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Sunday, March 16, 2008

more booties

Another pair of booties for Adam. I made them using old baby clothes that has been passed on 3 generations and not exactly in wearable condition anymore.

i love the stripes

Adam loves them too =)

p/s: my cousin wants to lend me her sewing machine! i'm so excited! can't wait to pick it up...


ellyWong said...

canggih canggih! :D

p/s: aida, sampai sini i can feel your excitement vibes tau. huhuhu

Anonymous said...

Wah makin lama makin smart & cantik ur jahitan! Hehe. Jeles2. ni mau order tuk Hafiy satu ni. Bila ek mau balik KL ni.. huhuhu.

MN said...

geramnyer tgk booties adam...

mOmmy of Triplets plus One said...

so this time around how long it took u?
pasni ade machine sure lg xpress =)
nway, mind sharing the websit for this tutorial booties?

Anonymous said...

wahh...mommy adam ni mmg berSKILL betul.

aidafiqs adamia said...

mmg excited takleh pick up lagila...rumah dia jauh..

jom dtg kl...hehe..

comel kan bila dah jadi kasut..kalau u tgk the original clothes..mcm tak selera jer..

this one took me 2 hours each..
kalau ade sewing machine sure cpt boleh buat kan...
kalau you nak buat kan you pegila website je tutorial dia...

when in doubt, plagiarise! hehe..i tiru org punya pattern la..manela i ade skill sendiri...hehe


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