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Thursday, June 26, 2008


Adam muntah2 lately dgn byk nye after I introduced egg yolk into his porridge. Adelah dlm 6 kali muntah sampai kosong perut. Terus we brought to clinic. The doctor advised me jgn kasi mkn homemade rice porridge lagi, beli yg paket2 instant tu and ask Adam’s teacher to prepare at the nursery.

I’m feeling soo confused. All this time I thought homemade food is best for Adam, so that’s why even dlm kesibukan dan tak sempat I try to make homemade food for him. I read up on all the age appropriate foods and vary his menus so that he gets wholesome nutritious food. I refused to beli commercial baby food, until the doctor (the same one!) advised me to give Adam baby biscuits as snacks. But now homemade food made my baby sick…..should I keep on cooking for him, or should I just buy, like the doctor advised?

Lagi satu yg made me a little confused…BM is good for baby’s health, and yet bila my baby selalu kene selsema, demam etc….what does that mean eh? I know there’s a good explanation for this somewhere, but I don’t know where. Sometimes I start to doubt, is my breastmilk not good enough ke? Hmmm….silly wondering….(but I’d like to state here that NOT in any way does this mean that I doubt the goodness of breastfeeding ok. You all know I’m a strong supporter) but if any of you know the explanation to this..pls let me know…

Hmm…having a bad mom day, I guess…I wish I can do the absolute best for Adam….don’t want him to miss out on anything…

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Meeting Tasneem

So last weekend we finally met Ummi Tasneem and family, winner of the blog give-away! We decided to meet up at Taman Botani Putrajaya. We were surprised how beautiful it is over there….

So kitorg berpicnic dgn happynye tepi tasik sambil tunggu Nannoor + family. Dari jauh nampak a couple turun bawak stroller, I terus lambai je, ntah betul ke tak orgnye…hehehe…nasib baik betul…diorg husband and wife pkai baju tema pink. Tasneem pulak pakai tema Princess. Fuh…cantik betul the little princess that day..Adam terpegun sampai speechless…daripada budak bising jadi senyap jer…hehehe…Princess Tasneem pulak byk berckp tapi dgn begitu sopan sekali, soft je dia ckp….comel…
suka senyum tau Tasneem ni..
Lps berkenalan and sesi tutorial pakai mei tai…sesi photoshoot pulak start…Adam and I dok berkelah jelah 2 org…kasik can diorg bergambar dgn aman…I can see that they are a happy family, dua2 sayang gile kat Tasneem =) and interaction diorg sefamily mmg mudah nak capture…sbb tak kaku or too posed…diorg cam relax jer…(ceh mcm I lak photographer). Pastu campur pulak the place is so beautiful….fuh….pasni nak dtg sini lagilah…heheh…

look how cute they are together..

Lps dah puas bergambar and hari pun dah naik panas, diorg pun join me and Adam kat bawah pokok tepi tasik…hubby terus snap2 lagi…hehe…Tasneem tukar baju pink pulak…pun comel dia dgn baju tu…sempat la Adam and Tasneem bergurau senda dan berebut kipas kat situ…kitorg mak bapak ketawakan diorg…hehehe…

Anyhoo…hari pun makin panas…last2 kitorg pun balik….hmm..what a great day…Nannoor nampak happy dgn Mei Tai..and that makes me SOO happy =) I’m so glad she loves it…It was fantastic meeting all of them…yahoo…pasni boleh jumpa2 lagi!!

Nannoor + Ibrahim + precious Tasneem,
Thank you!!!!

More photos here

Monday, June 23, 2008


i spent last Saturday being sick with food poisoning...everything that came in, came out again (ok sorry too much info there). by saturday night i started to develop a fever so hubby decided to take me to the panel clinic..tak pernah pegi clinic ni mlm2, so tak pernah jumpa this particular doctor...i was feeling weak and exhausted..but the following conversation really made my day..

Doc : baby ni mkn ape, dia breastfeeding ke?
me: ye doctor, tapi baby nampak ok, takde masalah
Doc: ok, breastmilk is no problem..

blablabla...*injection* blablabla..

