Monday, December 10, 2007

Adam @ 2 months

Adam at Wildan's Akikah
Happy 2 month Birthday Adam!!

He turned 2 months on the 5th. I’m a horrible mother! I totally forgot until hubby pointed it out to me the next day. I’ve totally lost track of dates nowadays. Sorry Adam!

At 2 months Adam has developed new habits and skills. It’s amazing to watch him grow everyday.

- He can smile! He’s smiled before but now he smiles for a reason. He smiles whenever he’s happy, when we talk to him, make a funny face. Seronok sgt tgk dia senyum2..geram!
- He loves it when people talk to him. Kalau siapa rajin layan bercakap2 dgn dia, he stares back intently listening to what we say to him.

- Adam can talk his own language! I’ve a video of him “talking”. I’ll upload it asap.

- Adam suka tido meniarap. Tibe2 je dia develop this habit. Dia ikut both his Pak Ngahs from both sides. Kalau tido terlentang sekejap dah bgn balik. Tapi kalau tido meniarap lena dia tido. At first I takut nak bagi dia tido meniarap takut dia tersembam muka. Tapi now I’m not so worried sbb dia pandai angkat2 kepala pusing kiri kanan to find his own comfortable position. But I only allow this for daytime naps la. Mlm2 elok pulak dia tido telentang on our bed.

- Dah pandai merangkak…errr…menyondol, actually. At daytime he naps on one of those firm slippery tilam kekabu yg besar. Dia pun menyondol2 la kedepan bukan main jauh lagi. No kidding! Kire lebih semeterla dia boleh sondol. Dia sondol sampai la dia reach the edge of the mattress and onto the carpet. I pun tarikla dia balik dok tgh mattress tu. I’m trying to get a video of this sondol action tapi tak dpt lagi. He moves slowly and silently. Tau2 je dah sampai carpet.

- Dah suka mandi. Esp if I mandikan him while singing or talking to him. Dia pun berkocak2la dlm air tu dgn muka happy while looking at me.

- He’s very well behaved! Seriously, taking care of him is so easy. Alhamdulillah. Of course he has his bad days sometimes, but most of the time mmg baik je dia. Takde meraung2 out of the blue. Jarang nak dgr suara dia menangis2. Senang nak bawak travel. How did we get so lucky? Alhamdulillahh….and thank you Adam, tak pernah susahkan Mummy and Daddy..

Oklah tu je I can think of for now. My maternity leave pun dah nak habis. I’m feeling the blueees now. Sedih betul nak tinggalkan Adam…uwaaa..i can’t watch him 24-7 anymore.

Update coming up on Adam’s Akikah.
Adam tido meniarap


Anonymous said...

eh yeke pak ngah die suke tido meniarap?heh

aidafiqs adamia said...

eh iyela...mama kata sampai skarang pun pakngah dia still suka tido meniarap..yeke?


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