still learning but you can actually do this carry pretty quick especially if you do the simple rucksack where you just cross the tails under her bum instead of spreading it out like i did in the video. But she's tiny so i feel more secure with a reinforced rucksack. if you have a shorter wrap, you can also tie under her bum. Happy wrapping!

Wraps info

Some people have been asking about where to get wraps in Malaysia. Here are a few websites i found that sell them:

Tiny tapir and Lil Caliph - they have moby wrap which is a stretchy wrap

Peekaroobaby - Jess has medley wrap ( woven and stretchy) and her own diy wrap.

not much of a choice there...but if you have paypal, you can always buy online international. Checkout the babywearer website. A lot of info there on babywearing and if you want to purchase a used or sometimes new carriers, you can always check out the forum for fsot (for sale or trade). With a wrap i actually prefer gently used wraps because they are already soft and broken in. and you could get them cheaper (but not necessarily). But i warn you fsot is VERY addictive....

also, check out the Malaysian babywearer website. They also have fsot on the forum. Plus they're a wonderful bunch of babywearing mamas! come by and join the interesting conversations there..

Monday, March 8, 2010

Video tutorial: Newborn Kangaroo Carry

This carry is good for malaysia weather actually...because only one layer of fabric is covering baby so it's not so hot (unless you do the reinforced kangaroo like i did in the video). If you have a shorter wrap, you can just tie under the bum. In the video i twisted the tails but you can also do it without twisting (though twisting helps to get it more snug). Happy wrapping!

p/s: sorry about the mess and havoc in the background ;)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Random pics

Sorry no updates for a while...

Adam with His PakNgah (My Brother-In-Law)

My brother Hilmi is around this week. He will be going back home to Malaysia for good next week. CONGRATULATIONS on your graduation!!! bukan senang nak graduate from Germany...byk cabarannye...

Adam has been bullying his Pak Ngah..asik soh layan dia main aje..

Absolutely A Wonderful Experience

The boys went to watch a football match! England vs Egypt ( i think) Adam brought his beloved Nemo..haha...

Elizabeth and Adam reading together

Party at Khairul's. Congratulations Khairul for passing his transfer exam! Mkn sedap, mee bandung Batu Pahat! yum! Adam had a blast..first time dia tgk karaoke..hehe..

Walking Tall

Adam at the park. Just look at that expression on his face. He is 2 years and 5 months and more cheeky than ever!


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