Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Imigresen Malaysia - Cayalah!

I'm so impressed with Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia! We went there yesterday around 8am, we were worried because seemed like there was already a long q waiting outside. But there were informative staff standing around and they informed us to make passport for babies, no need to join the long Q, just go to this counter. we weren't even ready with the proper documentation at the point, baru je sampai. But everything was so quick nonetheless, after making payment, the passports are already ready within 2 hours! sempat la relax pegi bfast then collect the passports.

even the q also i notice didn't accumulate, they were very efficient. there's a machine where you could renew your passport pakai machine je. mcm atm. gile teknologi lah!

paling terkejut sekali, they have a Nursing Room!!! it's just a small tiny room, but still, it's amazing that they actually have one!



Anonymous said...

kt mn ni mommy?


Ernie Khairina said...

haah aida, mmg sgt cepat..even aku penah lupe bawa birth cert for passport, derang siap call kan Kedah nye state apentah tolong uruskan..2 jam jek siap! hehe

ouh, hello there baby adam!

Azurah Anuar said...

wow impressivenya ada baby room.

guess what?

hospital pantai melaka punya new wing pun takde nursing room.

masa pergi bawa baby sawda last month, i nursing kat procedure room.

Anonymous said...

great! ada nursing room! there's several numbers i went to penawar hospital (which i delivered the baby in pasir gudang).. and guess what.. diorg amik kesempatan pakai nursing room tu as tmpt simpan dokumen yg berlambak2. pastu suka2 tutup sign 'nursing room'. so terpaksa la i nurse adam kat dpn lab (takde org kat situ).

anyway, passport utk baby RM300 jugak ke?

Fathinz the wedding planner said...

hi aida.. kak fathin here..
great to know u dah ade baby..
mine baru 5 months old..
id like to buy ur BW someday..
baru je bei pouch satu tadi...
go breasftfeeding mom go..!!

aidafiqs adamia said...

kat kajang..

cop ernie, nape ko buat passport kene pakai birthcert pulak..bukan birthcert utk kanak2 je ke...

some hospitals really need to increase their breastfeeding awareness..

passport baby rm150. half price.

kak fathin,
hey dah ada baby jugak ye..lama tak jumpa akak..

Unknown said...

korg nk gi mane ni?bali trip ke?

Ernie Khairina said...

aku kanak2? apekah..haha, takde la, sebab kan birthplace kat kedah but address IC derang nak check..see, very particular!

Unknown said...

ko n family nak gi mane? jgn tinggal dakuuu..nak itut!!!

aidafiqs adamia said...

adelah..somewhere secret..cewah! btw, saw your baby kat nursery yesterday..she's so cute..

ooo camtu ka...

jom...bwk baby dgn mumu skali...hehe

iL4na said...

aida, ape procedure buat passport utk baby ek? where to go n what to bring etc?

aidafiqs adamia said...

go to imigresen yg does passport (putrajaya one doesn't!) for you i think there's one in damansara. bring birth cert, your own ic, and photocopy everything. you can buy the form there, but can also print the form online and fill up before u go, even faster. i read there that u need parents' sijil nikah, but they didn't ask for ours. photo you're better off taking it there itself, cos they know right size/blue background etc. rm150 for baby;s passport, rm300 for ours.and bring your baby..of course =)

Anonymous said...

aida, u went there on wednesday ye? i went there the day before..ermm kalau tak bleh tgk adam...hehhe...

kat web mmg tulis sijil nikah parent sume for babies, i punye bawa segala datuk nenek, kad nikah diorang kata mykid and birth cert je dah cukup...n betull...sgt cepat!!

Anonymous said...

babies tu kira sampai umur berapa bulan? idrees consider baby jugak lagi ke?

aidafiqs adamia said...

i already forgot la what day...hehehe...

under 2 years idrees still qualify lah =)


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