Monday, February 4, 2008

Adam's first Art Project

After reading from this blog -, I got inspired to let Adam have his first Art Project. Thank you Mamafiza, your blog has so much useful information!

I googled finger paint and found some recipes to make your own fingerpaint. I figured, hey, why don't we make our own, Adam? It's really easy and sooo much fun!

The ingredients are; cornflour, sugar, dishwashing liquid and food colouring. Simple enough? We used our halogen cooktop, to make sure it's safe for Adam. First, mix the flour and sugar. Then add in cold water slowly. Keep stirring at low heat. Once dah cool, mix in dishwashing liquid (make the paint washable) and food colouring.

Adam excited je nak tgk..

Our first batch tak jadi! Sbb termasak lama sgt sampai dia jadi berketul2..see picture above. But luckily our second batch menjadi jugak...hehe..I used a tupperware cover to pour the paint so that Adam can step on it. Lps tu terus pijakkan kaki dia kat paper. And the final artwork...walla!!

this is going in Adam's art folder (folder blom beli...hehe)

these will be Mommy and Daddy's personal bookmark =)

Hopefully we can do this frequently to see how fast Adam's feet are growing...


Anonymous said...

wah menariks laa!

bole wat kat hafiy gak nih. hehe.

tq aida for sharing!

aidafiqs adamia said...

yes, do try it. it's so much fun, even for us the grown-ups..hehe..

Anonymous said...

this comment is a bit late.. but i can't help it...

apsal muke taufik mcm baru bangun tido??? hahahah..

aidafiqs adamia said...

err..cute what? hehe...

Anonymous said...

fuaa..ade tapak kaki..tapak kaki papa and mama die takde ke..sure tak muat dah nak masuk album kan..and kalau muat pun buat busuk album je..dua2 tapak kaki bau stoking

Anonymous said...

Dear Miss Aida,

Wish you were in superb health with your beloved family. Amin~

What a great artwork!!! *congratulation*

I am totally happy for you :)

Your lil cutie pie looks so excited! *hugs*

Keep up tha marvelous work mommy & baby *cheers*

Have a good day :)

aidafiqs adamia said...

uncle jijoy,
mommy daddy punya kaki pun sama wangi mcm Adam la....huhu

thank you for visiting my blog! i love your homeschool! thanks for the wonderful idea on fingerpainting =)
next i'm planning to try your homemade soy drink..hehe


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