Doc: So you tak kerja la ye?
me: err..saya kerja doctor (dlm hati pikir eh takkan doc dah nak kasi MC kot?ni kan saturday?)
Doc: eh kalau u kerja mcmana you breastfeed baby..?
me: saya pump, doc
Doc: mmg tak campur formula?baby berapa bulan?
husband: mmg fully breastfeed..takde campur 8 bulan..
Doc: Wah bagus ni....hmmm..nantikan..bila tiba hari ibu...awak boleh dpt Award tau..
kitorg: hahahahaha...
Doc: eh betul ni...kalau kat goverment clinic, setengah tempat tu...masa hari ibu dia ade buat Anugerah...untuk ibu2 yg boleh breastfeed paling lama..dan breastfeed paling ramai anak..bukan senang nak breastfeed ni kalau bekerja...isteri saya pun, hanya anak ketiga je dpt breastfeed, itupun sekejap then kene campur formula...tak dpt penuh sbb susah bila dia kerja...


bila kluar bilik doc, saya ckp kat hubby : i like this doc la..sbb he wants to give me an Award...hehehe...

to ALL breastfeeding moms...let this be a reminder...YOU deserve an AWARD for breastfeeding!! soo let's KEEP breastfeeding our little miracles...

p/s: we met the winner of the blog give-away - ummi tasneem and family!!! more update on this when the photos are ready =)

Friday, June 20, 2008

Just to clear out the spiderwebs...

hmm i've been slacking at updating the blog huh...

just came to leave you some photos of old crafty projects...

onesie made by my husband just for Adam...he designed, printed and crafted the whole thing himself..

red booties for a supercute baby girl that belongs to our friends..

couple of beanbag pillows for the car (husband is obsessed about beanbags ever since i made him his birthday monster bag)

car organiser for him...since he has been drooling (he loves organising!!) at car organisers for so long and saying how expensive they are...

Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day

that's a photo of Daddy and Adam in the nursing room at the Curve when Adam was smaller (NOT! i think he was bigger then than he is now).

To Daddy Adam,
who was the happiest man when i told him i saw 2 red lines, who massaged my back and talked to my belly, who held my hand at labour, who gave Adam his baths when he was tiny and i was too scared he would slip in my hands, who stayed up with me during the sleepless nights, who let Adam sleep on his chest, who changed Adam's diapers countless of times, who babyproofed our house just so that Adam can play safely whereever he wants, who plans to grow a big tree at our (future) house just so that he can build Adam a treehouse, who watches football with Adam, who makes Adam laugh like crazy...

you are the best father in the world!

(and a fantastic husband)

We love you!!!


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

And the Winner is....

Thank you for everyone who participated in the blog give-away. It was SOOOO hard for us to decide who the winner is. I wish I could give ALL of you a gift each. My husband even made a comprehensive table with all the photos and entries from everyone =) After discussing about a zillion times, we decided we’ll have TWO winners instead of just one. The 2nd prize winner will receive a handmade item also but no photoshoot.


The First prize goes to .................. UMMI TASNEEM!!!

I like this one the most.Gambar ni menunjukkan yang betapa bersihnya hati anak2 kita. Walaupun baru pertama kali jumpa, bila bermain bersama, tiada sempadan.Tiada hasad.Tiada iri. Pure heart. Mesra.Amat berbeza dengan kita yang dewasa ini kan?Pertama kali bersua, manakan mungkin kita akan bergambar sebegini.Ah~ semoga kita akan sama2 mendidik dan membesarkan anak (anak) kita menjadi insan yang berguna, dunia dan akhirat.~Amin.=)

- Ummi Tasneem’s winning comment

The Second prize goes to ...................... UMMI SAEED!!!

Symbolizes the carefree spirit of a little child that we adults should sometimes imitate. The supporting hands also signifies the weight we as adults carry to foster this young soul.

- Ummi Saeed’s winning comment


Thank you again to all you fabulous girls (and 2 cool dudes!) who entered…maybe next time? Hehe..

