Saturday, September 8, 2007

Parent Craft Class 2

Lagi satu delayed entry.

Last Saturday (1st Sept) we went for another parentcraft class. This time the topic is Bathing the baby, Breastfeeding and Orientation to labour room.

So kali ni adelah nurse tu bawak 2 dolls yg bersaiz baby. Dia tunjukkan cara2 mandikan baby. Mula dgn cuci muka, pastu rambut, pastu badan baby. Complete with how to hold him correctly. My husband took a video of the session. I’m so nervous because nak pegang newborn baby pun I takut, inikan pulak nak mandikan dia! Org ckp, anak sendiri you’ll naturally know what to do…hai..i hope they’re right!

On breastfeeding pulak, the info was quite useful. I’m very happy with the hospital punya baby friendly policy. Zaman dulu2 takde awareness mcm ni. Tu yg ramai sumbat formula milk je. Alhamdulillah, now I can get plenty of help at this hospital to learn proper breastfeeding.

Finally diorg bawak the class pegi to the labour room. Wah mmg excited gile nak pegi! When we got there, I saw one of the rooms still had blood splattering everywhere! Here’s a pic of a labour room, but a clean one la.

Kat tepi tingkap tu nampak tak ada flat surface kat situ? That’s where they’ll place the baby once he’s delivered. Nurse kata they will “suck” the baby. I assume it means they clear out all the blood/mucus around the baby kot? And then after that baru they hand over the baby to the father / mother to initiate breastfeeding (while the doctor stitch her up!).

Kat belakang bed to pulak nampak kan ada wayar2 berselirat n mcm ada meter? That’s the gas. One of the painkiller la. So kalau nak amik gas, sedut dari situ. Belah satu lagi katil tu pulak, ada tiang mcm tmpt sangkut drip tu kan? That’s where they’ll place the epidural punya drip, if you choose / need to take it. Ada jugak tmpt letak kaki dan bar utk mother pegang time nak push (rupanya agak menakutkan) but takde pic pulak. This labour room is for normal delivery, kalau cesearean bukan kat this room, they’ll take you to operation theater.

One more highlight to our class that day, another couple (who attended the class last week) was missing. The nurse told us, she just delivered! In fact, she delivered while we were in class, learning how to bathe the baby! While we had the labour room tour, I saw two names on the board – mothers who gave birth that day- and the second name was her! So agak2nye the blood we saw in the labour room tu her blood ler kot..hehe.

Nurse tu pun dgn baik hati brought us to visit her. Masuk2 je dlm bilik dia, first thing she said to us was “ I ada satu bende je nak bgtau u all, ambikla epidural!!” hahaha…mmg sakit agaknye bersalin ni..hehe. But she looked healthy and energetic even though she just gave birth a couple of hours ago. She was only 36 weeks. Alamak, I’m 35 weeks today, so….wah..dah dekat sgt ni. I’m so excited!


Anonymous said...

wah sungguh best tat hospital ada parentcraft class. kat sini ada satu prenatal class je, the one i attend 6 months ago. huhu. just a day to cover all topic from pregnancy sampai breastfeed. cis. nasib baikla doktor tu suka membebel jugak. bole la tanya dia banyak2.

woo.. this is the 1st time dgr org advise amik epidural. sme my frens yg amik epidural ckp "try la tahan... jgnla amik epidural. sgt xbest!" muahaha.

aidafiqs adamia said...

my experience pulak, i jumpa ramai yg advise i amik pregnant friend who is a doctor, whose sisters are doctors, also plans to take epidural and suggest i amik..

but i talked to doc fauziah, and i think her advise is best la so far. i'll write an entry now on my check up with her yesterday. hope it'll be a guide for u as well..


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