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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Worm Digging Tutorial, by Adam

I came across worm digging by accident recently while having a picnic at the park with my family. Mom, Mia and I were on the picnic blanket having our lunch while Daddy was taking our pictures. I was going to put on my yellow boots to join Daddy when I saw it. A huge worm! Right under Mommy's feet! I told Mom and she screamed in shock! Silly Mommy ;)

Aaanyway, after that I decided to go on a the search for Worm-py. Ah yes, I like to add a Y at the end of any word as I see please. Choose can be choo-sy, Up can be Up-py, Snake can be Snaky, Shoe can be Shoe-shi. Mom said 'Oh you mean Wormy, Adam?'. No Mom, I said Worm-py! *roll eyes*

Right, I'm getting a teensy bit distracted here. Let's get back to finding Worm-py.

First step, gather you tools. You can use a fancy digger, or use whatever you have. Here I am using a pair of plastic fork and spoons from our lunch earlier.

Now, start looking for worm trails. Daddy told me that the best way to spot a worm hole is by the 'fresh worm poop' on the ground. These are round little brown things..that looked like..well, poop!

Once you spotted these trails, just go on and start digging! Use your hands if you wish. It's a lot more fun I can promise you!

Try to rope your little sister into helping you dig as well. Remember she might need a little guidance, but she'll get there soon enough.

There, I told you. She's already enjoying it. Cutting your job in half. Ha!

Now little sisters are notorious for getting distracted easily. Especially when she sees you so focussed that it gives her an opportunity to launch an 'attack' at you. Cheeky! But, if you're a toughy like me, you might want to consider letting it slide. She's only little.

See how happy she gets?

Where was I? Oh yes. I was digging. Now after some exciting digging you may find little tunnels where the little Worm-pies live. Be gentle and eventually you will find what you're looking for.


The End!

This is why we love Spring

The air is cool without being cold. The sun is out on lucky days. The days are longer. We can venture out to the parks almost every day if we feel like it...(who wouldn't when it's so sunny and beautiful?)

Daddy can play with his camera and take our photos...

Mommy can knit..

The kids can play..

Dig out worms...

Where ever you are, I hope you're enjoying a little bit of grass and dirt too..

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sarah's dresses

The moment I heard Sarah was born I immediately started making her a couple of welcome her into the world. They've reached her now so I can put the pictures up..

An Itty Bitty dress in sweet beautiful fabric (Delia) by Tanya Whelan. Mia has one in a Tanya Whelan fabric too...(but she can't fit into that one anymore. will have to keep it for her sister, perhaps?).
I love the simple construction of this dress. Perfect for a newborn baby..

ItalicHere is the gorgeous Sarah wearing her new dress. Maklong loves you Sarah!!

Then I made this pheasant dress for her. Again simple construction, but lovely and this one is definitely practical and will grow with the baby. Mia's pheasant dress that I made her she could still wear as a tunic-style top...

a little crocheted flower. My crochet skill is limited, but this flower is pretty easy to make.

Tiny little lacy edge. Found really cheap at the Church Street market near my house.

My one and only favourite niece Sarah...I hope you like the dresses. They're not as pretty as you are, but every girl deserves a little handmade in her life...

Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Cardigan

This blog is suffering from serious neglect, isn't it? Oh dear.

Shall we brighten things up with a little bit of lovely spring knitting?

I am still knitting my main Fair Isle project, but I ran out of one of the colours so while waiting for the colour to arrive, I started knitting this project. The yarn was supposed to arrive in winter, but it took 2 months to get to me. I was so upset with the company that sold me this yarn. But the yarn itself is exceptional- chunky but light and airy, and oh-so-soft. The yarn is Cascade Eco + , for any knitter reading this who might want to give it a go. When wearing this I feel like getting a big cozy hug. The whole cardigan used up only about 1.3 skeins of yarn. A skein of Cascade eco is 250g, and when wound up into a ball, it was as big as a football, literally. I bought 2 skeins and have plenty leftover, enough to make Mia a shalom too. Guess how it took me to knit this? A WEEK. Yes, i couldn't believe it either. I'm not a particularly fast knitter, but i guess the chunky yarn and the amazing pattern just comes really quickly.

The original pattern is the popular Shalom, with some modifications. I added long sleeves, three buttons and longer body with no waist shaping. Details on the mods here (ravelry link).

You will find a lot of similarities between this cardigan and my first cardigan. The top down construction, 3 buttons, similar silhouette. I find this type of cardigan not only visually pleasant, but also very practical. It's easy to breastfeed in this cardigan. I don't even need to unbutton, just lift slightly, attach and pull down again to cover up. Almost like a nursing shawl in itself (notice how my clothing choices always revolves around breastfeeding rather than fashion?)

I thought the cardigan was a bit big on me when i finished but after blocking, it neaten up nicely and the slightly loose look feels really comfortable. And of course, you know it's definitely my kind of colour.

Now, I wonder if it'll look great in red, too. I'm sure I can find a spare week somewhere.....

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Aviatrix 2


Lately Adam's attitude turned a little upside down - all of a sudden he's asking for hats and scarfs. Usually he's a serious hat-hater. So I thought I'd knit him an Aviatrix, too, to match his sister's. I made sure the yarn's blue, so that the probability of it being worn is higher, because blue's his favourite colour.

This hat has gone into record for most worn hat so far...phew...but getting it photographed is mission impossible...thus the blurry photo taken on my phone...

eta: better pics of adam and the hat on my husband's blog here.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


We were all in bed. Daddy was reading a story. Adam was listening. Mia wasn't. She came over to me.

Mia : Ma, ma. Nak. Naaaaaaak. (wants her milk, cos she was really, really sleepy)
Mommy : Adik nak susu? Wait ok, sing dulu (there is a song at the end of the story)
Mia : Lalalalalaaaa *singing*

that girl does love music....


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