Tuesday, November 18, 2008

International Babywearing Week - The Walk

I'm slapping myself on the head now because i forgot to write about the walk before it happened...

anyway, the turn-out was great nonetheless. we walked around the Curve and Ikea. So wonderful to babywear in a big group in a puclic place, for once it felt like we're the 'normal' ones, instead of the odd ones out.

i love this pic. most ppl weren't ready/posing yet but everyone looked cool and happy wearing their babies, eventhough we were in the hot sun and squinting. notice the variety of carriers being worn.

babywearing mommies - we were really enjoying ourselves. babies looked like they're needing their nap..hehe..

babywearing daddies - awesome! don't they look great?? i wish more daddies would join in soon..hubby offered to wear Adam too, but this time he was gonna take a lot of photographs, so i'd rather wear Adam myself..

with Suryati, one of my customers..she's wearing Micah in Pink Blossom Buckle Tai..

walking happily as if we own the place..hehe..i'm sure we must've at least intrigued some ppl enough to look into babywearing in the future..

I'm hoping we'll have more gathering fun lagi...hehehe...

more beautiful photos of the walk at my husband's flikr.


Emma said...

uh!!! sgt jeles...

mcm mana lyna manage to babywear afiy ek??? her cute bump x sakit ke???

-mama emma-

prism-ness said...


Unknown said...


thanks for the info, it does help a lot really!

Anonymous said...

uik, nannoor pon ada. :)

Mommy Lyna said...

to kak emma,

For the purpose of taking pic ja.hahaha.pastu tka back carry, ada org tsepit!

Anonymous said...

i wish i could attend this babywear gath la. nampak seronok sgt you guys ber-gather2. sungguh rasa mcm best je kalau i ada kat kl kan? haha

aidafiqs adamia said...

cop..nape along panggil you kak emma?should i call you that also? you look too young though =) we were all concerned tgk along pakai hafiy kat dpn!ok ke adik tu tersepit?hehe.. tapi pastu she tukar back carry..

thank you!

you mean about homemade babyfood ke? no prob! glad you're making your baby's food too!

kak ryn,
yup..and she was wearing the mei tai like a pro!

sakit tak perut you?

best!mehla join the next gathering...hehehe

Unknown said...

oohh..nice shot u have here fiqs!
and..can't wait to join u dot! ;)

Emma said...

off topic..

he he... kite lahir thn 1979, so agak2 dah berape ye umur kite nie...

x kisah, nak panggil akak ke... nak panggil adik manis ke... *wink* *wink*

sat aaa, akak nak p check something, td mcm ada dgr benda koyak la.. wakaka

-mama emma-

aidafiqs adamia said...

can't wait for u to join us too!heheh

adik manis,
ape yg koyak tu???heheheheh


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