Monday, July 28, 2008

Teeth marks

I’m facing my most challenging breastfeeding obstacle yet.


Since Adam started teething maybe a month/2 months back he did bite me once in a while. When he does he did it cheekily, as if testing his limits. I responded with the standard – pull him closer and block his nose. When this didn’t work I insert one finger to break his suction and remove him. Told him NO and no access to breast for a while. So this was ok.

But now it has gotten SO much worse. He’s not really biting purposely anymore, jadi nak kata NO pun takleh. When he’s beginning to latch for a feeding session, he “grabs” the nip with is teeth! Lps tu when removing himself from a session, he just pulls away quickly with his teeth still intact! WAAAAA SAKIT GILE…Anyway after many sessions of gigit2 tarik2…my nip*les dah full of luka2 mcm kene giris pisau, bak kata Along. Seriously, I can spot his teeth imprints…

Because of the luka2, every feeding session is ABSOLUTE TORTURE, I tell you. Even when dia tak gigit. Even when pumping pun sakit giler, though I use the lowest setting. In fact a little brush against my clothes pun dah sakit. During a nursing session I will close my eyes, grit my teeth, curl my toes and PRAY TO GOD! The worst is when he’s in a playful mode, latch a few seconds, then let go. Lps tu latch balik, then let go lagi etc. Oh my, everytime dia latch and let go, sakit gile! Lagi satu kalau dia nurse sambil gerak2 badan sesuka hati while pulling the nip! Dulu tak luka I boleh tahan….now….I try singing while nursing to calm him and distract him from gerak2/pull on and off. And also singing distract myself from the pain a little bit…I try to make up nice sewing projects in my head too, to distract myself from the pain….oh God…the pain….

At the hospital haritu I bought Palmer’s Cocoa Butter nursing cream, which is a godsent. Very soothing and worked quickly. SOO much better than my lanolin. Tapi I tertinggal kat hospital, so after a few days without the cream the problem escalated. Dah terukkk sgt. I cpt2 beli lagi satu Palmer’s cream but I think tak sempat recover, comes another feeding session and arrggh another new luka comes in.

Pls,,anybody has any tips?? All the books/websites suggest yg block nose tu jelah. That one nowadays kalau I try to block his nose he sees it as an attack and will try to resist by struggling his body and grabbing the nip even stronger with his teeth!!waaaaaa!!!

I’m really at lost what to do..with the sore nips I can hardly pump as efficiently as before because I tak tahan pam lama..pedih…so my hasil pumping pun dah makin berkurangan…dah tak cukup nak bwk school…this is the first time I feel like there’s a real possibility my target of 2 years breastfeeding might have to be cut short….oh NO….i can’t …I need to keep strong, pls help…Along ade suggest hancurkan daun salad and letak kat breast…tq along..i’ll try that today..

Hubby says patutlah ibu2 yg berjaya menyusu anak 2 tahun dpt syurga….


Anonymous said...

hi aida, i'm having the same problem as yours. mmg ada la bekas gigi arif kat keliling nipple tu sampai luka2 :) my bidan punya petua, dia suruh perah sket susu badan tu then sapu kat luka2 tu, pastu anginkan i.e. jgn pakai bra. dia kata sbb susu badan tu ada antibiotic and healing properties, pastu kena anginkan supaya luka tu kering. kalau tak anginkan dia basah and lambat baik, macam luka2 biasa la. it works quite well for me, so why not give it a try :)

Anonymous said...

Adoiii...kesiannya far alhamdulillah, Lyssa has stopped biting since kena marah dengan DADDY. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (evil laugh jap). Dia kan daddy's girl, mommy marah tak berkesan. Ada skali tuu daddy marah, "Lyssa NO, jgn gigit mommy!" dgn nada yg sgt garang dan tegas, and I pun immediately stop feeding her and trus kuar bilik. Dia cebik nangis jugaklah, emosi sbb kena marah ngan daddy. Sampai skrg tak gigit except for ada once or twice bila dia tgh excited or something.

iL4na said...

aida, talking from my personal experience ye. hQ pun gigit waktu 6 bulan and yarabbi saket gila so my instant reaction was jerit mcm mak datuk kuat sampai haiqal tergamam..terkedu..and end up nangis gila babas. so several time gigit, jerit n nangis episode after that, he just stopped gigit. apparently he got the message and stop gigit dah yeay. so its just a matter of letting the message thru the kid your own way. good luck!

Anonymous said...

I pun sama dengan lan0stzz. Everytime AH gigit, I jerit-jerit kesakitan (walaupun sebenarnya tak lah berapa sakit. hehe.) Alhamdullilah, now he is not biting as much. Kadangnya adalah dia gigit, tarik dan lepaskan. Erk. If he does that, I usually sit him up and refuse to feed him sampai dia nangis. Hehehehe.

I know what you mean bila pumping, aduihai sakitnyeeee kalau nips luka. a
And yes, everytime AH feeds, I curl my toe, doa and brace myself for the pain. Hehehehe.

rafiza said...

salam aida
lama tak bagi komen
my mother pun pesan macam mama arif..
sapu susu pada luka..
then keringkan..
mmg menjadi for me dulu..
rindunya nak susukan baby..
dulu sampai 6 months je..
kebetulan I sakit sampai 2 weeks
ada virus dalam my blood that coz me not to breastfeed even cannot perah n bagi...sbb ubatnya merbahayakan baby..
lepas dah sembuh taknak usaha untuk breastfeed semula..
InsyaAllah adik fatimah nnt nak susukan selama yang boleh..february next year..tak sabarnya..

