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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Adam's new developments

We have internet, FINALLY! Argh…the relief..alhamdulillah..gosh, I AM addicted..

So many things have happened, I don’t know where to start. Before I start rambling I better just update on what’s happened today.

Adam had a particularly great day today at Portman Children Centre. They have cooking lessons on Fridays and today it’s pancake day. Adam was so interested to participate. He has been cooking with me everyday. I cook with him in the Mei Tai on my back. I’ve watched him play with cooking utensil toys in the Centre and saw him repeat what he’d seen me do. Today, he get to help out.
cooking class
adam suka dpt tolong kacau..
And then he went on to the water bath as usual. That’s his favourite play area. But after that he went to paint! It’s his first time. I was afraid he might eat the paint or something. But he was in the little apron and Pua Choo Kang boots so I thought why not. He had so much fun. Sure his clothes and hands and face got painted as well but why cares? He was so happy..

he made a lovely painting today..

At the end they had the usual singing time and this was my favourite part of the day today. A lady dressed like a hippie would come with her guitar and sing with the kids. Normally this is the part where Adam would start to withdraw, rub his eyes like he’s sleepy or start to get cranky. I think he was uncomfortable because it wasn’t familiar and everybody else seems to know all the songs. But today, he actually participated! He jumped, he danced, he sang, he went up to get the toys from the lady, and he even touched the lady’s guitar! Oh I was so proud of him!!

Adam going in to get the duckies. she hands out toys according to the songs they'll sing

Adam's getting more confident

confident enough to get his own snack :)

My baby’s growing up…sigh…

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Finally, Zurich

Ok today we talk about Zurich. Call me crazy, but I am not in love with Zurich!

When we arrive, the first thing we realized was that everything was in German (language). All the signs, the adverts, the tv, the ticket machines, the shops. Words that you cannot pronounce! Honestly, we just main belasah je cari our hotel, main jalan jer naik train, then naik tram while we don’t understand anything! Nasib baik jumpa hotel…blur giler. That’s still ok lagi. But then we realized that Zurich is ridiculously expensive. Ops..i hope no one from Zurich is reading this and will try to shoot me while I’m still here. No, seriously, I’ve never been to a city more expensive than here. In the few days that we’re here, we’ve spent what we would’ve spent a month in London! And London is already expensive, but suddenly now we feel it’s cheap.

Both of us are homesick! We can’t wait to go back to London to our nice apartment and homemade food! The hotel is damn expensive, almost 200 pounds per night and yet it is soo weird and dodgy and looks cheap and has loads of weird murals of cartoonish cows (not in a cute way, but adam seems to think they’re funny. I think they look creepy). We can hardly afford food here!

Anyway, saying all that, I must also admit than Zurich is a beautiful city. It has a lovely big river running in the center, separating the Old Town from the famous shopping street (do not even mention shopping to me. So not worth it) you can see the view of the beautiful snow covered mountains. The old buildings are wonderful too. And it has been snowing a lot this week and adam gets to play with more snow. When it snows it looks and feels so magical here..

i took Adam to the zoo. It’s one of the leading zoos in the world and it was awesome. Adam loved it and so did i. but I went just with Adam so I didn’t even bother taking the camera, trying to minimize the weight since I’m wearing Adam. So unfortunately no cameras.

Here are some photos of Zurich that I took, so tak bape lawalah..hubby fulltime at his course. Kesian dia..
the view from the Central tram station

Old Town, cute small shops

the river with little white birds that u can see swimming there. these birds fly but also have kaki like ducks so they swim also..adam loves them..

yg ni pic hubby amik. adam buat mulut yg weird tapi cute..dia salu buat..

this is new, this morning. snow lebat sgt so we went out to play. adam was really excited. tanak tgh pengsan cos penat sgt...

I'm worried about Faris, my cousin. Pls get better..he has denggi berdarah and now tak sedar kat hospital..pls pray for him..

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Adam @ the Centre

Again I’m going to avoid talking about Zurich. Why? I’ll tell you tomorrow.

After the library Adam and I went to a Toddler Drop In session in the Early Education Centre. They are the ones organising the sessions in the other places as well. The Centre was huge!

They have a crèche facility, which is kind of like nursery, if the parent is taking a course in the centre (they have English and computer classes) they can leave their children to play there and the children are taken care of by trained teachers there. They have a large play area full of toys and interesting things for children. Upon entering Adam was a little shy. We got a tour around the place by one of the teachers. They have a kitchen for us to prepare food for the kids, even washer and dryer in case their clothes get wet while playing. While the teachers are explaining to me about the classes that they have there, one of the other teacher encourage me to leave Adam in her care. So I left and when I came back Adam didn’t even notice I was gone! He was so enthralled with all the toys in the place.
Soon after all the other children arrived as well for the session. Elizabeth came as well! Immediately Elizabeth and Adam quickly agreed to play with the water tub. I don’t know what language they speak to each other.

