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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

parentcraft class and baby shopping

Last weekend banyak buat preparation for Adam’s arrival. On Saturday we went to the hospital for the Parentcraft class. The topic was labour and post natal care. Masa citer pasal labour tu for the first time rasa seriau jugak tgk the pics as the nurse explained the three stages of labour, esp bila part episiotomy, aww! The nurse said it’s rather common for the doctors in this hospital to perform episiotomy to avoid natural tear which might be worse. I felt fine upon hearing that but afterwards I read a completely different view on episiotomy on the babycentre weekly update. They say episiotomy is no longer practiced frequently because it cause even worse tearing (lebih kurang mcm kain yg terkoyak sikit, lebih mudah nak koyakkan lagi) and difficult/long recovery. Must remember to discuss this with Dr Fauziah.

Tapi kalau nak compare rasa takut and rasa excited tu, rasanya rasa excited nak jumpa Adam tu melebih2 sampai kalau boleh secepat mungkin nak go into labour so that I can meet my baby..hehe..tapi takpe, Adam stay dulu in Mummy’s tummy until you’re ready to come out, ok..

Alhamdulillah the hospital is pro-breastfeeding. Lps je deliver, nurse akan pass the baby to Daddy utk azan/iqamat, then pass to Mummy immediately to initiate breastfeeding. Formula is absolutely forbidden unless betul2 problem. I heard some hospitals won’t allow breastfeeding within an hour after delivery or rooming in.

On Sunday we went to Alamanda and Jusco to get the rest of Adam’s stuff. Bought his cot, my husband has been eyeing this one for a long time. Unfortunately they don’t have the colour we want in stock so they’re ordering one for us, we’ll probably get it next week. Beli jugak his bath tub and bath net, nail clippers, hair comb dan bende2 lain to complete our “Baby’s list”. Tapi ada jugak terbeli unnecessary items mcm rubber duckie thermometer for his bath (so cute!) and “Baby On Board” sticker to put in the car. We also bought some stuff to complete the “Mummy’s list”. Alhamdulillah most things dah settle. Lepas ni I don’t know if I’ll have the energy to go shopping anymore. Now skejap je jalan pun dah mula mengah2, sakit perut, lenguh, dizzy dan mcm2 lagilah. Kesian my hubby kene layan baby besar tempayan ni…huhu. I don’t want to miss out on the shopping though sbb seronok tgk barang2 baby ni esp dgn Daddy Adam. Nanti dah sarat sgt cik abg tu kene shopping sorang2 pulak..Anyway still ada very few things to buy. Harap2 laratla makyong ni jalan nanti...

My brother aka Pak Ngah Adam yang nak balik Malaysia soon dah belikan Adam’s stroller! Sgt cool stroller tu, ok! Cepat2 la balik..Semua org dah tertanya2 bila la Imi nak sampai ni…huhu..

Monday, August 20, 2007

7th month check up

Last week we went for my 7 month check up. This time tak dpt jumpa Dr Fauziah sbb she was on leave. Tak boleh postpone lagi because I was approaching 8 months already. Jumpa doctor locum Datin Dr Mimin (?).

My husband took some pictures during the check up.

Ni la screen besar untuk doktor2 dan bapak2 budak.

Me on the bed and you can see the smaller screen on my left

Doc Mimin pun confirmkan lagi it’s a boy. She accidentally saw it while scanning me. She said Adam now weighs 1.8 kg. Alhamdulillah 1 kg weight gain from our last check up. I myself gained 2.5 kg compared to last month. Phew lega! With my recent food intake I was expecting 4-5 kg weight gain. My husband pun tersenyum lebar konon2 bangga sebagai my dietician..cit..Everything looks ok during the scan. Doc ckp Adam’s head position dia kat bawah rupanye. She tried to capture a scan of Adam’s face tapi tak dpt because he was so active! Tgn dia bergerak2 masuk mulutla and tumbuk2 mcm tgh kickboxing! So cute! Daddy ckp mungkin Adam nak jadi boxer kot?

I had another ATT jab also. Masa injection I heard the nurse ckp to her friend, alamak tak masuk. And then she said to me “Sabar jap ye kak”. My hand mula rase sengal. Very painful and the worrying thing was the pain was continuous sampaila kitorg balik. Singgah rumah kejap and I took 2 panadols sbb dah tak tahan sgt. I dah takut kot2la nurse salah administer the jab. Few hours later alhamdulillah the pain rasa kurang after the panadol. I asked a colleague and it turns out mmg it’s supposed to be painful. For her both shots she had pain in the whole hand for a week. For me alhamdulillah the 1st jab tak sakit langsung and the 2nd only painful for a while.

Everyday my tummy gets visibly bigger. Adam pulak sentiasa bergerak2. My belly terbonjol sana sini dgn kaki dia, or tangan dia. Hmm, bila la nak labour ni. I dah tak sabar…hehe.

Monday, August 6, 2007

my sweet tooth

Lately, it looks as though my appetite has tripled. Asyik nak melantaaak je. Sikit2 lapar. I’ve developed an extremely sweet tooth. I told my husband, pls make sure I don’t eat more than necessary. Dia pun, yes, yes, I’ll help you control your diet, ok. Here’s his idea of “helping” me;

Buying me 3 huge bar of Cadbury at once. 2 for home and 1 for the office.

Buying a big tub of ice cream for our freezer.

Encouraging me to eat more each meal.

Tempting me to get Famous Amos cookies which he knows I cannot resist.

Treating me to Baskin Robbins ice cream after I ate said cookies.

Suggesting waffles with ice cream n chocolate for dessert.

In my pregnant state of mind, I just pretend to protest a little but will not resist his offers. Ahh, ignorance is bliss.

He insists that I need all the “nutrition”.

I think he’s secretly trying to get Adam to come out cute and chubby.

Either that or he’s enjoying FatMama’s curves! Haha!


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