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Thursday, September 25, 2008

My first sale :)

A nursing cover for my pumping buddy at work. She's already putting it to good use =)

Monday, September 22, 2008

Malaysian Babywearers gathering - September

The turnout for the Malaysian babywearers gathering this time was very good..even better than last time, I think..yay!

The title was “Ring Sling”. I’ve not used one was looking forward to learn about it but unfortunately was busy chasing Adam while Jess was giving the briefing on ring slings. I don’t know why Adam somehow gets really hyper whenever we arrive at a babywearing gathering! The last time pun mcm tu jugak…habis semua tmpt dia nak pegi/panjat/main/kacau…ok, he’s always like that only masa gathering ni lagi terukla sbb org lain tgh diam dgr talk..hehe…

Hubby arrived in style – in a handmade pouch (oh ya I forgot to blog about this pouch eh?)

Jess explaining about ring slings

However I did get to try out some of the carriers that I’ve been dying to get my hands on…ok let’s feast your eyes on these very hard-to-get carriers…

This one is a SSC called Beco. Look up their website. I’ve always been fascinated by the design. Looks just like a back pack. And after testing it…my comment is…well…it feels just like a big backpack the kind you go hiking in, but not in a good way. Erk I hope no Beco ppl will come haunt my blog with spammers. It was way too bulky for me..too thick, too big, too many buckles, and uncomfortable! The shoulder straps go over the shoulder and straight down under the arms but in an uncomfortable way that my underarm feels weird? I don’t know how to explain but it just feels uncomfortable…I imagine it will be very hot outside too..however, I do like the fact that it has an insert so that if you put it down with the baby inside, the baby tak jatuh..and you can just slide from front to back position without dropping baby (although this was hard to try)..

This is a Freehand Mei Tai. Oh I love this one! The material is very soft twill! Very soft and thin! Perfect for our weather, I think. The Freehand deserves the name Kozy better than the Kozy. Ops. it has no padding though...if i were to make a mei tai like this one (oh i wish i have that twill!) i'll pad it a little bit...but overall, i love this mei tai...wish i could buy one...heheh...

Adam almost fell asleep in the Freehand - told you it's cozy

Oh ya Lana came! She wanted to find the perfect carrier for her but unfortunately baby Haiqal tgh sleepy, poor baby! Pls jgn serik dtg lagi next time ok? She did try my Mei Tai Buckle…

hope she liked it..

The timing mmg masa nap baby lah kot..Adam pun ngantuk sgt…the last carrier that I tried after the Freehand was a wrap…teus Adam lelap..

This is a Vatanai Kipawa wrap. It’s supposed to be great for hot weather..i think it is..the fabric is thin, but seems to be strong and grippy..tapi susahnye nak ikat wrap without a mirror! I managed to tie it but a bit low..tapi oklah Adam terus tido..zzzzz….

Lps tu kitorg terus balik..we had to leave early cos dah terlambat pun nak balik Perak..Everybody waiting for us tak..Opah and Atuk waiting for Adam actually…cucu kesayangan..hehe..So tak sempat nak bergambar dgn the other ladies and try out other carriers…takpe, next month pulak =)

Check out more photos of the gathering here

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Action Pics!!

First thing – I want to thank everyone who commented on my previous post about the SSC. I’m overwhelmed, thank you so have no idea how much the support means to me. I will definitely think seriously about selling this time, especially since my hubby pun betul2 serius motivate i…thank you sayang..

OK….let’s see the action pics!!!

Back Carry

they are bonding=)

i can use it too..

i think backcarry is cool! you can get things done ( like housework) , since baby is not in the way..and is great for toddlers because the weight is better distributed on your back..hubby received a lot of attention (positive or negative i'm not sure!) when he was wearing him on his back, which was good because we're hoping to spread the joy of babywearing! if you spot us anywhere wearing our baby and feel intrigued, pls do not hesitate to ask us about it!

Front Carry
Adam getting cozy and sleepy..

jumping test!

i'm happy!

i myself prefer the front carry, if i'm going for a walk/shop..the reason is i like having Adam close to my chest, i can kiss him whenever i want, i can play with his hair when he's sleepy, i can make funny faces and watch him smile/giggle...

overall conclusion (so far)

i love our "Mei Tai with Buckles" (we need a better name for it!) ! i think hubby is So much better at wearing this carrier. i struggle a little bit to figure out how to use the buckles, put baby in etc..but hubby mmg terer fact he's already come up with many tips and tricks how to put it on, how to take out, how to handle the buckles, how to pre-tie prior to driving and then just pop baby in etc...fuh!! it's really a Daddy-friendly carrier, i guess!!

hope you enjoy the pics =)


If you love babywearing, if you want to learn about babywearing, if you’re just curious about what’s all this fuss I’ve been making about babywearing, if you have a baby, if you’re pregnant and expecting a baby…or even if you don’t have a baby, just come and you may use my baby for practice! Hehehe…

Daddies! You guys come too ok!! See how cool my DH looks wearing his son?? Read what he has to say about babywearing.

