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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Adam's Week

His birthday is not until next week, but the celebrations are about to begin. Our bags are packed, we are ready to leave in a couple hours for his secret birthday trip..ssshhh...don't tell him yet, ok. We're going by train, which I'm sure he'll approve. And then a whole of activities that he loves, just waiting for him. I declare this week Adam's Week.

Let the celebration begins!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mia at 8 months

This little young lady turned 8 months yesterday...oh how she's grown!

She's standing up all by herself all the time now. Now that she knows she can stand without holding onto anything, she's challenging herself to stand up while carrying something in her hands or mouth. It looks really funny, I tell you.

She has 2 teeth on the bottom, and 4 up top. The 4 top ones came out almost at the same time, which wasn't much fun for her. But the last of the 4 came out yesterday, so she's much happier today.

When she sees something exciting, she goes 'slurp!slurp!' and then crawl over to get it.

When she's anxious, like when she sees mommy walking away or when the lights are switched off (she knows that means bedtime) she starts breathing really heavily, before screaming her lungs out.

She loves playing with Adam. She cries easy with any bumps (accidental or otherwise) he gives her, but she always keep coming back for more.

She pretty much put everything in her mouth. Except for the occasional choke-able things, i pretty much let her. She'll get over this phase. Eventually.

Her laugh is beautiful and precious, reserved only for the funniest of jokes. But she does give us a purposeful chuckle every now and then to tell us she's enjoying herself. It sounds like this - ahak! ahak!

now that she's more mobile, she's participating a lot at the children centres. she loves it there. Especially the singing sessions.

Happy 8 months birthday, my pretty! Love you!

Monday, September 20, 2010

A craft update

I apologise for the lack of craftiness going on in this blog lately. I haven't been sewing much. With the colder months drawing nearer upon us (we've had to start putting on our jackets this week) I find myself leaning more towards my knitting recently..I've over-ambitiously casted on a few projects - a tweedy sweater for my man, a present for a certain someone whose birthday is coming up, something special for a new addition into the family ;) all requiring my precious and rare crafting time...

But I did manage to sew something just before raya - Mia's first baju kurung. You've probably seen it in our raya photos...but I'll put up some zoomed photos here...

To make the baju kurung I used the tutorial given generously on Made by Maya...thank you! I resized it only a little to fit Mia...the fabric is Anna Maria's gorgeous Little Folks voile (again! oh and probably again and again in the months to come. I don't plan on getting over this addiction very soon).

aaah the neckline. Handstitched, and using the traditional 'mata lalat' (or was it tulang belut?). Oh I have newfound appreciation for this old handstitching technique, it wasn't easy, I tell you. I found a grainy video online of some old makcik, teaching (very well!) how to do this stitch,..gosh I wish I'd bookmarked that video..

I forgot to blog about this tudung. Comel tak???? aaaaaa!!! so cute! handmade by Maksu (Taufik's auntie) Thank you maksu!!! nak pattern boleh? (don't know if she reads this blog though). Everytime she put this on i want to gobble her up..

doesn't she look extra chubby in this photo?? hehe...I'm already missing her second's dissapearing together with her other baby fat since she started getting mobile...

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Playing house

aah..the simple joy of playing house...

sleeping time

err those are stairs

and those are trains

erm and that grubby little baby is a squirrel (in her squirrel house)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Eid Celebrations

Our Eid celebration this year is simple, but wonderful. Alhamdulillah, His blessings are plentiful in this little home..

Hope you're having a blissful time, too.

Selamat Hari Raya from all of us - Mommy, Daddy, Adam and Mia.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Who taught him that?

You know how parenting can sometimes be so stressful? and yet suddenly in the middle of an otherwise mundane get to witness a moment of true magic..

The other day Adam found a little piece of his train that has fallen off. He showed it to me..looked at it for a while..and then walked over to his art board. I watched him curiously...and here's what he was doing..

He took out his glue stick...dabbed a generous amount on the little piece..

carefully reassembled his beloved train..

and wallah! all done!

oh wow.

Handmade gift

My wonderfully talented friend Amal gave Mia this gorgeous handmade dress a few months ago...I can't believe I forgot to blog about it..It is so beautifully made...I bet a lot of love went into making it is..

Isn't it cute? handmade gifts are the best! not to mention the fact that she shipped it all the way from Malaysia..

thank you Amal! we love it!!


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