Emma said...

my case different from urs..

ryan suka tarik2 nenen... once a while je suka gigit2 manja dia tu.. tp ttp sakit!!!

dia ingat nenen mama dia nie jelly ke ape, boleh tarik2!!

err.. sorry tsasar.. xtau nak suggest ape.. cuma mayb u leh cuba tip yg sapu susu kat nenen tu...

mOmmy of Triplets plus One said...

aida, do tell us when u find ur solution...i guess my time will come soon...err, takutnyee

Sue.Aleen said...

akak ada baca petuanya dalam PA&MA mag bulan julai. nanti akak cari infonya ye...

Anonymous said...

waahh aida,scarynyaaaaa!!!ok ni memang menakutkan.

Unknown said...

aida..takutnye dengar..skang kalo nak period pun nenen rs sakit, ni kan pulak kene gigit! arghh..betullah ckp taufiq, byknye pahala ibu2 ni kan?

Fiza said...

scarryyyy gile citer ko ni aida!!

Anonymous said...

im waiting for my moment nervously.. errr..takut!! yup.. sapu ur own BM on ur breast wud definitely help.. but bout stopping baby from biting.. guess u kna try any tips given by mommies above that wud make Adam understand that its a NO-NO.. as long u buat consistently each time he bites.. i bet Adam will finally understand..

gudluck !!

ummi sa'eed said...

When Sa'eed started teething, kalau dia gigit mmg I stop BF. After a while dia paham.

But when I got pregnant again, he would bite out of frustration sbb susu kurang. So I used the 'Don't Offer' method..heh. Kalau dia tak mintak, takyah offer. And from then on only BF him at night, until he decided to sleep through the night.

Anonymous said...

i did leave a comment last 2 days, takde pulak..

tips that i read: simply and firmly say NO when he bite. put down your baby and went away. after a while kalau dia nangis nak lagi, baru offer. kalau dia gigit lagi, letak lagi.. so he would learn 'cause and effect'

another one is, walau betapa sakitnya pun, tahan la muka selamba. sbb kalau kita marah pun, dia ingat kelakar.

heh so far alhamdulillah Adam cuma gigit kadang2 je kalau dia excited or upset.

Unknown said...

siannya ko, aku tk tau nk bg tips ape sbb tk jd lagi. tp fatiha dh start la bt cmtuh using her gums, tuh pn aku dh menjerit. nway, just tabahkan hati n kuat semngat laa ye!

Anonymous said...

what i did simple je kot bt not really effective to others anyway.Mmg ade bite, pulling on and off tp sume tu temporary jer. Yeah, just sapu your own milk kt nipple tu and let it dry, then tell your son everytime nk nenen tu,"syg xmau gigit OK, saket mommy" kene sabar la kot..what u did was amazing lah..u distract urself and still can bear the pain..maybe u can try not to think that your son might bite u..think neutrally sbb sometime, what we think, then it will's a mindset actually..anyway..phase ni mmg kene byk sbr..but it just temporary..keep on trying convey the message to your son that you r in pain evrytime he bites your nipples..they will understand...dramatic sket...eheheh....just my 2 cents...

aidafiqs adamia said...

mama arif,
ade kawan in the same boat =) aduh sakit kan...yes i'll definitely try that..thank you..

good to hear someone with a happy ending. i still remember ur sirap bandung story. had my own sirap bandung today.*sniff*

somehow i'll try to convey the message to him..i do yell too when i can't stand it anymore sometimes =)

the toe curling part i also don't know how it happens. auto jer.heh..

tq for ur comment..reminds me it's so worth it to bf eventhough sakit..tak semua org dpt nikmat bf kan..

mama ryan,
eh tarik2 tu pun sakit kan?dgn tgn2 dia yg halus tapi kadang2 kuku tajam tu! hehe..

insyaAllah pray that i will survive this..i will tell my story..cewah...hehe

kak sue,
ade ye dlm pa&ma?thank you kak sue..i'll wait..


chun and fiza,
mesti korg rase ngeri kan..mungkin takut pulak nak ade anak...heheheh...

thank you...

ummi saeed,
i have thought about the Don;t offer option tapi i takut my supply drops pulak..

yes i did try that and still do.doesn't work as yet with adam...hmmm....

thanks =)

i like ur method and i do practise it, although i know it will take time. i strongly believe sooner or later he will understand me. and also thank you for saying that my singing to distract myself was "amazing". what a positive way to look at it, because before this bila i sing tu i thought i must be so hopeless and pathetic menyanyi2 pretty much out of tune because of the pain...

Mamamarina said...


iiyyeewww.. bace entry pon dah terimagine saket die camne... mmg saketkn.. ariff kan dah x nreastfeed ade jugak time aku offer kat die . die kaan gigit.. bile jerit die engat kite buat lawak.. ko engat mama ni ape.. hehe.. lame2 die x nak pon gigit bile byk kali sgt jerit bile offer kat die.. tp die pon x nak latch pon.. die gelak je bile kite bukak bagi.. berazam utk fully breastfeed 3rd baby ni.. anyway goodluck Aida.


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