Here are the details;

Date: Saturday, September 20, 2008Time: 10am - 1pm
Location: Persatuan Darul Fitrah Malaysia (Damansara PerdanaStreet: 9-5 (Floor 3A) Jalan PJU 8/5I, Damansara PerdanaCity/Town: Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Topic: "Eyes on Ring Slings and IBW08"

Directions (from Jess)
Basically, "If you just try to find Mutiara Damansara Recreational Park, that is the location of IKEA/Ikano.You do not turn into that road (Persiaran Surian) but keep going straight towards Damansara Perdana. You wil be travelling on the LDP. There will be a turning to the left to Damansara Perdana. Exit E23, towards Jalan PJU 8/1.
it is just above 7 Eleven. It is a shophouse, upstairs"

See you all there!!!

"Mei Tai with Buckles"

Oh My God I am so excited I don’t know where to start!

Remember I said DH wanted me to make him a “Mei Tai with buckles”? I smiled and said ok but the truth was I was thinking ok I will find out how to BUY it, not MAKE it. It just seemed impossible to me! But of course my husband kept hinting that I can definitely MAKE it. But how? No buckles? There are NO online instructions/tutorial for this!!

I decided to just make him a manly-looking mei tai instead. I had the fabric all cut out for a mei tai but I had no padding so I had to wait (to buy padding) before sewing it up. Yesterday, thanks to Liza (thank you dear!!) who commented on my blog, I realized I CAN get buckles and I DID! Bila dah beli buckles I still felt not confident enough, boleh ke ni??? Takde tutorial! I had to figure this out on my own….mcmana ni…kalau buat mei tai je kan senang…ish…but in the end, thanks to DH who apparently has blind TRUST in me………………..


Can you believe it?????

It’s a hybrid between our own handmade Mei Tai ( I love it’s size, shape, thin padding and versatility) and SSC buckles. Thus eliminating the long straps, this was bothering my DH. It’s made of cotton denim twill, which is amazingly soft and breathable, yet strong. Hubby chose the Ikea fabric at the back, which I love and has been in my stash for a long time. It can fit both me and hubby well =)

I finally found the perfect Daddy-friendly carrier!!! (we’ve experimented with pouch which was also great and I’ll update on that later but I was too excited to reveal this one first..hehe)

let’s see the pics!

The carrier looks even better when it’s worn with the baby! I only have photos of the carrier for now, I’ll update more with action pics!

Oh..pls forgive me for the over-excited post…I just can’t contain my enthusiasm..i still can’t believe I actually made it!

DH raved about how awesome it is the whole of last night and this morning! He thinks it’s the best carrier ever! Thank you really know how to make a girl feel special…hehe

He even said I should SELL it! What do you guys think??

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Adam and Daddy bonding with vaccuum ;)

I mentioned that Adam loves to watch his Daddy cleaning the house..

well, last weekend hubby was going to vaccuum the house as usual while i was in the bathroom with Adam, nak mandikan dia..terus dia tak senang duduk, nak lompat out of his bathtub when he heard the sound of the vaccuum..So hubby said, oklah, wait for him..

Lps Adam dah mandi, hubby said let me wear him on my back.i pun ape lagi, excitedla to see hubby babywearing. this time he tried the mei tai...

tgk si kenit kepochi kat blakang

i snapped many photos and in all the photos Adam was looking down like this;

sbbnye dia sibuk tgk vaccuum tu...hahahaha...
lps dah vaccuum,mop pulak..
both of them were comfortable throughout..
Adam almost fell asleep..
i can't wait to make a manly mei tai for hubby. kalau ade buckles lagi bagus kan...mana nak dpt eh?
babywearing rocks!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Adam walking

Here's Adam's successful attempt at walking towards me. Distance about 2 meters. Video taken last thursday..

Doesn't he look cute? and too tiny to be walking! oh baby is fast becoming a toddler :( sob..sob..

after this video was taken, he was suddenly motivated to walk more by himself all over the house..until today asik nak berjalan je..seronok tgk dia jalan, but at the same time feel so sad..cepatnye my baby grow up..soon he's gonna get married already!waaa!!

Adam..Mommy's so proud of you..and love you sooo much!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Adam @ 11 months

Adam @ 11 months

OMG I forgot Adam’s 11 months birthday..until hubby just reminded me just now. He turned 11 months last week but last weekend we keep telling people he’s 10 months.


