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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Virus or Bacteria

Adam is having a fever. So today at the doctor's...

Doctor: viral fever ni....
me: oh yeke...
doctor: ok nanti terus cpt2 start him on anti biotik ok?
me: eh doktor, kalau virus pun kene bg antibiotik ke?
doctor: yelah kuman ni ade mcm2 jenis...
me: *confuse*

Yes I'm no expert, but surely antibiotic is meant to fight bacteria, not virus???

Friday, August 19, 2011

I am the Rubbish Man

I was hanging out clothes to dry on the balcony this morning. A noise alerted the kids and they both came over to have a look.

Adam: What's that noise? Who's that mom?
Me: oh, that's the rubbish man, picking up rubbish.
Adam: wow! Mia, come take a look. It's the Rubbish Man! He's.....rubbishing.
Adam: Where's he taking the rubbish mom?
Me: the landfill. Or maybe he might recycle some of it.
Adam: Oh! he's going to the recycling center!

And from there unfolded many loud excited story telling about the rubbish man and the rubbish truck. Up to the point where even the rubbish men were paying attention. When they were about to leave, Adam said ' Mom! the rubbish man is waving at me!!!' I looked down and true enough, they were waving and saying goodbye. The kids probably made their day.

Guess what happened next?

Adam started collecting his toys and asking me to catch them and put them in 'the rubbish truck'. And then he proceeded to drive the truck to the recycling center. And then he danced around the rubbish singing;

' I am the Rubbish Man
I go Recycling Center
Sampah...always sampah...
I like recycling...'

I swear, it was too funny. I should've recorded it.

Isn't it amazing how in a kid's world, a simple visit from the rubbish man can be so exciting.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Fresh Milk

Does anybody know where I can get real fresh milk? We tried a few box variety, Adam said ' It's not the same' and refused them. He's been consuming an alarming amount of sweet cincau and soya. Help!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Keep calm and carry yarn

is always my motto. Through any crisis or joy in life, it'll keep you sane and mindful of each precious moment.

no i did not forget to pack my knitting. i chose wooden needles and got through airport check, phew.

knitting at the airport lounge

Last week we drove past a factory with a sign that says 'Knitting Factory' near Balakong. My husband and I started discussing what kind of factory might that be - machine knitting? yarn? etc. Suddenly Adam offered his point of view "Sheep turn 'knitting' " which is to say a factory to turn sheeps wool into yarn! So he WAS listening all these while when i babbled about how yarn is made out of sheep's

p/s: i'm thinking of setting up a knitting group/class. Anybody interested?


Before we left, Adam was sad and Mia was mostly unaffected. When we arrived, we met many family members who have been waiting a long time to meet these two lucky kids. Bear in mind that to them, these relatives are practically strangers. And the reactions?

Adam is beyond happy. He's the kind of guy that thrives in the presence of company. Even when there is language barrier, he manages to communicate and play with everybody. Taking him anywhere is a breeze because he gets along with everyone.

Mia on the other hand is a private person and reveals her (cheeky) personality only with the people she feels comfortable with. As such, these constant contact with people was torturous for her. She kept crying and clung to me. Thankfully now she is comfortable with my mom and siblings who we are staying with, and she's now happy to be herself. Not 5 minutes ago she broke my sister's glasses.

In either case I'm glad they're both adjusting well...

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hello Malaysia

The move has been exhausting. We slept often and erratically last week. But we've enjoyed the company of family and delicious Malaysian food. This week everyone seems to be adjusting a little better.

We're in the middle preparing our house. This is the first time we would live in our own house. We're very excited!

the fans and lights newly installed

we had a little picnic on the newly scrubbed floor

more stories to follow soon insyaallah....


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