Now I need to figure out the best things to craft up for these wonderful mommies…

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Adam @ 8 months

I’m making Adam’s monthly update here but the previous blog give-away is still going on here. Hopefully I can announce the winner next week.

Oh God I can’t believe Adam is 8 months already…Everyday he shows us more proofs of what a big boy he’s become..

He can sit up straight. Comel jer. Before ni dia duduk either supported or a few seconds terus terjelepuk. One night suddenly with no warning dia terus duduk straight, tegak gile. Terkejut kitorg tgk..

He can pull himself up to a standing position. He has this cute little building stool ( a gift from KMYS friends, thank you so much!!!) and he loves it so much. He keeps trying to climb it. Now dah pandai panjat this thing, all by himself. Letak je kat bawah he’ll start crawling his way towards the stool. Once dia dah master panjat stool, semua bende dia nak panjat - chair legs, coffee table, cd racks, the fan, Mommy and Daddy….

adam playing with his stool

He doesn’t mind falling while playing. Of course we made sure he’s safe - on the play mat and some pillows laying around for him to fall on but we gave him the freedom to explore on his own. When he falls he kept quiet and just quickly gets up again. I feel so proud of him as I watch him get up. Unless of course if he sees Mommy and start to fake-cry….Mommy help me….

He can crawl soo fast now. I move my eyes away for a sec and he’s already under the tv eating the wires. Of course his hands and legs coordination isn’t smooth yet but dlm keadaan senget2 crawl tu pun laju jugak dia bergerak, especially when he has a target..he will get really excited and determined to get (eat) it.

He is fascinated by my Swing pump. Every time I pump mesti dia sibukkkk sgt nak pegi kat pam tu…(the motor yg bulat). He also has an obsession with wires! Any kind. Black, white, gray. Nampak je wires,mata dia jadi bulat bersinar2, tongue sticking out in a cheeky curl, and terus hurl himself towards it – tak kirelah lompat ke, crawl ke, guling ke.

He thinks his Daddy is the funniest dude on Earth! Daddy buat muka sikit je terus dia gelak kikikukukukikukikukikikukuki…mcmla kelakar sgt…hehe..Lately dia mmg makin manja dgn Daddy. Asyik cari Daddy ajak main..

happy with Daddy

He’s become so smart. Can think of simple solutions. For example if he’s standing at one side of his play stool and my pump is at the other side, first he tries to reach for the pump over the stool. When is proves to be unsuccessful, he started to “walk” (with Daddy supporting him) over the side of the stool to the other side. Or when he couldn’t manage to pull himself up on the stool, he climbed up Daddy instead, and then turned his body towards the stool and lunged forward.

He loves to stand in the car in the space between the two front seats. Mungkin terasa mcm co-pilot kat situ. Dan lagi best kalau dapat berdiri pegang stereng kereta. Mulut mulala bising buat bunyi2 excited….hehe…dan juga pandai berlakon mcm nangis2 until Mommy letak dia kat dpn…hayyo dangerous la Adam…

look Mommy i can drive!

He stood up without support for a few sec! Once dia dah try tu terus semangat nak try lagi…so dia crawl balik kat Daddy and hulur tgn soh Daddy tolong dia get up before letting him go to stand on his own. Wah sayang, whyla growing so fast….i still think of you as a little baby…

His first tooth has come out!! AAAAaaaaa takut!! Adam jgn gigit Mommy ok..Tak dpt amik pic lagi sbb lidah tu asik terkeluar je bila kite nak inspect gigi dia…hehe..

eemm sedapnye gigit cot ni..

Kalau tgk Adam ni physical kecik je sebenarnya…baru 8 months. Cenonet jer. Tapi bila tgk dia bergerak sini sana…adoi…tak sangka. I think he’s grown the most this month in terms of mobility. Penat mengejar dia skarang ni. I need to grow an eye at the back of my head now....

Happy 8 months birthday Dadam…we love you soooooooo much even when you wake us up at 2am to play jumping off the bed…heheheh….muahs!


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