Let’s see what I can remember about his developing personality this month;

Adam is now a more confident walker. Can walk when encouraged and also when he’s absorbed with doing something/chasing after something and didn’t realise he’s walking on his own. He especially loves it if there’s a crowd clapping hands and cheering him as he walks…hehe..

He talks so much! Babbles in his own language and sounds very similar to a real language sometimes! Heheheh it’s very entertaining to listen to him. Betul2 mcm Pingu…hehe…?He can say Mamamama (mommy) and Dadadadada (daddy) :) if he wants something and doesn’t get it..he usually says Nanananananak!!!! Which we interpret as “nak!” Betul ke? Hehe..when he really doesn’t want something…like when tgh kasi dia mkn ubat..he says Nanak!nanak!nanak!!! which we interpret as “taknak!” hahahah sukahatilah interpret sendiri…anybody got the dictionary to Pingu language?

His stranger’s anxiety is getting less, thank God. Doesn’t cry when sent to the nursery anymore..alhamdulillah. He’ll let other people hold him when his mood is good..

He is very active! OMG soooo hard to keep up! Look away for one second and he’s already terbalikkan rak makanan onto himself! (ok was a light plastic one, but still!). Memanjat sana memanjat sini..couch dah boleh panjat..almari baju dia panjat..laptop punya buttons dia korek (my shift button doesn’t work anymore, hubby mouse dah jahanam) pastu suka sgt cari bende2 kecik..kutip2 semut..kutip2 benang2 kecik2…hish…Ada saje activity dia nak buat…pastu mulut pokpekpkpek sambil main…

He loves house-cleaning activities! Just like his Daddy! Gadget paling dia suka is the vaccum…hahaha…He knows where it is (in my sewing room) and whenever that room is open he’ll come inside and quickly find the vacuum to play with. Nowadays in the weekends when his Daddy tgh hoover and mop the house he wants Daddy to hold him so he can watch. Last weekend hubby WRAPPED!!! With Adam in the wrap they both hoover and mop the house! I have photos but…no shirts on so tak boleh letak sini..hehe…

He doesn’t really watch TV because he can’t sit still at all (he’s rather be exploring around the house ) but he will sit very quietly when the Azan is on or ayat2 Quran in read on TV. Since now it’s Ramadhan, time berbuka we switch on the tv for him to watch Azan while we eat and time sahur if he wakes up we switch on Tadarrus Quran for him to watch while we eat…

Oklah that’s all I can think of for this month.

Happy Belated 11 months birthday Adam!!! Mommy loves you so much….muahs!

Pouch making

Some of the crafty mommies asked for a tutorial on the pouch that i made. i asked Jess if it's ok and she said yes =) unfortunately i don't have time to make another pouch yet and take pictures to do a tutorial but Jess suggested this video, which i think describes the process really well...

try it ladies..

*the video is for an unpadded pouch.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Birthday Party

Adam went to his first birthday party! Yay! Who’s the birthday girl?

Nadhrah! isn't she pretty??

Adam was so excited..lebih2 mcm birthday dia pulak..ceh…

Adam happy main swing

Tgk ni dia berebut main ball dgn birthday girl…ish2…

nampak tak my fingers tarik overall adam tu...

Ramai sgt baby comel2 kat sana…rase mcm kat nursery..

Makanan pun sedap2…

We had a lot of fun…yay…

I decided to make a dress as a present for the birthday girl…

front view

back view

I hope she likes it…and I really hope it fits her, since I don’t have her measurements..i just made it based on Adam’s size, which I assumed the same as Nadhrah’s Umi and Baba Nadhrah, muat ke?

Happy First Birthday Nadhrah!!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Zoo trip

Last weekend was wonderful…I wish there were more long weekends…sigh...
We went to the Zoo!! Adam’s first trip to the Zoo…yahoo!! I haven’t been to the zoo myself for a long time, I’d forgotten what it looked like. We were really pleasantly surprised to find that our National Zoo is very well-kept. We went really early in the morning at 9 am expecting it to get hot very soon. However, it turned out the zoo is full of tall trees and there’s shade everywhere..very cooling! Terasa aman je kat Zoo..redup sgt…with many of the animals out in the open…cuba tgk pick at bawah ni…redup jer

Perfect opportunity to babywear

Adam was actually sleepy while we were there…the night before he stayed up playing! I kept telling him, let’s go to sleep now sayang..besok kite nak pegi Zoo! You know Zooooo??? He buat donno and kept playing…ha, kan dah ngantuk kat Zoo…dahla redup..sedap je nak tido….tapi dia lawan juga mata..tanak tido…

Adam excited tgk performance

We accidentally met baby HQ and family there!

I think we should go again…definitely…

We also went for Adam’s first birthday party! (not his! Hehehe). I managed to sew a couple of projects too…sigh..i love long weekends..will update more later..


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