Monday, July 16, 2007

6 months check up

This check up we get to meet Dr Fauziah again. Adam was so active dari dlm kete sampaila during the check up. Adam suka ke jumpa Dr Fauziah?

We asked some questions (Daddy made a list..typed! hehe) including the one I had about set2 bersalin/jamu. Apparently she also thinks it’s a waste of money. Oklah, dah save duit kat situ. But..err…how am I going to slim down after birth? What?? Exercise? Can’t find that word in my dictionary!!

Dr Fauziah confirmed again that our baby is a boy. This time even I could see it clearly. Last time I tak nampak langsung. Tapi when the sonogrammer and my husband dua2 dah angguk2 in agreement I pun angguk jelah!

Everything looked ok. She presented us with an unpleasant surprise, though. My blood test results came through and it turns out I don’t have vaccination against Rubella! (But suddenly I’m vaccinated against hepatitis pulak which I have no idea where I got it from). She said there’s nothing we can do to protect me from getting infected during this pregnancy. I can only get the vaccination once I give birth (to protect the next baby). Poor Adam! She said I should stay away from anybody yg ill, demam2 etc. Yg peliknya, I am CERTAIN I got the injection when I was in standard 3! Didn’t we all?? Did the nurse give me hepatitis injection instead of Rubella? She also said that if I do get infected, “it’s ok” because I’m passed the first trimester so the baby will “only” become deaf or other “minor” defects. I sat there thinking, WHAT??? I don’t want Adam to have any defect at all!! But I guess in the first trimester the defects are much much worse.

She suggested we go for parent craft classes they have at the hospital. We’re going next month, hopefully. Afterwards we went to Accidents and Emergency for TB vaccination.

Pregnancy makes time flies so quickly, somehow. Err..7 months dah boleh beranak kan? I hope I’ll have enough time to equip myself with the Mommy skills!


Anonymous said...


that's what happened to me ms mula2 datang miri. kena Rubella! even if dah amik jab masa standard 6 dulu. doktor cakap maybe jab tu xmenjadi kot. luckily that time belom pregnant lg (alhamdulillah).

now skg kalo mana2 kawan pompuan yg lom kawen i sugest derang pegi cek darah for rubela imunisation dulu., even if dah amek masa primary school.

hopefully u'll be fine & takkan apa2 sampai adam lahir yek. & jgn lupa amik jab rubella nanti.

dia nyer 'seksaan' amat dahsyat:- demam, xsedap badan, ekzema 1 badan sampi u xbole tido and ur hasben pn xboe tido sal u akan asik gelisah sepanjang malam, xbole buat apa2 and even worse kalo u kena masa pregnant...

ok then, take care!

Anonymous said...

heh adam maybe deaf JE..takde mende pun..horror gile heh..rubella tu amende?pompuan je kene?pastu kenape name die rubella..soalan tambahan..dr fauziah tu..same ke klinik yg kecik2 slalu gi dulu kat ampang..igt tak?

aidafiqs adamia said...

ape guna jab kecik2 dulu kalau dah besar dah tak immune kan?
i'll remember to mention this to my newlywed friends..
how did u catch Rubella?pls tell me so i can avoid it for the next few months at least..
kalau kite je seksa demam2 takpe lagi..tapi kesianla baby tu defect..

Adam!tgk ni ade ke pak ngah ckp adam kalau deaf takde mende..ces..

takkan tak penah dgr rubella..ala masa skolah rendah pompuan je kene jab tu..laki takyah..taktaula laki boleh kene rubella ke tak..heh
dr fauziah tu my gynea
tapi tak ingatla dr fauziah time kecik2 dulu..ade ke?

Anonymous said...

haha. ntahla. agaknya derang takut masuk sek menengah je bebudak pompuan ni pakat kawen kot. tu yg suh jab awal2 tuh.

taktau la cemana leh kena. tiba2 je. nk kata dekat2 ngan org demam ke, xde plak. masa tu br few days kat miri je. b4 tu dah kene sakit mata yg conjunctivitis tu.

doa la byk2 mtk dijauhkan. it was very sudden. & dr saspek ada org in crowd yg tgh sakit rubella kat mana2 la tu, kene lak yg xde imun ni terus ah. so, jgn salu g tpt crowded sgt. hehe. suh je topek yg g shoping2. kita mana tau kan.

dia nyer tanda2 demam pastu naik ruam2 mcm kene gigit nyamuk yg sgt banyak. pastu.. siapla.. seminggu la tak tido. pastu kene kuarantin plak. sebbek la xde tinggal parut pape.

oh yek pasal confinement lady tu akak tu xkasik lg la no dia. ntah mana tah dia pegi.

Anonymous said...

ade satu klinik name die klinik fauziah..kecik2 slalu pegi

Anonymous said...

aida!! aku pun takde rubella lagi..takut giler...and i've asked a Dr, she said kalau nak jab skang boleh, cume takleh carry baby la for the next 3yrs..aku dah la nak kawin next yr..mcm tak smpat je takut tercarry awal2..hmm

tapikan ko takyah risau sangat, mak aku kata die pun tak amik jab tu..zaman dulu2 lagi la mana ade rubella. selamat je anak2, insyaAllah..banyak2 berdo'a...

Anonymous said...

Hi aida.. kak fifah bz bodying again..

Apparently rubella jab only lasts for 10 years... lepas tu kene amik booster dose... and no one bothered to tell us that mase kite sekolah dulu, kan?

anyway, akak pun dulu not imune against rubella mase ngandung ayesha, but alhamdulillah, she turned out just fine. One of my frinds actually caught rubella when she was preggies. Dr actually advised her to terminate the pregnancy, but she insisted to carry baby to term and Alhamdulillah, she had a beutiful baby gurl.. so dont worry too much!

aidafiqs adamia said...

kak fifah,

10 years?? so they gave us vaccination at 9 years old....that means they expect us to get pregnant at 19 or earlier? pelik betul ek...

phew..lega dgr ur friend punya experience..

Anonymous said...


I think they came up with the immunisation schedule back mase zaman2 penyata razak or penyata rahman talib dulu kot.. mase tu kan most girls kawin awal e.g. our beloved nenek huhu. Hence the rubella jab was given when ure 9. By the time u have ur first baby (in nenek punye case when she was 16) ure immune against rubella and after u deliver, they gave u ure booster dose. Sounds like the perfect plan.. teehee


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