Next to the water tub there’s a sandpit which also looks promising. But I’m afraid Adam might eat the sand..hehe..maybe next session we can try it.
Adam’s trying out all of the toys. They really let the children make as much mess as they like.

Look at these pictures ya…

Here Adam is on the push trolley and Elizabeth is on the bike. I saw them both looking at each other’s toy after they got bored with the one they’re playing with.

Then suddenly out of the blue both of them exchanged toys without saying a word and without fighting! I was amazed to watch them play..

Lepas tu main tolak2 buggy pulak…hahaha…

Adam has a new girlfriend? Oops…(nanti Fateh baca habis Adam…hehe)1

The teacher said Adam looks very confident eventhough it was his first time there. She gave me a big scrapbook for Adam. She showed me the scrapbooks belonging to the other children there. Then she printed out some photos of Adam that she’d taken while Adam was playing there. I sat there with a couple other moms making the scrapbooks. She said every time we come we can update the scrapbooks with the children’s development.

Towards the end of the session, we had a clean up and everyone helped out including the children. Then everybody gathered around and a lady came with a guitar. She played some songs and we all sang along with the children.

Oh we had such a lovely time. The Centre holds these sessions there 3 times a week. I can’t wait to go again soon…

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Adam at the Library!

We’re in Zurich to accompany Daddy whose doing a course here for a week. More story about Zurich later, I’d like to update on Adam’s recent activities first.

I went to the local Neighbourhood Centre last week and got some information about the activities in the community. It turns out many ‘toddler drop-ins’ sessions are held in scattered places around the area, all within walking distance to our flat. I was more excited than Adam, I think. The first session we attended was in the library. The local library has a children section and they have an “Under 5 year old” sessions once a week. So last week we went and had a blast!

They started with reading some books, followed by singing. Adam was kind of just watching nervously, probably wondering what this was about. Then he got sleepy and almost cranky. The next activity was art and he suddenly perked up and got thrilled! They let the kids play with glue and coloured papers and glitters and crayons – to make a snowman, really, but they can do what they like.
See how excited Adam is? i just realise i never let him play with glue or crayons at home (i should!) . this must be paradise for him. his snowman was looking good huh..

The girl next to Adam is Elizabeth. Elizabeth is half German, half Malaysian Chinese. Her caretaker is a Malaysian lady from Seremban. We got on well and so did Adam and Elizabeth.

I also get to meet many other moms there, from many nationalities. Some of them Lebanese, Sudanese, Arab, German and also local. In London I’m guessing there may be more foreigners than local, which in a way is good because people are very open and welcoming to foreigners here. In this area particularly there are many muslims because we’re close to Edgware road, the Arab street.

group hug on the floor before we left. Adam was squashed there as you can see but he didn't mind..

At the end of the session, Adam and I registered as member to the library. We got our cards immediately and were able to borrow nice books that they had there. Adam chose many books for himself, he got so excited and wanted more, more. He’s at this stage where he loves reading so much and kept choosing his books and asking me to read them for him. I chose some craft books for myself, particularly on quilting, which I’m interested to try here. I’ve yet to find any good fabric store.

We also went to another Toddler Drop-in in a Centre last week which was even more amazing and a whole lot of fun for Adam. I will update soon.

Hello Zurich!

We have internet finally!

for the next few days hopefully, at least, while we are still in Zurich. I'm so excited i'm able to check blog and emails..

insyaAllah updates will come later today, hopefully when Adam's napping. now i've to fight him for the laptop..hehe...

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Oh no, we're not getting broadband until 16 feb!probably longer!honestly,I don't see why they're taking soo long..ugh..

By the time i'm able to update this blog like normal, adam would've grown 5 inches..

I think hubby has some of adams photos in his blog,playing with snow..we had a great snow day.they say its the 1st time in 18 years they had this much tube,bus or flights,all suspended.hubby couldn't even go to work.we went to the little park nnext to little venice was beautiful..

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Still no internet!

Lamanye xde internet! They're takin forever to install broadband at our flat :( i'm now trying to update my blog from hubby's hp.hope it works..

I am enjoying new job as SAHM :) i'm cooking, baking, cleaning,playing w adam.adam is enjoying mommy at home too, I think. He's cloth nappying,learning to talk,asking to read books a lot and testing mommy's limitss!

hehe..honestly,everyday he comes up with new projects.he's very creative when it comes to being,yesterday he decided to wet newly washed nappies that i've just spent an hour drying.or he'll spread cookies all over floor that I just swept and wiped.but he's also being really sweet when he chooses to he'll pat me when he thinks i'm trying to nap.or he'll 'help' me vaccuum the house.

Today adam saw his first snow :) we're expecting more tomorrow..

Hope we'll have internet soon..i'm sorry I can't reply to your comments.but I love reading them,tq!


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