Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Bottlefeeding Adam

Ever since we moved back to our house Adam’s been adapting really well. He’s much less moody, and seemed to be more relaxed. He loves sleeping in our bed. In the beginning we tried letting him sleep in his own cot but he hates being alone by himself. As soon as I put him in the middle between the two of us, immediately he becomes relaxed and fall asleep on his own. So takde lagila sesi angkat berat, joget2, nyanyi2, and passing baton for Mommy and Daddy mlm2. Whenever it’s feeding time, I’ll hear him stirring so I’ll just breastfeed him lying down and then we’ll both drift back off to sleep. Adam pun pandai bila lapar je buat bunyi then terus pusing kepala n badan mengadap Mommy, dah ready nak minum. He doesn’t mind bathing too, nowadays. Dia senyap je tak nangis2 dah.

The only trouble I’m having is trying to give him a bottle. I’m trying to train him to feed from a bottle because I’m going back to work soon. I started by giving him one bottle a day and increase it to two, three bottled expressed breast milk a day, during the daytime so that he’ll get used to it by the time I get to work. The problem is, he knows the real thing is right there! I would sit down holding him in my arms. He would make that cute little suckling noise telling me he’s hungry. He’d be smiling, expecting to be fed soon. I put the bottle in his mouth and then…uwaaaaa!!! He would look at me dgn muka confused, why is Mommy shoving this rubbery thing in my mouth! I stop and then try again, but as soon as he saw the bottle coming towards him he start to scream, and pushed the bottle with both his hands and his tongue. Tapi I think he’s still hungry sbb bila dia calm down dia make that suckling noise again and sometimes dia hisap jari or my clothes. After a few attempts dapatla jugak dia minum dlm 1-2oz. Lps tu dia tanak langsung dah. I pun pujuk2 dia then dia tido. Sometimes dia moody terus until the next feeding…sian Adam..

Tapi if his daddy feed him, bila he comes home for lunch, elok pulak laju je dia habis satu bottle. Itupun I need to jauh sikit from his view. If he sees me, mula la dia jeling je. I hope nanti bila babysitter dia yg bagi bottle bolehla dia minum habis mcm bila Daddy bagi. Kalau tak sian anak Mummy lapar..

I’m trying to look at it in the positive way. Him refusing the bottle when I feed him means that he knows me already and definitely prefers me than the bottle. He loves me =) But it breaks my heart to see him eating less because he refuse to feed from a bottle. Fortunately ptg/mlm dia compensate balik dgn minum byk2 frequently.

Adam, Mummy’s really sorry. I wish I could breastfeed you fulltime. But Mummy has to go to work…I’m so sorry….I promise i'll breastfeed you all night and weekends ok many times as you wish!
Our family =)

Adam's first bottlefeeding session with Daddy


Anonymous said...


sometimes baby refuse to minum from bottle kalo mak dia ada pasal dia ada bau mak dia tu. like my one, kalo i ada mmg dia xnak botol langsung, tonyoh2 pun dia luahkan balik. even if kalo org lain kasik tp i ada, dia xnk gak. masa kecik2 dlu mmg dia telan je, skg ni dah cam bau i kot. tp bila i tinggal dia ngan my aunties kalo kuar2 ke, dia bole abiskan. last time i went out ngan hubby tinggal dia from 10am to 5pm, almost 16oz dia abiskan. (see, when taufiq bg dia susu, dia bole abiskan).

so no need to worry much about that. trust in him that he'll be OK bila u blk keje nanti.


aidafiqs adamia said...

i'm hoping mcm tulah nanti bila i kerja. cuma time training dia minum botol ni i sorg je kat rumah, so takde org lain boleh tolong kasi dia minum. tu yg i risau half the day dia mcm kosong je perut...

aidafiqs adamia said...
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iL4na said...

aida, my lactation consultant kat DSH ada mention that baby should be bottle fed by someone else, not the mummy sbb the baby might be confused. Like mine confuse jugak awal2 so i let someone else buat..either hubby or parents or maid. so far alhamdulillah he drinks more EBM than BM i think :P good luck prepare pi keje.

aidafiqs adamia said...

thanks lana!
i would have except i can't cos i'm alone at home with him. takpelah hopefully bila dah dgn babysitter nanti dia okla kan...
malasnye nak masuk keje...hehe


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